Monday, November 4, 2013


Hey yall!
 The last two weeks have flown by. I hope that yall had a great Halloween. Things have been extremely busy around the farm.That handsome farmer hubby dude had to work on Halloween. And I spent the evening helping this big guy come into the world:

 He is his mamas first calf and was rather large. She will be three in December so she is plenty old enough to have a calf but she required some help. So I spent the evening behind the hay barn in the edge of the woods in the drizzle and cool weather waiting for her to let me help. And of course I couldnt get her to go to the barn where it was nice and dry. I thought I was going to have to resort to pulling him out with my tractor, but finally managed to help her get him out with a double rope. He has very broad shoulders. At first she didn't want to get up and I was really worried. I kept popping her with my gloves and the rope. She finally got on her feet and started cleaning the big guy up. I know it sounds mean to scare her onto her feet, but the sooner a cow gets up, the better off she and her calf will be. And this character is going to have horns. I refuse to name him Devil even though he was born on Halloween and will have horns. I need to think of a good name for him. Any suggestions?
   I left a note and a candy bowl on the porch for any would be Trick or Treaters. I know we had at least one family because they left us two caramel apples. We usually don't get many visitors on Halloween anyway. There are several Fall festivals and Harvest festivals at the different churchs and around town that most people take their children too. I haven't gotten to go to any of those yet. I love to go see all the pumpkins.
And at the risk of being really repetative, we spent several days back in the hayfield!
 But that did give me time to work on my next Lucy Boston Block while hubby was loading the hay. Then we had to start the process of trying to rearrange the hay barn so it would hold 400 rolls of hay where we normally put 300 rolls of hay.
So we stacked:

And restacked:
And stacked some more:
Until we finally got most of it into the haybarn:
This is a very good problem to have!
Plus we have been cutting and stacking alot of wood. I do not use the chain saws. I usually just help stack or run the splitter if its working and let my hubby roll the logs under it. A few weeks ago we started removing a very large Oak tree that dropped a large limb on our neighbors mothers house last winter. I was really glad we got it down. We piled up the largest pieces of the trunk.
Mississippi runs and hops up there every time we go past it. I guess she has alot better view from up there.
I also finished up a ripple scarf that just so happens to match my tractor! hehe..

Yep I will be styling in the corn field!

And yall, my baby peeps are 9 weeks old and look how big!

They are just so sweet and I think there are at least three roosters.

The one on the left is definitely a rooster and the one on the right is a hen.
And of course Double trouble are being their usual getting into trouble selves and following me everywhere I go.
Pigging out on some dandelions.

And best of all, our "I Love Lucy Bee" started November 1st. Susan from Sue Mac Seeds is our Queen for November and she has chosen some gorgeous colors! Here is her first block in progress.

I love her color choices and fussy cutting. If you have a moment I would love for you to stop by and visit her blog and let her know what you think about her first Lucy Boston. And I have been digging through my stash and found a couple of possiblilities:

I love "Pillow fort' from in My Room, (foreground) but not sure about the other fabrics yet. I would like to find a darker gray and I really like the black swirls. This Bee is really starting off to be so much fun and a challenge! We have two spots open if anyone would like to join in. If so just send me an email.
 And finally, I have spent a few minutes piecing a back for my "Pumpkins Gone Wild" quilt:

Yep - Halloween is over, but I think it will still be pretty for fall and Thanksgiving, if I ever get it finished! Yall it can be so frustrating not having time to sew. Since we lost that 30 acre pasture that we have leased for the last 18 years, we have been clearing some trees to get ready to put up some fence and sow grass. But all that takes time. So we are already feeding hay and feed. Plus we had a pond on that 18 acres that we no longer have, so I am spending 1 to 2 hours watering the cows twice a day! It just hasn't left me much time for blogging, visiting or sewing (unless its portable). So I apologize once again if I have missed a few of your blog posts or emails. Hopefully things will get better around here soon. We are getting ready to start picking corn too. We have already had a couple of hard frosts so the next free day or three or four  we will pick corn. I usually haul wagons back and forth from the corn fields. I love harvest. It is hard work, but also rewarding. And it makes me really happy to see that smile on my hubbys face when we are pulling wagon after wagon of corn from the fields. Between all the wonderful hay this year and the corn crop that we will hopefully get in, the cows ought to have plenty to eat this winter.
And yall these guys are sure worth it!

I sure hope yall have a great week. Enjoy this beautiful harvest time of year wherever you are.
Know that I will be thinking about yall as I plow around the farm.
Please help me welcome two of my newest friends and followers:
Welcome to the farm ladies. Feel free to grab a tractor from the sidebar and plow along with us!
Happy fall yall!
xo jan


  1. Busy lady you are! I would not name him Devil either, but maybe Frankie short for Frankenstein or Ghost. He is sure a cutie!

  2. I did some fall yard clean up for about 2 hours......and I was beat. I can't imagine all of the hard work involved in your life, but I can certainly see the wonderful rewards for all of your effort. Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with us!

  3. OMG! We had to cut down an Oak tree in front of the cabin this year and I thought it was big. That slice of trunk is 3 or 4 times as big!!!

    What a cute calf!!!!!

  4. You are a busy girl. I love the block you are making. So nice these colors.

  5. Because I always think outside the box, I think I would name him Sweetie. Just because he has a sweet face and it's not his fault the day he was born or the disposition of his birth.
    You certainly are busy. I have always dreamt of having a farm, I just wonder if it would be something that I could actually keep up with! I really like living vicariously through my blogger friends with farms and ranches.

  6. I just finished reading your post and now I"m exhausted! How do you do it all? And make lovely quilts, too?

  7. what a way to spend Halloween! such a handsome calf of course he is not a devil can`t come up with a mane at the moment though.
    Still you found time to do some stitching along with stacking the hay etc

  8. You sure are one very busy lady! Glad you were able to find a little time to do some stitching! Your little peeps sure have gotten big! How about Thor for the name of your new calf!

  9. Busy, busy... But a good busy at that! Congratulations in the calf-ing... Nice work! I like Trouble myself for a name... He is a cutie. Take good care!

  10. Beautiful calf I think his name should be Handsome. I think it is so cool how you manage to get some sewing in no matter what.

  11. I love your blog and photos on this post. My very favorite time of year is when our calf is born.
    We have had 4 bull calves in a row. Lost count of how many in the past 20 years. Hoping for a heifer this spring. We only have one per year. If the next is a heifer calf we will keep her. We just took Ferdinand to the butcher Saturday and Isabelle is lonely for her baby. I always say I won't name them, but I do. You should name yours Ferdinand. I hate taking them and leaving them at the slaughter house in the pen. Feels like I am leaving on of my kid. I hand fed them both apples every day as they fell off the tree and they waited for me at the fence. Needless to say my hand was very much fill with slobber. lol I am a new email follower.

  12. Goodness me I'm exhausted just reading all the busy-ness you've been up too! I'll have some of your energy bottled please and shipped to Western Australia :)

  13. There's nothin cuter than the face of a baby calf ! You have lots of good stuff to are a busy gal !

  14. I love your Lucy Boston Blocks. They look amazing!

  15. I Love your site!!! Glad for the give away giving us a chance to meet! The 10" stacker of "Emma" ( gotta love pink and green and I do!!) would be my best pick however anything in your giveaway would be a true blessing!! Thanks. I love the cows. Miss our TN farm!


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