Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hexie Hop, Pets on Quilts and giveaways!!!...

So here is a little sneak peek of what I am working on this week and for the last few weeks! These are for the :

Here is the link for the entire schedule: Debby Kratovil Quilts. Miss Debby is our Queen Bee and all of us little worker bees are busy cutting and sewing our honeycombs! Hexagons are the hot ticket right now. You should check out ALL the different ways these Queen WannaBees are using up hundreds of hexies! I have never seen so many differnet projects using hexagons. And there have been loads of giveaways! If you would like to check out all the fun - click on Debby's link above and you can see the entire schedule and still visit and enter the ones you've missed.

Also, I have great news! All the kittens and the mama cat that I found several weeks ago have now all been placed in forever homes except the mama and she is in a foster home! And my kitties are glad to have their control of our house back! lol... They are so persnickerty! Also,  I have entered two of the kittens that I found in The Pets on Quilts contest! And I would love to have your
vote! And you may have to RE-VOTE. There are some problems with my kittens receiving their votes.
I am #84 Homeless No More and you just have to leave a comment on the Voting Page. stating you vote for Cat # 84. And you will also have a chance at all the great prizes being given for the voters too.

There have been some problems with people voting on my kittens. So if you think you have already voted please check to see if you vote is in the comments. Some people have had their votes just disappear or never show up. Some have had to enter them 3-4 times before they would show. I am not sure what is wrong, but I certainly appreciate your extra effort to get your votes in! This contest is linked to the Padsworth Project which I think is a great cause. The Padsworth Project makes blankies and beds for pets in Rescue Shelters.

I've only had time so far to make one blankie. This one is made with leftover fabric from Benjamins quilt.  back and a terry cloth towel. It just has a single layer of batting and I just sewed a couple of straight lines through the middle and machine stitched the edges. This blankie is going to the Humane Society that placed the mama cat in her foster home. It will be given to one of the little chihuahuas that they have and will go to a new home with them when they get adopted. I plan on this being an ongoing project for me! I picked up some really fuzzy minkee fabric that I plan on making into blankies for some kitties! You can check with you local rescue shelter or Humane Society and see what needs they have. Also if you make blankies and enter them on the Padsworth page you are entered into that drawing as well!
And I just wanted to share this picture of my Missy, she is a rescue Chihuahua and my biggest helper!

 She loves her new bonnet and has been sticking pretty close to me since her run in with a skunk the other day. Poor baby that was the first time she didn't get to sleep in the house! Even after 3 baths!
She's sitting here watching me sew hexagons and watching the cows! Oh and we have a new baby just yesterday!

That handsome farmer hubby dude was working yesterday, so I spent the day watching over this cow and making sure her baby got up and got its first milk! She is a very big girl! She was up within the hour. Of course the mama picked the furthest corner from the house to have her baby in. So I traipsed out there every hour or so to check on them. And I had plenty of company, that got tired and I had to carry her heavy butt back to the barn! There was a hawk circling so I couldn't let her walk that far by herself!
But she is a good girl and gives me plenty of these:

So now yall know why I haven't gotten my hexagon project finished yet! Things are never quite around here when you need them to be!
I hope yall have a great great day! Check out all the hexie goodness going on in the Hexie Queen
blog hop. My day will be the 28th! (thank goodness)
If you get a chance take a look and vote! on all the ADORABLE pets and quilts in the Pets on Quilts contest!
Also try to make a blankie or two and link them up for a chance to win on the Padsworth project page. Those wire cages and plastic floors get so hard and cold. A blankie makes them feel safe! Just like our quilts do for us!

And I would love to give a warm welcome, as I hope you will, to 2 of my newest friends and followers:
I am so glad to have you gals plowing along with me! feel free to grab my tractor button from the sidebar for your blogs!
Thank yall so much for stopping by! I sure do appreciate the company!
Now go out and win something!
xo jan


  1. Voted! Good luck with the contest. Hahaha - I total giggled imagining you carrying your chicken (I just looove chickens) back to the barn, that is too cute.

  2. I can't wait to see you Hexie project! I will have to go and check out you cutie Pets on Quilt. They are just adorable. Kittens and quilts - how can you resist!!

  3. Hello to your newest followers, Val and Rosemary! Love those bright gingham hexies! Hope you don't mind if I share it with a link back on my facebook page at

  4. I love the fabrics you are using for your hexies!! Its great to hear all the kittens found homes. You certainly have adventures on the farm with baby calves and carrying chickens around.

  5. Voted! :)

    Your farm pics and story are so fun. I love the baby cow picture especially! I wanna squeeze him. And poor stinky Missy with her bonnet.

    I have a weakness for all things gingham. I can't wait to see your finished project!

    It also makes me happy all the saved kitties have found homes.

  6. I love those hexies, very springy/summery. and Yay a new baby! It's so amazing how cows are up and walking within a day. Also, either your chickens lay really huge eggs, or you have little hands ;)

  7. You have been busy..and your critters are adorable! I love the cheerful gingham hexies!

  8. Too much cute going on in one post here:) Loving your hexies and you have got my vote on the kitties!

  9. Pretty gingham hexies!!! Such a sweet calf and you Missy is too cute!! Have a great week creating! xo Heather

  10. Farm fun! Thanks for sharing these great pictures. Your hexies are going be wonderful.

  11. I feel like I just spent a day at the farm! Love it! The kittens on the quilt are just too adorable and I am searching the Padsworth Project in another browser window as I am typing this. I also love the baby calf - too precious! Thanks for all the smiles!

  12. We have two chihuahua mixes and love them to death. Sorry about the skunk encounter. Love your pet blanket.

  13. Oh boy can't wait to see more of your hexie project, it looks great. That looks like one really big egg you have there!


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