Thursday, June 20, 2013

Meet Dixie......

Dixie is our 5 yr old Great Pyrenees.

She works on our farm guarding our livestock.

She guards the gate while we take hay out to the cows. This way we do not have to open and shut the gate everytime we need to go through. It saves us alot of time, especially if it is cold and rainy!

Standing her ground. She will not let that calf get through the open gate. We didn't really teach her to do this, she just learned from watching me, because I am usually the one watching the gate.
Checking on a new baby calf, She stays with the momma cows while they have their babies and then comes and goes every 1-2 hrs checking on them. We haven't lost a calf to a coyote since we brought her home.

Shes staying with this young calf while the momma goes to the water trough.

Having a conversation with two of the sheep. They were out and she was trying to get them back to the barn.

                                                                      She smells the air alot!

Making her rounds. She walks the fencelines on over 60 acres total twice a day, if not more.

Checking on some more cows in a different pasture.

Being silly and getting her belly scratched.

Sleeping in our herd bulls pen.

On alert about something.

I have had alot of questions about our farm and our farm animals. I thought I would start sharing a little about our life around here, so I will try to do a post occasionally about our farm. I hope you have enjoyed meeting Dixie! She is very important to our farm and a member of our family!
Say Bye Dixie..
 Facts about Great Pyrenees.
1. They are nocturnal. They stay up all night and bark to warn off any predators.
2. They will usually bond with whatever you put them with to protect. Therefore, if you want one to guard animals, KEEP them with the animals from the first day. Dixie and Daisy were put at the barn at 8 weeks old and slept with the calves. Do not keep them with you (very hard to do because they will love you and are so adorable and look like giant powder puffs when they are little) or they will bond with you and want to stay with you instead of the animals.
3. They are extremely territorial. We eventually had to seperate Dixie and Daisy  (her sister) because of this.
4.They will fight coyotes, bears, other dogs or even people if they feel a threat to their animals that they are protecting.
5. They will grow up to weigh between 80-125 lbs and eat ALOT!
6. They shed ALOT. They grow a very thick mane around their neck. This is to protect them when fighting off predators. They also have webbed feet.
7. They are great family dogs except they love to guard and are nocturnal. I would not suggest one because of this overly protective trait.
8. They are very independent and not easily trained for things other than guarding. Dixie knows our routine better than we do. If an animal is not where it is suppose to be , she knows and it upsets her and she tries to correct the situation.
9. She doesn't like it when an animal has to leave the farm. They are her "flock". If we sell a bull or sheep we usually put her up so she doesn't try to ""follow" that animal. She is the same with the chickens.
10. She is worth her weight in gold to our farm but most importantly she is a part of our family.
I hope you have enjoyed meeting Dixie.

I am so glad you stopped by to visit me today! Please feel free to take a look around. (There really are sewing projects on here too )

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  1. OMGoodness, what a smart smart animal. I love this post. I have a dream to live on a farm, so am all excited over the idea of you sharing your farm life with us! She is lovely - Hi Dixie!

  2. I really do love your blog! Your header is so creative and colorful. Your pups are outstanding. They work so hard. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow..what a great dog and what they do for you!

  4. What a beautiful animal! Thank you for sharing a little of your farm life.

  5. I really enjoyed learning about Dixie. What an amazing dog! I love animals but don't know a lot about that breed but what a great watch dog to have for a farm. Looking forward to your next farm post :)

  6. What a cutie!!! I'll have to do a post on my new black, fluffy quilting buddy.

  7. My brother has 2 Great Pyrenees (Duke and Daisy...What a coincidence!). They really are great animals to have around a farm and your Daisy looks so sweet.

  8. What a gorgeous dog! What a fantastic helper to have around the farm.

  9. I too think Dixie is a wonderful dog. I see you live where they get lots of snow, so she is probably very glad she has such a think coat of fur to keep her warm. The pics are great, it really looks to me like she is having a conversation with the sheep and they are listening ... Thanks for sharing... great post!

  10. What a beautiful wonderful dog! Thank you for sharing her with us today. I would love to snuggle with her! Your farm is wonderful too and I look forward to reading all about it.

  11. Oh my goodness -what an incredible breed. She's beautiful too. Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us about her. I have heard of the breed before but had no idea why they were such great farm/ranch dogs. I really enjoyed meeting Dixie.

  12. Dixie is gorgeous! We are trying to work out how big she is compared to our dog. Buster would probably eat the chickens not protect them Lol! :-)

  13. What an interesting post today! I love reading about your farm, being just a city girl myself. Your dog looks pretty special!

  14. Dixie is beautiful! GP's are certainly worth their weight in gold. I know of a lady in west Virginia that got three as soon as she knew she was going to raise animals. She has a blog called Chickens in the Road. You should check it out, she has some delightful stories! She has GP's that guard her livestock and one for the house.
    I love reading about your farm and your life there. I am stuck in a small town, but would love living more self reliantly on a farm! (I know, I know, it's a LOT of work!)

  15. I love this post!!! Dixie looks like such a smart sweet girl! Thank you so much for sharing a piece of your farm life. We live in suburbia and the noise, crowds, pollution gets to ya! This was a little bit of heaven to read! Give Dixie a great big hug from me and Mimi the pug. :)

  16. That was so interesting. Dixie is a beautiful dog. Thank you for all the explanations about the breed. I loved your pictures.

  17. What a great (and productive) dog! We just have cats and kids and neither are very helpful haha! Great pics!

  18. Wow! I did not know all this about this breed of dog - amazing animals! Thanks for sharing and enlightening!!

  19. Dixie is so beautiful! I love seeing dogs doing what they are bred to do. I can see why you love her so and why she is a valuable part of your family.

  20. Hi To Dixie! What a beautiful dog! Thanks for this post and look forward to more!


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