Wednesday, September 4, 2013

W.I.P. Wednesday and my Peeps!

Hey Yall! It's been another busy week here around the farm but I do have a few works in progress. I've done a little hand sewing. These little hexies are a surprise for someone. I think they are going to be real cute!

And I've been making some of these blocks from an older jelly roll I had on hand. Not sure how this is going to turn out though. Alot of the other prints in this line are super busy and bright and the pattern I've chosen may not work too well with them. But ya know, what the hay, I'm in it this far I may as well go ahead and finish. What about you?  Have you ever chosen the wrong pattern for the fabric? I think this is where a design wall (instead of the floor) would come in real handy! One of these days.......
Anyway, I wanted to show ya'll how much my peeps have grown. They are already getting feathers.

They eat constantly. They are getting so big it is hard for her to hide them all under her feathers. Look at that cute little face peeking out of the top of her wing.

She's finally got them to get up on the roost. She's really "talking" to this one. She's trying to get this chick to get under her with the others. It's probaly a rooster. It's talking back !
(look at the little foot next to her foot)

                                                   Yep! I've had one of those days too!
                              Whether a Rooster or a Hen, this one shall be named Hercules!

Now,  I would like to extend a warm welcome, and I hope you will, to two of my newest friends and followers:
Kathy Oppelt and Debby!
Welcome to the farm ladies.
Glad to have yall plowing along with me!

And don't forget.......

It is just around the corner and I better get busy making some pincushions. And I might just have a giveaway.
Now I gotta go out to check on another expecting mama cow and feed my peeps
but I hope yall have a great week , gets lots of fun sewing done and that nobody sits on your head!
See ya at the Hop!
xo jan


  1. Your little hexies looks delightful and rather small too. Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Yup I've definitely had a few fabric vs pattern issues - but sometimes you'll be surprised by the result - so keep ploughing I say :) Thanks for the update on the little chicks ... their little personalities are starting to shine :)

  3. Those hexies are so cute and I love the chicks!

  4. Ah the chicks are really cute, and thanks for pointing out the little head and feet sticking out here and there...just wanted to tell you about my design's a big sheet of styrofoam insulation, I had to cut it down from the top to fit under my ceiling, and I covered it in a piece of big wide flannel...just taped it on the back. it has stood for about 4 years now with no problem and although it isn't always as big as I need it does the job, and I can move it around to wherever I want, even with my bad back!

  5. I am excited to see what becomes of those wonderful hexagons.

  6. to heck with the hexagons, I'm enjoying the progress of the chicks. lol

  7. both of your stitcheries look good and as for the little babies they are so cute

  8. Sweet hexies! And, the chicks are so cute!! Have a crafty day! xo Heather


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