Monday, September 2, 2013

I'm a winner , and I have two winners...

Hey Yall! First I would love to say a great big huge THANKYOU to everyone that voted for me and my little kitties photo in the Pets on Quilts contest!
We won! These little guys won the Cat Category Viewers Choice Award! And I will be receiving a great big gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop!   Yay! Also, Lilypad Quilting that hosts the Pets on Quilts show awarded "26" thats right 26 random drawing prizes that were drawn from everyone that voted. I happen to know that there were a couple that voted for me that won prizes!  But you know what yall, this contest is really about the animals. It helps promote The Padsworth Project.
Yall know how very dear animals are to me and how they hold a special place in my heart. I made a blankie for my local Human Society and have fabric ready to make 4 more. (as soon as we can get out of the hay fields and I can muster up the energy to sew, I believe this break has helped my carpal tunnel though) Anyway, I justed wanted to say Thank you to all you guys that voted for us! I really do appreciate it.
 Also, I really appreciate all the kind comments on my Ring Around the Rosie Quilt. And so now without further ado the winner of the two "Metropolitan Flair" mini charm packs is:
Jan you are so creative. Your quilt is not only unique but also beautiful. Thank you for the chance to win metropolitan fair.
And the winner of the Juggling Summer mini charms is:
Your project is great. I love seeing what others are doing with the hexie precuts. I'd love to win the Jugglng Summer.

Congratulations ladies! I will be emailing you for your mailing addresses.

Yall things have been so busy around the farm. I promised a few more pictures of the baby chicks and new calves and I just wanted to share and catch up on what I've been doing lately:
This little guy is so cute - I think its a roo!

 They were all lined up watching the other chickens outside their pen.
 I can't believe but she can fit all 11 chicks under her feathers when they get scared or ready for bed.

And Mattie, a twin heifer that was born here almost three years ago that I helped deliver, had her first calf! A very stocky and healthy bull. She had him on her own without any help from us. He is about 6 hours old here and already running and kicking. His umbilical cord is still wet and red.Fiesty!
This is Matties mama! She had this heifer calf the same day that Mattie had her little bull. This one is so sweet and she is very long legged and wobbly. I thought I was going to have to help with her but she finally managed to have her on her own.
 That walking is hard work. But she finally got the first milk and went to sleep. I headed in for a nap too! lol.
I did get to work on some crochet while I was watering the cows:

That Pam Kitty Love fabric was my inspiration fabric for the yarn pull. It is going to be a granny stripe afghan bed runner.

This is one of my kitties at the house. Yall he loves this hank of yarn. He steals it every chance he gets and he is playing possum. If I try to pull that yarn away he curls his claws around it. This is the only hank that he messes with - I guess I'll have to make him a toy.

Of course Missy has to go to the hayfield with us!

I think she is wanting to know "How much longer are we going to be out here?"
I know how she feels sometimes. The other day my hubby asked "Whats for supper?" and I told him " I am just going to fix something out of my scraps!" He suggested we go out for dinner.....
 Then when I was taking photos for the Photo Workshop I took a picture of a jelly roll on its side:

 Which looks very similar to:

I think I need a vacation!
\Anyway, we did get all the hay in for now except for one roll before it started raining. We will go back and get that one and feed it since it is wet.
But I did see some kudzu blooming: 
So they should be having the Kudzu Festival soon.

 And the butterflies are still here so we still have a few weeks of summer:
And I made another one of these hexie log cabin blocks. I love making these blocks.

So what have yall been up to? I've been thinking up some ideas for the next blog hop:

This is going to be so much fun! I can't wait to see all the inspiration for this!
So I hope yall have been having all sorts and kinds of fun quilty times! I hope to get back to my machine more in the next few days.
 I would also like to give a warm welcome to ALL my new friends and followers, here are the latest two:
Karen at Pieces of Contentment and Vickie at Creative Notions. Welcome to the farm ladies! I am so glad to have yall plowing along with me. Please feel free to grab my Tractor from the sidebar for your blogs.
Folks I hope yall have a great Labor Day and find some time to play with a little Needle and Thread.
And try not to fix dinner outta your scraps!
xo jan


  1. Not surprising you won, i did send out quite a few emails to gather some votes...yeahhhhhh Jan and are the hay and jelly roll lol

  2. Congrats! I grew up on a small farm, sew I really enjoy the memories as I look at your pics. Nice photo of the jelly roll! Hay hay!!!!!

  3. Congrats on the win, Jan! Love the photos in this post, too. Especially the comparison of the jelly roll and hay bale! Ha, ha!

  4. Jan, your posts are always so fun to read! I love the photos of the jelly roll and the hay bale!

  5. Congrats on your big win. I hope that means extra treats for your two beautiful i hand piece and hand quilt all my quilts and donate to charity. One of my favorites is the humane society. I have quilted for fourty years and love paying it forward. But i receive less than four hundred dollars monthly for disability and cannot afford fabric or a sewing machine so when i do get fabric i could make quilts so much faster.
    I recently lost my best four legged friend. Three years ago i had a near fatal brain anurysim and my only child, my daughter who lived over seven hours away, quit her job and moved in to take care of me. Tragically, just four days later, she died in my arms from a blood clot to her lungs. The pain and depression are overwhelming. A week later, her best friend came by and had a poodle/terrier mix named missy with her. Missy was found on the side of the road near death but my daughters friend nursed her back to health. She gave me missy and told me that missy was a survivor, now let her teach you how to be one. And she did. That little dog got me through some very hard times and now she is gone too.
    What kind of quilts are you making? Blessings, Barbara babscorbitt@ gmail dot com

  6. Congratulations to your sweet kitties for winning you a gift certificate. The log cabin hexie block looks great.

  7. Wow, look at all of the new life at your place. You must work hard, I don't know where you find the time to sew.

  8. I was so happy to see you win. I was surprised and won a gift certificate just for voting for you. Love all your pics!! The new farm babies and the jelly/hay bale roll. Too cute. Always a joy to come and visit you!!

  9. Congratulations! I am so happy for you!

  10. Congratulations to you Jan! That is such a sweet photo, and I just love seeing little bits and pieces of your farm life!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  11. I am so thrilled to hear that you won for your kitties!! You are such a busy women. Love all the pics.

  12. Congratulations!! That's the best news ... lovely to see the pics of the babies on the farm - living in a city we miss out on all of that. How did you do the hexi log cabin? I love it!

  13. Congratulations. I love animals of all kinds, especially Cats, Horses, & dogs. This winning photo was one of my favorites in the hop.

    senstrings (at) yahoo (dot) com

  14. Hi Jan! Congrats on your win, those little kittens are adorable! Love, love the chickens! Can hardly wait to have a few of my own one of these days! The focal print of the hexi-log block is just too cute!! What fabric line is it from?

  15. Just getting caught up here. Love that log cabin hexie. The calves are so sweet! Enjoy your day


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