Monday, March 17, 2014

The Ruffle Hop winner is.........

Well I didn't pull a number out of St Paddy's hat, but I did use Mr Random to pick us a winner of

The Windsor Lane jelly roll and Easter Ribbon . The winner is:

Number 37 is: Michele TMarch 12, 2014 at 9:13 AM
Lily and Missy are a hoot with the ruffly scarf... OMG!! Adorable!!! You must have so much fun on your farm!! Thanks for the fun post and sharing in the hop!
Congratulations Michele T! I will be emailing you for your mailing address! And Thank you to everyone for their fun and sweet comments. It is always so much fun to share happenings around the farm and  Miss Lily was so sweet to pose for those pictures for me! 
I hope everyone enjoyed National Quilting Day yesterday and had the opportunity to do a little stitching.

I did not get to sew any but I did get to knit a little:

This is Rowan-Kaffee Fassett yarn from a couple of years ago. I forget the color name. It is Mohair and silk and lighter than one of Lily's feathers! I had started this scarf awhile back when that handsome farmer hubby dude got hurt in the corn picker and I needed something mindless to keep my hands busy and my heart still.
Well, I found it smooshed down in a bag that I had carried to the hospital. I had totally forgotten about it. You can see that the skein of yarn is smooshed, but it has been knitting up beautifully. Hopefully I will have it finished pretty soon. It will be the perfect lightweight spring scarf. I love the rich and vibrant colors.

I hope everyone has a fun and sweet St. Patrick's day. My daughter is very good at finding four leafed clovers! She just looks down and picks one ! I can search until my neck hurts and never find one!
Have a great day yall! And good luck hunting for those four leafed clovers!

  xo jan


  1. Woo Hoo!! So excited to have won this yummy jelly roll and cute ribbon!! Thanks so, so much!!! Today is indeed my lucky day!!

  2. Congratulations to Michele!

  3. Congratulations Michele T. Sew much fun to see Ruffles which is Fabric Smiling.

  4. well done Michele a great jelly roll to win

  5. I have never found a four leaf clover. My dad would be walking along, back up, and pick one out of a cluster of clover. I don't think any of his three children ever acquired that knack. He could do it in the yard or out on the farm. I was always so frustrated that I couldn't find one. Thanks for the memory - I hadn't thought about that it a long, long time.


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