Thursday, June 13, 2013

To Boston with love exhibit and Day 2 of The Tammy Blog Hop

Hi all! I have been seeing some wonderful pictures of the "To Boston with Love" exhibit at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and thought I would share them with yall. Here is the  Flickr page. The museum has extended the exhibit until July 7th. These were the two flags that I sent:

And here they are on exhibit :
This picture was taken by Amy Sullivan and you can see more of her photos here. Thank you so much Amy for posting ALL these wonderful pictures. Since I live in Georgia, I knew there was no way I would be able to see the exhibit. Thank you for sharing! All total there are 1756 flags on exhibit from all over the world. Here is the link to the Museum of fine Arts Boston exhibit.
This photo is from the Museum website. There are alot more photos and even a short video on the
flickr page.

Also today is day two of the "Tammy Project Bag Blog Hop"
Here is todays line up:
June 13th ( thursday)

Be sure and go by and see all the adorable bags these ladies have made! They are really too cute!
Tomorrow will be my day and I would love for you to stop back by to see what "Tammy" and I have been up to!

Here is tomorrows schedule:
June 14th ( friday)

We have two Jan's on the same day! (I am the 2nd one) Be sure to visit all these ladies and cheer them on as they show you their take on the "The Tammy".  Oh, and I will be having a little giveaway too! Have fun and thanks for stopping by!
                                                                              xo jan


  1. Thank you so much for sharing the Boston flags! What an emotional time this has been.

  2. Your flags are perfect! How fantastic to see them exhibited like that! What a shame you couldn't be there for real. But at least your friend got some photos, that's pretty special :-)


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