Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hay fields and Honeycombs......

 The last few days have found me away from my computer, away from my sewing machine, away from the kitchen and even away from my end of the county. A few days back we headed up to the north end of the county to the hay fields.
Lawd, but I love to go to this particular field! Some of yall may remember last years post about the Glory Clouds!

 Being out here is pretty much like magic!
 It helps you to find your way.
Makes you remember who you are.
 Gives a soul time to think,
 plum fills your heart with joy!
Not to mention rejuvenates the spirit and gets those creative processes flowing.
Why even my dog loves to go,

I always feel a little bit of relief every time we haul a load of hay to the house.

It amazes me how just a few miles makes a difference in the fields. We haven't had near as much rain at the house on the pastures as there has been on the hay fields..
Dust kickin up, fly swattin, sweat pouring heat!  No wonder my eyes just soaked up all that green grass and blue sky! I love the sweet smell of that golden brown hay!  It always tickles me when we are headed out of the hay field and back toward the house because we have to pass a few different pastures and we always have cows mooing and horses whinnying at us as we drive by when they get a whiff of that hay!

 And Missy LOVES to sit on top of a roll of hay! I guess she feels big as a mountain up there. She is only about 10" tall. The hay is 5 1/2 feet tall.

I love the golden brown color of this cuttin of hay. We cut it during the light of the moon so its golden bright!

Libby and some of the others line up at the fence as we come up the driveway with the hay!
She's always throwing that nose up and those big ears up. 

Libby's daddy, Quinto, heads to the gate because he knows we will put a fresh roll into the hay ring for them to nibble on. He's a big baby, 'bout 2300 lbs worth. 

All that hard work tuckered little Missy out. I had to wake her up when we got home,

I also feel a huge sense of relief when that handsome farmer hubby dude gets down off the top of the hay and gets it unloaded and safely into the barn. Now another 150 or so rolls to go and we should be in pretty good shape for winter. I am trying to see the barn as half full instead of half empty !

All that time in the pretty green field with that gorgeous deep blue sky had me thinkin about some honeycomb blocks. So today I went out and sat down at the table near Libby's pasture where I usually sit and run water and talk to her and the other cows and made this pretty little stack. 

And this block , 
Option 1?

Option 2 ?

Or Option 3?

That darker blue makes me think of raindrops.
These dang things are so much fun to play around with.
 Then I decided to make a hay stack block

Option 1?

option 2?

Option 3 ?

 or Option 4 ??

 I don't know why I haven't used much yellow before. I really love yellow in a quilt, but my stash is slim on it. I'm pretty sure I will be using more of it in the future. And I know every time I look at these blocks, regardless of which layout I choose, that I will remember my time in the hay fields. 
 I'll be listing a few of these blocks in my ETSY shop. 
Yall, I hope you get the chance where ever you are to see some Glory Clouds
Glory Clouds 2013

Or if you get a chance you can go back and look at this post. It does a soul good to connect with this glorious Earth that we call home.
Have fun yall!
 Get yourself excited and make something spectacular!
xo jan


  1. I love your farm life stories! These squares are so beautiful.

  2. Jan, as usual, your designs leave me breathless! I love ALL of them! Hope to see you in Jasper soon!

  3. If I can vote:) I like option 3 on both blocks. What fun. And yes, isn't it a good feeling to have hay in the barn? I always like the look of the meadows after the hay is picked up too, like giant lawns all freshly mown.
    Have a beautiful day.

  4. Love your thoughts, pictures and seeing the world through your eyes. Our lives are so busy so often that we forget to pause and take in all the beauty God created, just for us! You now have me thinking about viewing my surrounding in a way that will inspire my blocks, thank you. Love your pictures, thanks for sharing. As usual your blocks are beautiful, you inspire me every day.

  5. Thank you for sharing your pictures, Jan. There is nothing like taking a moment to enjoy the beauty our Father has given to us. I think it makes us appreciate everything so much more.

  6. Jan,

    I just returned home Wednesday (scheduled to return home Tuesday and was weather delayed in NY at JFK and missed my connection on home) from a trip to England. I met a lady who is paper piecing a Lucy Boston quilt. As soon as I get her email address from the trip (the tour coordinator is on another tour and has not sent out the participant emails yet), I will send you her email address. I told her about your wonderful blocks and she is excited to see yours. Bonnie Hunter was on the trip with us and she gave each of us a paper piecing hexie kit. I didn't get mine finished. When I went to sew my first two pieces together, I did not have right sides together. OOPS! Now, I can say I have been introduced to EPP. I'm excited for you and Delores to meet with your interest in Lucy Boston.

  7. OhMaGosh Jan - you are just so fortunate to spend time in those fields, with those glorious clouds and greens... And burning off all those calories! Hahaha... But seriously - thank you for sharing with us - makes me yearn to hay again... Your blocks are beautiful and I'm thinking Option 2 and Option 1 catch my fancy - but they are all beautiful! Hugs, Karen

  8. What a wonderful post Jan! Those are indeed "glory clouds"! What an amazing and wonderful life you live on a farm, I cannot image what that is like! And oh your cows are so sweet, what I would give to rub those sweet ears against my cheek! I have a brother in Effingham County, next time I visit I will have to come see you, too!

  9. I just love contests. Please enter me! TY


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