Saturday, August 31, 2013

2013 Quilt Photography Workshop

Hey yall! Beth at Plum and June is hosting a quilt Photography workshop to help all of us bloggers improve our photographs. Our assignment this month was to take pictures of a stack of fabric.  I think I am like most of us and really enjoy taking pictures of fabric and quilts almost as much as I like buying fabric and making quilts. But, I sure am better at buying than photographing! So I hope to learn a few things to help improve my photography skills.

First, I use a simple point and shoot. It is a Nikon Coolpix. You can't adjust anything much except you can switch between Automode and Easy Automode. (lol) Which is probaly good for me since I run in automode most of the time anyway.

Most of my pictures I take outside. 1. I don't have alot of natural light in the house. 2. I am usually outside during the day anyway.

This picture is ok except the background is so busy it detracts away from the jelly roll to me. So I moved it to a less busy area.
This looks a little better. I could have edited it and cropped out some of the background and lightened it up some, but I haven't really learned how to do all that yet! Most of the time the color winds up wonky so I try not to edit. I have so much to learn. I am just now starting to get a little friendly with this computer but maybe I can tackle photo editing before our next assignment.

This one is ok except it is dark. I was blocking light as I leaned over to take the photo.

 Slightly out of focus and too dark.
Out of focus again and yall this is all in Automode and Easy auto mode. Maybe I was shaky?
The wind was blowing.

We've been in the hayfield since Wednesday so I've played more with yarn than fabric.

Even with taking pictures outside, I think it helps to limit the background. This is laying on an outdoor table on a piece of offwhite fabric.
I took 21 photographs of which I used 11 to write this post. Sometimes I take more sometimes less. If I have time, I go in and look at them on my computer and see if I have enough decent photos to share, if not then I take some more. But usually I take as many as I can the first time around.
I am not sure what our assignment will be next month. I've read a few of the link ups and have already learned some very helpful tips. I can't wait to read the rest of them. We all love a pretty picture! Especially when it involves fabric! Here is the link so you can check out all the other blogs participating in the workshop. The 2013 Quilt Photography Workshop hosted by Plum and June.

Now we are headed back to here today:

62 more to haul home before it starts raining! And I will try to be back Monday with the winners of the mini charms. If you haven't entered , you may do so here.
And here is the view from my camera last night when we left the field:

Sometimes it does pretty good as a point and shoot . Talk to yall soon.
xo jan


  1. Delightful photos!! Very interesting to read about your process!

  2. Amazing pictures! I can't even tell you use a point and shoot. Goes to show that is's all about the person taking the picture and not nessisarily the fancy camera!

  3. I love your pics. I do like a natural background best. You are doing a great job...keep it up!!

  4. I really like the last photo with the crochet! Showing the cut of the jelly roll is really original too!

  5. Point and shoots are great fun aren't they. One of our daughters has a tiny Nikon Coolpix which tok great shots during another's trip to India last year.
    You know, I really like your first jellyroll photo as it reminds me of a big roll of hay, like in your second last photo. I thought it was a creative take on a fabric shot.
    I love your header photo - great fabric choices in your block!

  6. I think your photos are beautiful Jan! I love the saturated colors of your rainbow stack!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  7. Looks ok to me, but good luck on your improvements. Hope you get the hay all in before it rains.

  8. Taking photos can be really tricky sometimes, especially the light and shadows. All your photos look great, I even like the one of the jelly roll with the busy background.


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