Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Winners Are.......And a story 'bout kittens.

Edit: If you are visiting from the "Pets on Quilts" contest please scroll down for my photo entry - also please visit my home page for my blog entry about the Pets on Quilts contest!
This is my first year and I wasn't sure about the entry process so i kinda goofed - anyway - Good luck everyone - It really is the Bestest Show On Earth!
xo jan

Hi yall!
 First off I would like to say a great big huge THANK YOU to everyone that visited my blog for the New Blogger Blog Hop. I enjoyed meeting everyone so much. I believe I managed to respond to every comment so I hope that I did not miss anyone.  I received alot of super, super, sweet comments and I enjoyed reading all of your stories that you shared with me! I am really looking forward to getting to know each of you in the near future.  I found ALOT of new blogs to follow too!  I received alot of questions and emails during the hop so I will be posting answers to some of those inquiries, especially regarding the farm. And thank yall so much for all the love on my Giant Churn Dash!
That was one fun quilt to make! I hope if some of yall decide to make one that you will let me know! I would love to see it. I am already planning a second one!

Now I promised a couple of gifts, so here we go; I finally figured out Mr Random and I know my hubby is glad to get his hat back!

For the Moda Charm Pack of Sakura - The winner is:

I love your giant churn dash! I grew up in rural Colorado where barn quilts are quite popular, and your post brought back happy memories of country life!
And for the Five Fat Quarters of Sunshine Sweets is:

Pleased to learn more about you, Jan! That's quite the wild crew you've got with you on a daily basis ;) Love your tractor stamp block! Because of you I've added "postage stamp" quilt to my wishlist ;)
Yay! Congratulations you two! It is very nice to get to meet yall too and I hope you enjoy your gifts. If yall would please email me your mailing address I will get your gifts sent out to you!  (my email is in the sidebar)
I would like to say Thank you to everyone that entered my giveaway! Remember,(this is going to be so corny) "You have to be in it to win it!" (told ya , way corny)

Now I would like to leave yall with a couple of pretty photos and a story:

My hubby and I found these two little characters and their two other brothers/sisters and Mama thursday will be three weeks ago. We were down at the old home place working late that thursday when we saw the mama laying in the dirt road.
She was almost gone. She was extremely hungry and dehydrated. She was so dry we couldn't tell she had kittens. It was almost dark and as the place where we were is very very isolated ( nearest house a mile away) and the coyotes were already yapping, we brought her home. She ate 4 times that night before I went to bed ( she got sick from eating so fast I guess). I put her in a bathroom with a litter box, food and water. She never made a sound all night. Just went to sleep. I checked on her four times. The next morning, she had milk in her bags! OMG... I panicked and off we went back to the old home place road to hunt for kittens. I was crying so hard just thinking about the possibility of kittens out there. We put her back out exactly where we found her. She walked around the truck a few minutes, then headed down the road. Then my hubby, god love his ever loving soul, said he would follow and for me to wait with the truck. Well to make a long story short, two and a half hours later and 3/4 mile down the road he found them in a clearing off the side of the dirt road in high grass. The blow flies had gotten to the kittens! It had rained hard the night before. The mama wasn't there to clean them up, so the flies had attacked. This is really gross, so don't read the next sentence if it will bother you, but the kittens had maggots on them.  I freaked out. My hubby cleaned them the best he could and loaded her and the kittens in the truck.
We took them all home and to the vet. He cleaned them up and dewormed them. He said the flies had got them because the mama wasn't there to clean them and it had rained on them. They were approx 4-5 weeks old. I thought well here goes my quilt money, but hey they are worth it. He charged me 20 bucks. I hugged his neck and took them home. I have found a home for all but the one with the black dot on his nose and the mama. They are 7-8 weeks now and doing great. It has been a juggling act because I already have two cats that do not like her or the kitten. Keep your fingers crossed that I can find the mama and last kitten a home! I can only assume someone threw her and the kittens out.
They sure have enjoyed my churn dash quilt though.

Now one last picture before I let cha go:

  What's up???? This little character kept watching me today through the window while I was mending my hubbys shirt. (We've been stringing barbed wire and he tore his shirt.. twice..)  I turned my head kinda sideways to look under the pressure foot and he turned his head the other way. He was mocking me!  One of my point and shoot cameras was sitting on the desk beside me so I took this through the glass. He was quite hilarious and not the least bit frightened. A blue jay landed in the Grancy Greybeard beside him and he flew off. Maybe he was waiting for me to throw out some yarn.  I usually cut small pieces up and often find the yarn in nests.

Well yall I sure have enjoyed spending this time with you. There are still 2 weeks after this past week of the New Blogger Blog Hop! I have to say this has been an amazing experience and I have loved meeting so many wonderful people.
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Please take a few minutes and visit all the wonderful new bloggers. They have some incredible quilting and stories to share. There may even be some giveaways! And remember"You have to be in it to win it"!!
UPDATE: Hey yall - well I just thought I had Mr Random figured out. For some reason the numbers are there in my draft but disappear when I publish. If anyone knows why my numbers within Mr Random are falling off, kindly enlighten me! xo jan


  1. Bless you and your hubby and the vet for caring for this poor mama cat and her kittens. They are so lucky that you found them to give this story a happy ending. I hope you find the perfect home for the other kitten and the mama soon.
    Your big churn dash quilt is a beauty!
    Cute little visitor to your window. Looks like birdie is posing ... :) Pat

  2. No way! I hardly ever win anything! And believe you me I had my eye on those bright and cheerful prints -- now I can't wait to get my hands on them ;) Thank you, Jan!

    P.S. great cardinal shot!

  3. My husband is glad you and I are not neighbors...as I would have adopted the entire little family of black and white kittens! Mom too!! I have a soft spot for black and white cats that I just can't shake... :)
    Goes to show what love and a bit of soap and water can do....this little family cleaned up nicely! Glad that they are soon to be off to happy homes.

  4. It's when I read posts like this one that I realize how many super people are still left in our world. Hugs to you and your husband for rescuing those poor little kittens and momma cat. Also love your large churn dash!

  5. What a touching, happy story, thank goodness there are people like you and your husband in the world. I have been following your blog for a while now and so enjoy your posts. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  6. Darling and sweet kitties, and story!! Wishing you a beautiful and crafty day!! xo Heather

  7. Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!! This made my heart melt! I agree with Katie- so happy to hear a heart warming story and that there are still good peeps in the world! You and your hubby are going to get many stars in heaven for rescuing those kittens and their mama. This post just made me smile - those cute faces...and the bird! Too cute!

  8. what a touching story Jan! I think the way someone treats defenseless animals says a lot about the heart of a person. Thank you so much for sharing this story.

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  9. Your story is so sweet. I have 3 cats. I love the pictures, too cute. Good thing you aren't close by I would have to beg my husband to let me get another kitty. That birdie picture made me smile too! Excellent post and a wonderful churn dash :)

  10. OMG! I'm glad there was a happy ending. We have 3 rescue kitties so my heart goes out to you. Thank you for rescuing these sweet furbabies and their mama and sharing this sweet story.

  11. Anyone who goes that much out of your way to rescue a cat and kittens is my kind of people! Love your quilts and values..just found your blog and have signed on to get it emailed to me! Thanks!

  12. What a great story about!! So glad y'all found her and then the kitties! What a great vet too!

  13. I love that large churn dash -- so beautiful

  14. What a lovely story. Luckily there are people like you around who will go that extra mile to save kittens or other animals in need!

  15. Helloooo ~ Let me introduce myself, I am Sweet William The Scot, and I am taking the tour of the quilts. I am more of a dog blogger, but I have made three quilts in my lifetime. Those two kitty faces are precious. Bless you and your husband for going back to find them. Lovely quilt.
    Sweet William The Scot

  16. I remembered your incredible story!! Great to read again. The photo with the two kittens is precious and the quilt is lovely!!

  17. Love the story and so glad that they were all safe. Susie x

  18. Wow what a lovely outcome - your photos are lovely especially the two kittens together - Hard to believe they were abandoned. Thankfully you were there for them!

  19. Those kitties are very cute...thank God you found them. Our cat was a stray that came to us pretty well emaciated. We took her to the vet and many, many dollars later...I guess, vets in Australia are not quite as charitable. She was wormed, immunised, desexed and checked over...poor bugger, but she adjusted well and is thriving...well, and now she rules the house. Hope you find a nice home for the remaining cats.

  20. Bless you for taking care of those kitties and there mama. What a story! I'm so glad you found them!

  21. So glad you found them. They are so cute. We have a family of cats in our yard too and the mama just had her kittens and we noticed she was hungry and started feeding her. Weeks later the kittens came out and we've been feeding them ever since.

  22. Oh my, I'm so glad this story has a happy ending. What a couple of cuties, and what a sweet little family.

  23. I am so happy you went back and were able to find the kittens! Love the big bold churn dash design!

  24. What a lovely story with a happy ending. Nice of you to let them on the quilt.

    (Stumpy's mum)

  25. What a sweet story! I am so glad you were able to help them!

  26. You, your husband and that vet are saints. And they look super cute on that quilt!

  27. Beautiful churn dash and darling little fur babies too.

  28. Oh my goodness, they are so adorable! Thanks for partying with us!
    Love, Snoodles

  29. Purrfect ending for a sad beginning! You are a kitty angel to this little fur family. Thank you so much for sharing their story.


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