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Farmers and Consumers!

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Yesterday morning while I was sitting outside about to eat a delicious pear, I thought I would catch up on my paper reading. Mainly the "Farmers and Consumers' Market Bulletin. The F&C Market Bulletin is a biweekly nonprofit periodical publication published by the Department of Agriculture.
The very first edition was published in 1906 in the State of Louisiana. I believe the first one in Georgia was published in 1917.  My husbands father first started receiving the Bulletin approximately 55 years ago. It used to be a weekly publication but has been reduced to biweekly by the Georgia General Assembly. It has also been a FREE publication until I believe 2008 when they started charging $10.00 per year delivered by US Mail to your door! Now that was a big uproar around here, however I believe it is a very modest amount for the wealth of information that it brings directly to you. You can also view it online now (another big uproar) for a mere $5.00 per year. These prices are for Georgia residents. I do not know what other states charge and I believe there are only 8 states that offer the Market Bulletin.   But what exactly is it all about?

 The Farmers and Consumers Market Bulletin started out as basically a paper to house FREE Classified Ads or a place where Farmers and Consumers could sell or trade items to each other. Anything from seed, labor, farm animals, eggs, equipment etc... That is still the case today with the additon of other Articles of Interest, such as "How To........, or Farm Bureau happenings, 4-H fairs and competitions, college grants, scholarships and information, New Farm related businesses and fantastic, delicious Recipes just to name a few!

 There are also Special Editions that include but are not limited to:

FarmLand Edition - Biannual March and September - So if you are looking to buy or sell farm land it would be featured in these two editions.
Equine - Quarterly (for all you horse lovers out there)
Pick Your Own Fruits and vegetables- Spring and Summer list of farms and schedules.
Handicrafts - Once per month - this is my favorite!
Christmas - Choose and Cut your own tree - list of farms and schedules.

 This is the Handicraft section for July 24th edition - some of the items for sale are:
Aprons, crochet items, quilts!, corn cob pipes! yep - it says it right there!, Bluebird boxes, chair caning , rabbit traps etc.... Folks just about anything that can be made by hand , you can find in the Farmers and Consumers Market Bulletin.!!!  I just love the name too!

Livestock Prices!
Livestock prices are good so far as keeping up with from time to time but I watch ONLINE very closely the stockyards in our area because it is more up to the minute instead of biweekly! Are you ever interested in knowing when grocery prices are going to go up?

You can find just about any flower or herb that you want to buy or sell. I have used the Bulletin to :

1. Sell Calves
2. Sell eggs (yep Egg Money quilt time)
3. Buy/sell flowers and herb seed/plants
4. Traded fabric
5.Buy/sell Hay/grain
6. Buy/sell equipment
7. Sold my Angora Rabbits
8.Recipes (Folks these are tried and true recipes tested by Dept of Ag)
You can also find farm employment!

Folks, the Farmers and Consumers Market bulletin is a great resource for, hey, both Farmers and Consumers. Plus it's a good way to keep up with your neighbors! This month there is an article about bringing it back to a Weekly publication! Looks like I am going to have to find more time to read or see if I can't squeeze a little more outta Father Time!

Now I got a pear and a Teacup pattern waitin on me! 
Folks, I hope yall have enjoyed this little introduction to something I like to read! Here is the link to The Georgia dept of Agriculture. Check it out. This is just a smidge of what the Dept of Agricultures Farmers and Consumers Market Bulletin is all about.  I hope yall have a quilty kind of day! Enjoy some time outside and thank yall for stopping by!
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  1. Well that is something I never would have known about - I live in the city in Auckland, New Zealand! :-). Popping over from Plum and June.

  2. Wow, your farm paper is sew much more interesting than the one my husband gets. I am going to have to write to the editor! Thanks for sharing this, Jan!

  3. What a fun publication so much better than craigslist! Do you read Mother Earth News? Its one of my favorite garden type magazines.

    And thanks for the shoutout :)

  4. It looks like an jam-packed paper! We don't get much of that type of publication up here, but find farm and ag news interesting. Thanks for sharing it! BTW....local fresh eggs are selling for $10-15/dozen.

  5. Well that looks like essential reading in your line of business! And that recipe looks delicious :-)

  6. I am going to use that link to have a read and I am about to go through the fridge and see if I have the makings for the recipe, I love corn anything.I am so glad that I found your blog.

  7. Interesting post. I just went to see if there was a similar publication for Arizona, couldn't find one.... Maybe I'll check into the on line version of one.

  8. Very interesting publication. Thank you for sharing. I don't have anything like that where I live. I remember my Grandparents relatives having those out in the valley (central California) but we don't have a lot of farmers here...mainly consumers!

  9. What a great post! It is definitely a slice of Americana.

  10. Such a neat paper!! Love all the ads and recipe! Thanks for sharing and hope you enjoyed your yummy pear and tea! xo Heather

  11. Lovely cherry fabric in the background. Is it a quilting one?


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