Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Dutch girl and Dogfood....

So what does a Dutch girl and dogfood have in common?
Nothing as far as I know, except these were the two things I was working on over the weekend. Once again on Saturday I found myself headed to the hay field. We were just hauling hay this time, so I took along a little project to keep me busy.
This adorable Lil Dutch girl that won First Place with her cake! (I cut the Blue  ribbon out of the picture because it had just a hand holding it, looked kinda weird) . Last year I found this embroidered trim at an Attic Sale and then found the adorable prints online. You can read all about the fabric and trim here. I think she will be adorable with the fabrics and trim. This is an Aunt Martha Iron On transfer that I found at Joanns.
I made pretty good progress throughout the day. This is on a 13" square pc of fabric. I plan on making several different scenes in Redwork Embroidery to incorporate into the quilt. I hope it will tone down and break up some of the bright colors in the Bavarian fabric. I haven't picked a pattern yet, so I am embroidering these onto large squares so that I will have room to cut them down if need be. Plus I hope this project will improve my embroidery skills! Practice, practice, practice.
But what does all this have to do with dogfood? The dogfood bags were my second project I worked on early Saturday morning. I like to take these.....
and turn them into these.....
A 15x5x21" tote bag! I love to use these to pick vegetables out of the garden. They are made out of Dura Weave, so they hold up really well and can get dirty but wash up very easy. These are great for picking beans, corn, squash tomatos etc.... They are very lightweight. Not near as heavy as a bushel basket or some other tote .
I just love the checkerboard handles.

This Limited Edition Retro bag is really cute with the checkerboard plus it has a Border Collie on the front and we have three Border Collies, Max, Millie and Lady! These bags are a great way to recycle something that would normally go into the trash.

Look at that Bulldogs face. You gotta love him! Most of my bags last two or three summers in the garden. Children love them too and make great summer totes, especially around the swimming pool, beach or sandbox. I like using the large ones for corn and beans. I make smaller ones approx 15x5x15 for tomatoes, squash, etc... I always wash the bags inside and out with Antibacterial soap before I start cutting. I also use a heavy weight thread. I used upholstery thread on the one pictured above. If you would like to make your own bag, I would be happy to share the instructions or write a tutorial for it. Anytime I can reuse or repurpose an item around the farm I go for it!
 Now I have alot of bags to cut and some frosting to put on that little dutch cake! I hope you have a quilty kinda day and if you haven't entered my New Blogger Blog Hop giveaway you may do so here.

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xo jan


  1. what a great idea for a tote bag! I'll bet they do hold up really well! That's so resourceful!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  2. Love the tote bag! Great idea to be green! Yes a tutorial please!

  3. Ok, seriously genius on the tote bag idea!!! I love it so much. What a wonderful way to recycle/upcycle!!!

  4. Say whaaat? That is the cutest thing ever!!! You are one clever farm gal. Your red work is outstanding. Keep up the great work. Oh, and I do appreciate all the hard work that farmers - and their wives - do for all of us!!!

  5. Those bags are a great idea! My mom and stepdad have 40 large raised beds and I suspect they may really like having some bags for the produce this year! Your dutch girl looks so cute!

  6. I have a few dog food bags to make totes with. My favorites are going to be made from the chicken food bags I have. They are so cute!!!

  7. Well your Dutch girl is cute, but I think it might be the dog food totes that take the cake! Awesome :-)
    Stopping by from Heart of Charnwood.

  8. The fabrics are a perfect pairing for the Dutch girl.
    Great bag idea.

  9. You've had a productive one, love the dutch girl, but the cool recycling idea really is the best, how cool! :o) Thx for linking up.

  10. You know I reckon if you sent this link with a ' see what I do with your food bags' comment, to that dog food company they just might send you a few bags for free!
    What if they felt it was a great idea for them to use for advertising on tv or in magazines, you might benefit that way too!
    Its a great idea to make use of them and I could see particular dog breed owners, buying the bags that feature their dog breed on them, so could be real winner for that food company - or you !


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