Thursday, July 25, 2013

Benjamins' Quilt and the Police!

Hi yall!
 I have been happily working away this week on my new nephews quilt! Benjamin was born last Sunday the 21st and I just happened to have a couple of really cute charm packs on hand.

Modas Ten Little Things and Riley Blakes Scoot!

After all the larger quilts that I have been making, it was really nice to make one pint sized!

I really like how these two lines blend together. These two collections feature owls, trucks, cars, trains, planes, helicopters, scooters, wagons and little circles that look like marbles. All types of little boys things.

For the backing, I used an adorable puppy dog print from Joann's.

And quilted in simple straight lines.

Somewhere along the way, I decided that I wanted to MACHINE bind this little quilt for extra durability. Now I almost always machine stitch binding to the front and hand stitch to the back, regardless of the size of the quilt or its intended purpose. But I hope that Benjamin will come to love this quilt and drag it around for years, so I decided to take the plunge and machine bind it.  I was so nervous my hands were actually shaky. I kept thinking the Quilt Police were coming to get me!

 I mean I actually looked over my shoulder a couple of times expecting to see these guys:

AND the theme music from Dragnet kept playing over and over in my head while I huddled over my little quilt anxiously attaching my binding.

I attached the binding to the BACK, then folded it to the front and just sewed a consistent stitch to attach it to the quilt.
I used a matching thread on the top and in the bobbin.

I like to roll my quilts for giving with the front to the inside so it is a surprise when opened. I tied Benjamins quilt up with some teeny little red trim. I am so glad to have this little quilt finished for my nephew. I guess I can get up and unlock the door now. I don't think those two characters will be back around for a while!
  What about you? Do you hand sew your bindings or machine sew them ? Do you ever feel guilty about machine binding?

                                    Are there Quilt Police lurking around your neighborhood???

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   I hope you have enjoyed yourself this week and were able to play around with a little fabric and
                                            And I hope you have a guilt free, quilty kind of day!

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  1. It always seems so difficult to find good prints for the little boys. I've got stacks and stacks of fabric that would suit a little girl, but the boys are always a challenge. You've done a great job putting this little quilt together.

    I'm happy to say that the quilt binding police only have a couple pieces of evidence to catch me with. I am almost an exclusive hand-finisher when it comes to binding. I just can't get around the fact that while faster, the machine binding just takes so much more attention and has a tendency to stress me out. Where as I can sit and chat or watch television and still get my binding done. My friends only make fun of me a little.

  2. You did a great job. I love how the quilt turned out. Sometimes, simple is the best way.

  3. Jan! You have to come over and visit. "The Police" are at my place, too! Isn't it funny where our imagination will take us?

    But first, I must say how sweet your nephews quilt turned out! Will all those cute prints, and even the backing, it will give him so much to look at as he grows. Bravo on the machine binding! You really outdid yourself. Fabulous finish!


  4. So cute and sweet!! A true treasure!! Happy weekend! xo Heather

  5. love the quilt Jan! The machine binding looks great. I ALWAYS bind on the machine and no quilt police here, haha!

    Thank you so much for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  6. I love and prefer machine stitching, I really like the way it looks. I use a small binding (2 1/4) and then stitch to the back, fold over and then stitch again on the front, also catching the back. - this way there is stitching on the binding on both sides. Yay! No guilt here! Love your new quilt, Jan. I think it's a great idea to roll your quilts - front in- and keep it as a surprise. May have to try this!

  7. What a lovely quilt for a special little boy! I'm glad the quilt police didn't come to get you, I don't think you had anything to worry about it looks fab, and practical too. I like the rolling idea by the way, a really lovely touch :-)

  8. He will be very happy with the quilt. Your binding is beautiful!

  9. I love the bright colors in the charm packs you chose--100% boy! Definitely something he can grow into, and not just an infant quilt. I like your machine binding-I may have to give that a try sometime. When I wrap up quilts for gifts, I fold them with the front in so they have to unwrap it all the way before they can see it as well. Thanks for sharing! Happy Friday!

  10. A very cute quilt and... I rarely hand bind. I would never get quilts to their final, finished stage if I secured the bindings by hand. I use clear poly monofilament in my bobbin (and occasionally the top) when machine binding.

  11. Fun charm packs, for sure! And don't you feel one bit guilty about machine binding that quilt - baby quilts need it. I know how you feel, though, as I greatly prefer hand-stitched bindings. There's just something more sophisticated and finished about it. But if it's going to go into multiple washings and be dragged around a lot, I always machine finish exactly like you did. :) Thanks for sharing at TGIFF!

    1. Nice to know I am not the only one who does this!!!!

  12. NOT to worry! The quilt police LIVE in my sewing room! I keep them to busy to travel! Love your fun quilts!

  13. What cute little puppies! Love the way you packaged it. I always machine bind quilts for kids. They need to be a little tougher for extra washing.

  14. Lovely little quilt! I always machine stitch my binding to the front, fold to the back and stitch in the ditch on the front, catching the back as I go. On the front, it looks exactly like the hand stitched binding and there's only one line of stitching on the back. It certainly works for me... I just don't have the patience for hand stitching. :-)

  15. I machine bind sometimes too, it isn't as perfect but is very practical for quilts that are heavily used. Otherwise I bind by folding extra backing fabric to the front.

  16. Cute fabrics! Congrats on the finish!
    I'm a big believer in machine quilting. Yours looks great!

  17. Hello! I started out with handsewing the bindings on, but after a finishing a huge bedquilt I decided that is was taking way too much time. I now sew everything by machine. Most of my quilts are designed for children and the cushions I make get a lot of us. Soooooo, I vote for using the sewing machine for the whole binding process. I prefer seeing a seam above getting a quilt back after a little while to be repared!
    I believe that when you make a wall quilt sewing it by hand might be better, but as I have not made one of those, I will stick with machine binding.
    Lots of fun sewing!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  18. Sweet sweet sweet little quilt! And I started machine sewing my bindings the day I had seven (yes, seven!) quilts that needed to be bound before the next day. I knew the only way I'd ever get it done would be to learn how to do it on the machine, so I tucked in and did them all! Now I do all of them this way.

    Whoop whoop for a great finish!

  19. Love that Scoot line--and the name Benjamin, for a little boy. I love little quilts. They are such a quick little refresher project. No time to get tired of them, they're just all cute from beginning to end! Very nice, Jan. He'll love looking at the bright colors during his tummy time.

  20. The quilt looks great. And machine bind sometimes. But you gave me a great big smile when you described the quilting police. I sometimes imagine them when I've stretched a piece to fit or a point didn't line up. LOL, but I don't worry too much.

  21. I have never, ever hand bound a quilt. I always machine sew it on. I like them that way. =)

    The quilt is perfect for a little boy to love for years and years to come. =)

  22. Great little quilt Jan! I bet your nephew will love it for a long time. I don't sew my binding on by hand. I use to, then I got a nerve problem in my hand which makes it really hard to hold a needle for longer than a minute or two. You did a great job sewing yours on. Unless you are entering your quilts in shows/etc, I don't think it really matters how you put the binding on :)


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