Friday, January 17, 2014

Bees, bananas and a beanie.....

Hey yall!
Boy I had forgotten how busy winter can be around the farm. Back during hay season I kept thinking how I couldn't wait for winter so I would have more sewing time. Well I was certainly wrong about having more time this year. The constantly changing weather has really kept us busy. The animals safety and care are always our number one priority and we do not often see 5 degree weather with a minus 10 degree wind chill in North Georgia. Then the torrential rain we have been experiencing. The animals have really had a struggle this year. And I lost my hat on a tree branch. Actually it was a toboggan that I crocheted to match my scarf and tractor. But it landed in the mud in the cow pasture and I new it wasn't going back on my head no matter how many times I washed it, so I made a new one.
 It is made with an Alpaca Blend. I love this yarn because it is so warm but not itchy like wool. And its washable. I just crocheted a few rounds of  Double crochet, one round of Single crochet in the back loop only to turn the hat, then a few rounds of Granny Squares, then finished with a few rounds of  Double crochet. I like having the Granny Square rounds to let a little air in because this yarn is so warm.  The first thing my handsome farmer hubby dude said was " It doesn't match your scarf". I guess that is my fault because I made such a big deal about making a scarf to match my tractor which is Allis Chalmers Orange! But I just don't think the cows will mind if it matches or not.
 I am also so excited because I have finished my Bee blocks for January. I participate in three Bees. The Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap , the Global Scrap Bee and the I Love Lucy Boston International Bee.
 My partner for January in the Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap requested Civil War Reproduction print flowers. These prints are from Judie Rothermals 25th Anniversary collection. I hope she likes these. I love Civil war prints. Just a sneak peek.

And then January's Queen in The Global Scrap Bee requested foundation pieced Kaleidoscope blocks in bright rainbow colors. These are my first ever Foundation Paper Pieced blocks. I love how they turned out but I will have to get used to the Foundation Piecing process. She asked for two blocks but I would like to make two more before I mail them out.

And finally Januarys Queen in our I Love Lucy Boston International Bee chose Pink, green, orange and yellow for her colors! This was a fun block to make. These colors are so bright and happy. I like to think that Lucy Boston would love seeing all the variations of her Patchwork of the Crosses quilt.I sure have.
 And now I would like to share a story about some bananas with yall. The other day after feeding the calves at the barn and turning the chickens out, I told my hubby I was running up to the grocery store to get some bread and bananas for lunch. He asked me if I needed any money, I told him no, but he fished some out of his pocket anyway and handed it to me. He's sweet like that. :)  I was standing in the grocery store picking out bananas when I heard a young boy say in a quite little voice" Daddy, I want some nanas". I looked up and saw a cute little boy around 6 yrs old, wearing raggedy jeans and a flannel shirt that was at least three sizes too big. He had huge brown eyes and a crew cut hairstyle.  A beautiful girl around 10-12 yrs old with white blond hair and bright blue eyes grabbed his hand and told him " Not this time Brandon" and dragged him away and back towards their daddy.  I glanced back up and saw her and the boy and another boy around 8-9 yrs old all following a giant of a man. He looked like Paul Bunyan only with long shaggy brown hair. A long brown beard and huge, calloused, cut and bruised hands. He looked very weary and had dark circles under his eyes.I placed my bananas in my basket and went to get the bread. As I started down the next aisle something made me look back at the little family. They were gathered around the luncheon meats. Each child had a "Lunchable" box in their hands.( Lunchables consist of three or four crackers with the same number pieces of cheese and meat. Usually a snack and drink are included in the box). I grabbed a loaf of bread and stopped and talked to a couple of young adults that I know then headed toward the register. I usually go through the self check aisle but I saw a cashier that I knew so I got in her line to say hello. As I stood in line the little family got in line too a couple places behind me. The man was carrying a bag from the pharmacy and a 2 ltr Sprite. I think their mother must have been at home sick. Each child was holding their "Lunchable" box like a lunch tray, single file behind their daddy. After exchanging greetings with the cashier I asked her if she knew that family. She said she recognized the kids but didn't know the father that well. That usually they are with their mama. As she rang up my bread and bananas, I glanced back at the little boy. Sheri, the cashier, told me my total and I handed her some money. She got out my change and handed me my receipt. I asked her to keep the change ( it wasn't but just a tad) and apply it towards that familys groceries but not to tell them who left it. You see, I didn't want to embarass the man by giving it to him or offering to pay. Often people will not ask for help. Whether its pride or fear that people will judge them. It doesn't matter. And it doesn't change the fact that they obviously were having a struggle for what ever reasons. I smiled at Sheri picked up my bag and went out the door. I loaded my bag into the car , got in, answered a text message I received when I was in line, put on my seat belt and backed up.
Just as I was leaving I glanced in my rear view mirror and I saw the family leaving the store. The daddy was carrying Brandon, and Brandon was carrying a bunch of bananas!
What a good father he is!
 Yall I would love to give a great big warm welcome to two of my newest friends and followers:
Lynda Davis and maureen of Mystic Quilter. Welcome to the farm ladies. I sure am glad to have yall plowing along with us!
Yall I hope you get all your bee blocks finished, enjoy some bananas and hold onto your hats!
 Until next time.. xo jan


  1. Bless you....and yes, I would have picked up that hat from the mud, washed it and worn it....a little manure doesn't hurt anything!

  2. Love that hat! Sounds like you have been plenty busy.

  3. That's such a great story, glad you could help.

  4. Great story, made me tear up :-) so awesome to see people helping others.

  5. well you have had me blubbing like a baby with your bananas, such a good deed you did there.
    Lovely patchwork and the hat will be really warm, I am hatless at the moment as I lose them usually left on a bus I suspect certainly no cow pats etc to blame near where I live in a busy city

  6. Love all your pretty blocks and cozy hat! Wishing you a sweet and crafty week ahead! xo Heather

  7. Love the beanie- gorgeous colors! Your market story made me tear up... so thoughtful of you to show a random act of kindness to a family who obviously appreciated it.

  8. Awww. Glad that little guy got his bananas. It's a struggle when you have little kids to feed. That was so kind of you! :) The blocks are beautiful too!


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