Thursday, July 18, 2013

Back to School Civil War Finish! Woohoo!!

Good Morning!
 I hope that this day finds yall in the shade! That is certainly where I am this morning.
Contemplating a quilt finish. I realize that I had shared my Back to School with Pam Kitty Love Civil War flimsy on  facebook but had not shared it here. (yes, I finally bit the bullet and joined facebook)

It measures 68x82". I made mine 12" blocks instead of 8" blocks. I like large blocks in a sampler.
I used one of the black prints for the cornerstones. I really enjoyed using the black prints in this quilt. Which brings me to my next decision. Should I go with the red or the black fabric for binding?

                                                          I am 90 percent sure .. the black.

 Here is a better picture where you can actually see the entire quilt.
(I need a taller clothesline.)

I had so much help on this quilt last week that I just didn't know if I would finish on time!

Yall know I love Churn Dash blocks!

And I am in love with the large floral for the outside border. This print reminds me so much of my grandmother, Radah Belle and my Aunt Topsie.

Not every block is perfect, but I love it anyway!

I believe these two love it too as they will not stay off! I guess this fabric is named appropriately.
Afterall it is made from the Pam Kitty Love Collection.

So what do yall think. Red or black for the binding?

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 I hope yall have a quilty kind of day. Stay in the shade and contemplate for a while and let me know what cha think 'bout the binding!
xo jan


  1. Wow. Your quilt is breathtaking. Is his the same one the fatquartershop was doing as well? Wow. I think I would prefer the red binding, but the black may look really nice as well since you already have that red border. Guess I'm no help after all.

  2. I usually jump at anything red since it is my favorite color. In this case, though, I'm going with Black. I think with that small red border you need to change it up with the binding. Besides, binding is usually such a small piece of the quilt that you can go pretty bold and get away with it. Thanks for sharing your wonderful quilt.

  3. I love samplers. This is the first I've seen a print used for sashing (at least a print that doesn't read as solid), and I really like it. It must have taken some serious planning to have block edges that worked with one print. I'll add my vote for the black binding.

  4. Oh Jan, this is a real stunner! I vote black. It would really set off all those great brights.

  5. I think the black binding will be brilliant, but the red wouldn't be amiss either. Love the larger block size for your sampler! What a treat colorful civil war quilt. :)I so pretty!

  6. Your quilt is just beautiful, I love it! I for sure would go with the black binding beings there is a red border already. You have to show when it is all finished, I know it will be gorgeous. Love the little rescued friends that are enjoying your quilt also, they look healthy and happy now.

  7. Your sampler quilt is devine! I like your kitty helpers, I think black is a good choice for the binding.

  8. Beautiful Jan!! I love the border fabric, too!! I am all for the black!! ;) xo Heather

  9. The black would set all the beautiful fabrics off just right. what a beautiful quilt!!!
    I really like the kitties too!

  10. It's very beautiful. Your help is pretty cute too

  11. love, love, LOVE this Jan! Your blocks look so precisely pieced. Also, I definitely think the black would be my choice!

    Thank you so much for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation
    ps- love your pics with your sweet Kitty Loves

  12. Wow, impressive! I have a few Pam kitty blocks done. I love those fabrics!

  13. I think the black binding would put a nice minimal frame on it. The red might make it drop off a bit too much. It's like a flower garden in your quilt! Nice!

  14. Ooh, I think the black binding would frame it nicely and contain all that lovely colour! I never thought about upping the size of blocks in a sampler - I'll be keeping that in mind :)

  15. I vote for black!
    Fabulous quilt. Really amazing!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  16. Doing some blog hopping this morning. Love the quilt and love all of the bright beautiful colors. I have thought about trying my hand at piecing, but that is about as far as I have gotten. Thinking about it. I admire all of the work involved for sure. Since you asked for an opinion, I will give mine. Black. Love the contrast.

  17. How lovely is this..and love that cup...I don't have that one lol...funny you say facebook, I don't do facebook, I barely have time to do the blog and sew and classes begin in weeks for me...sooooooo I guess I will have to stay checking here for you....your quilting blocks are superb

  18. What a wonderful, colourful tribute to history (and I adore the cats too!)

  19. Oh, my stomach just did that little twinge thing--a little "I want a kitten" twinge thing! Love that little sweet kitten face on that quilt. Pam Kitty Morning is so great. You did great on this sampler. I vote black gingham binding. I always like my bindings to be a strong frame around the quilt.

  20. The quilt is beautiful. The Pam Kitty Morning fabric was a perfect choice as proved by your furry assistants. I love the little pops of black throughout the quilt and would definitely go with black binding.

  21. Just back from a little blogging hiatus and spotted this! Amazing! I like the black accents and agree with the few other people who have suggested black for the binding. But whatever you use it's going to look great!


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