Monday, July 24, 2017

"Crystalia" 2016 Hoffman Challenge Traveling Exhibits

Hi everyone! 
   This past weekend we took a little road trip for my birthday up to historic Jonesborough, Tennessee Vistor's Center & Emporium to see two of the 2016 "Crystalia" Hoffman Challenge Trunk shows that are on exhibit there until the end of the month.

The venue was gorgeous and they really had a very nice display set up for the Quilts Trunk "H" and Clothing and Accessories trunk B.  My little quilt " A Wing and A Prayer" was included in the exhibit. 
It was really nice to see it again since it has been travelling the country for almost a year now. It will come home late September 2017. 

The entire exhibit was really pretty set up together throughout the Visitor's Center. I know most of the entrants do not have the opportunity to see their item(s) on exhibit so here are lots of photos in no particular order. I believe these are all from Quilts Trunk H and Clothing/Accessories Trunk B. 

 A Wing and A Prayer is hiding behind that cabinet door.

The bottom two photos were taken by my BFF Debbie  when she visited the area a couple of weeks ago. Aren't these all just gorgeous. The Jackets are beautiful. I think one of the jackets won 2nd place in the clothing category. It was really fun to see how the Hoffman Challenge fabric "Crystalia" was used in so many different ways! If you get the opportunity to see one the Hoffman Challenge Trunk shows I highly recommend it. You can find a list of the 2016 Hoffman Challenge Crystalia Trunks here:

and the locations and dates of the Trunk Shows here: 

We really had a fantastic but very long trip. We stopped at Fontana Dam on the way home. It was beautiful but the weather was very HOT!

 We spotted lots and lots of Barn Quilts along the way through Tennessee. Hubby was whizzing along so fast I didn't get to photograph those but I did get a map to all the Barn Quilts in that area!

And a fabric panel that even includes some of the Barn quilts that we saw! I think I want to make a lap quilt with it to use on road trips. Maybe even on a Barn Quilt road trip through the Tennessee mountains!

I am super excited that my 2017 Hoffman Challenge Quilt "Hex-plosion" made the semi-finalist of digital online judging and has been sent in for the next round of Judging. Fingers crossed that it gets to travel around the countryside with the 2017 Hoffman Challenge exhibits this year! I will post photos when the Judging is completed.
  Thank you all for stopping by!
 Be sure to get out and see some of the amazing Hoffman Challenge Exhibits. Locations and dates in the links above.
Happy Quilting friends!
xo Jan


  1. Beautiful photos, beautiful Wing and a Prayer quilt ... thanks for sharing ... :-) Pat

  2. Hope your quilt makes it through the next round of judging. Good Luck!

  3. You have made a beautiful quilt, I love it, looks so happy with the butterflies on it. Thank you for the photo's from the other quilts en kimono's, it is a pleasure to look at them in a beautiful surrounding. I love the panel with the barns, it must be a handy and pretty quilt to look at. I keep following you ;-)

  4. It was so awesome seeing the exhibit and especially your little quilt - lovely things and so artful. I was interested to hear about the Tenn. Barn quilts. We will soon be off to Tenn. for our annual vacation in God's country. I sincerely hope your next entry makes it to exhibit. Hope all is well on the farm and with your happy cows. take care Mel

  5. Jan, that's so exciting about your new "Hex-plosion" quilt making the semi-finals! Your photos of the quilts and trip are beautiful.

  6. The challenge quilts are truly eye candy. And congratulations on the recognition your quilt deserves - and hoping it goes on to the next level. Thank you for sharing!


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