Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines,Eagles and Giveaways!

Hey there Cookies!  Happy Valentine's Day! This is a picture of a little Valentine I made last year using Pam Kitty Love fabrics and some old lace. I just love vintage Valentines, so when I first saw this line of fabric I had to have a few of the panels!
I  really do think yall are Swell! So I made a special one to remind me of all my bloggie friends! It is hanging on the wall by my machine. And this is the one I made for that handsome farmer hubby dude!
 This really does suit us to a "T"!
 Yall these were so fun to make! I think homemade Valentines are just so fun and remind me of my early school days! (Ok I just made myself sound ancient!) Anyway,  I just love Pam Kitty Love fabrics. The Fat Quarter Shop has a little Pam Kitty Love remaining in their shop and at 50% off! Woohoo! And they have her newest line "Pam Kitty Picnic in stock! OH MY GOODNESS! This is THE most adorable fabric I have ever seen and what I told my hubby I wanted for Valentines Day several weeks ago! So Pam Kitty Picnic is my scrumptious Valentine!
Cute doesn't even begin to cover it!

  The panel is adorable! I have no idea what all I will be making with these! I made a Civil War Sampler with Pam Kitty Love! So, I will be just sitting here staring and petting them for a while, well, probaly all day!They sure have sweetened up my day!
And I wanted to tell yall about some Eagles that are about to hatch their eggs! And YOU CAN WATCH!
Yay! Berry College in Rome Georgia (hour or so south of me) has set up a Web Cam to watch their nest! The Eagle pair first started building the nest in March of 2012. They returned in October of 2012 and started repairing and refurbishing their huge dwelling!  They hatched their babies in January of 2013 and now they have returned and these babies are due to start hatching any day! You can see the daddy bring food to the mama and they take turns sitting on the eggs! Here is the link for the live video stream:
Berry College Eagle Cam. They have stayed right there during all the snow falling on them, keeping those eggs warm. There is a nightlight so you can even see them at night! I have been keeping it running on my computer and just check it every time I happen to walk past. I hope I get to see the babies hatch and take flight! I hope yall do too!
 And I wanted to remind everyone that today is the last day to sign up for my "Grow Your Blog Hop" giveaways! There are two and the winners will be announced tomorrow. You may sign up HERE!
Also my one year blogging anniversary will be in a few days and I will be having a couple of very nice giveaways so be on the lookout for that!
Happy Valentines Day! Yall are Swell!
Be sure to let me know if you see the eaglets hatching!
xo jan


  1. if Berry is one hour south of you then i am one hour and 30 minutes south of you, nice to meet you i blog at 'wont-to-bequilter'

  2. Happy Valentine's day! I love me that PKM too!

  3. You are right, happiness does come from these valentines. Her new line is so fun and colorful. Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Love your fabric! And that eagle video is really something. Will have to check it often!

  5. Pam Kitty Morning is the most darling fabric I have ever seen! Love all the bright prints and vintage animals. So cute....Reminds me of the nostalgic old Valentines.
    Happy Valentine's Day everyone.


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