Friday, May 24, 2013

226 Charms! Happy mail, Sweeeeet fabric and Planting Corn.

So I realized that I never showed you guys my Denise Schmidt 5" charms from the DS Charm Swap hosted by Crafty Tammie.
Gorgeous right? If you are a DS fan like I am then you know what I mean. I have no idea what I am going to do with 226 5" charms. For now they will sit on the shelf for me to stare at for a few weeks. Several sweet friends suggested HST's of some sort. Just gotta decide on the pattern. I am thinking of using a light grey for the solid?....
I also received some very much anticipated and long awaited Happy Mail!
I can't wait to browse through these and hopefully delve into a few projects. Both of these artists are totally awesome. I love all their projects! It will be very hard to decide what to do first!
And I happened to stop by Joann's when I was out of town this week and they had these adorable Quilter's Showcase prints 50% off.
That's $2.50 per yard. I think they will make cute pillowcases, trim and maybe even go into a low volume quilt.
But first, it's corn planting time. Yep! I gotta help that handsome farmer hubby man plant 20 something acres of corn! I know. What we women do for our men! lol! Just so long as he doesn't mess with my fabric.And while he is going back and forth planting rows of corn, I will be watching and going round and round with rows of this:
That is, if he doesn't put me to driving this monstrosity!

Now I gotta go fix us a jug of sweet tea and a picnic lunch to take along. Wish me luck!
Have fun this weekend!


  1. I'm very jealous of all those charms! I'm a fan of the soft grey tone solids out there at the moment. Hope the planting goes smoothly!

    1. This was the first charm swap I have ever participated in. It was alot of fun and a great way to get alot of different prints. And we got about half the corn planted, so a pretty good day. Have a great weekend.


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