Monday, March 25, 2013

Little Dresses for Africa

Happy Monday to everyone! This week's Let's Get Acquainted link up is with Deborah at Simply Miss Luella! You can find her here:
And to kinda mix things up a bit she is asking instead of your name you enter in a word or two something that brings you joy! Well for me that is sewing for charity.
10 Little Dresses for Africa

A couple of months ago I heard about this 501C Non profit group Little Dresses for Africa. They are making dresses out of pillowcases or fabric and using bias tape for the armholes and ties.Then they distribute them to orphanages throughtout Africa, Haiti, Honduras etc.. Sometimes this may be the ONLY clothing they have or may be the only clothes besides their school uniform.

 So simple but very effective pattern. I know everyone has seen tons of these little dresses floating around Etsy and the internet. They are extremely easy to make. I made 6 small, 2 medium, 1 large and 1 Extra large with fabric that I mostly had on hand. I tried to use thicker cotton fabric that will hold up with alot of washing and that is not see through. The website
has all the instructions for making them and mailing them etc.. They were asking for small and larger sizes as most people were sending medium since pillowcases are usually that size.

I made a little headscarf with leftover fabric for the yellow dress.
I also went ahead and presorted by size, and sent them in ziplock baggies with the sizes wrote on the outside. It helps the volunteers that do the packaging and saves alot of room in suitcases when they are packaged this way. I have really enjoyed making these and hope to make some more in the near future. They are also asking for elastic or drawstring waist boy shorts. I would love to see pictures if you make any of these!
It's a win win situation that will bring alot of simple joy to you and the children!

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  1. These dresses are precious and for such a good cause!

  2. Oh those dresses are just adorable! What a wonderful thing to do.

  3. What a wonderful idea! I think I 'll follow by email!


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