Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I fell off the wagon! W.I.P. Wednesday..

So my New's Year resolution was to try to finish one quilt top or project before starting another. I am sad to say I have badly fell off the wagon. I have three quilt tops waiting to be quilted, one quilt waiting to be sashed, bordered and quilted, and I have started a new quilt top. (not to mention all the small projects in the works) This is my new Work in Progress:
I just love these bright happy colors.
I wanted to do some straight line quilting so I decided to use my Singer Slant-O-Matic!

Miss Vera is a 1957 Singer 401a Slant-O-Matic.She still has her original carrying case and accessories.

I love this machine! Vera is a workhorse. (named after my grandmother Vera) She will sew through anything. I usually repair my hubby's bluejeans with her. One thing I seriously love about these vintage Singer machines is that you can still order parts and accessories for them. My walking foot works perfectly on her. Singer machines have either a straight shank or a slant shank, but you can get accessories for both.

One of my other new works in progress is some EPP:
Boy, it is so hard to share what you are working on when it is supposed to be secret until completed!
 What have you been working on? Go ahead, link up and let us take a peek!


  1. I was able to sew a little bit on one of these last month when I visited with a friend in Wisconsin last month. She is the original owner and still has everything that came with it. I have VSME...Vintage Sewing Machine Envy!

  2. Hiya Jan, won my Say it with flowers blog hop drawing. Email me your address and I will mail your pattern and book right out :)

    1. Yay! That is terrific. I will email you right now! Thank you very much! Can't wait to embroider that strawberry:)

  3. I have a 401 and love it too... Now I have to go find a walking foot for it! I didn't think they'd make one for it. Love your hexies, BTW.

  4. Hi Jan
    I'm afraid it's the same thing for me : a quilt waiting for bating ang quilting and the blocks of Back to school waiting for joining in a quilt top ;-)
    and I have also beginning a little quilt for a little girl and a big crochet blanket is in progress.
    have a nice day !

  5. Love your sewing machine and those happy colors!! So fun!! Have a wonderful and crafty weekend!!


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