Monday, October 13, 2014

A flop is a flop is a flop.....

     Do you ever make something and it turns out to be a flop? That is how I feel about this block.

  I actually cut it incorrectly. I had intended the block to be ( working from the outside to the middle) brown floral, white floral, brown floral, red floral, cream background and then the center fussy cut red rose. IF I have enough fabric after all the blocks are made, I will remake this one! Yep! All 60 seams :)!

 So to make myself feel better I went ahead and made another block. This one I love :)!

I haven't used plaids much before, but I think I am loving plaids with florals and polka dots!
 So tell me, have you ever made a flop? Did you leave it or re-make it?
Happy or Happier Stitching yall!
xo jan


  1. Your "flop" is just a bit busy, Maybe adding white between the white floral and red floral will save it, They look a little bit busy next to eachother right now. The colours are gorgeous though and very accurate piecing.
    If it is any consolation, the flying geese is absolutely fantastic!
    P.S. I make flops every week. I give them to my sister and my mum.

  2. My flops usually go unfinished. As soon as I realize it;s going to be a flop - file 13.

  3. I have a few in one of my bins Jan, it happens to us all, I'm sure :) I bet you could make a pillow or something out of this and it would be just fine though.

  4. I call it "creative license". Orphan blocks can find life in another project. Make a zipper pouch out of it and send to me. ; )

  5. Sometimes, flops are the best kinds! I've actually used flops instead of remaking them. If you hadn't mentioned it, I would have never known that you made a mistake.

  6. Nah, I don't remake flops. They become blocks for a charity quilt, after all, the only one that knows it didn't come out as planned is me!!

  7. Rosemary B here
    I save everything, lol even my flops. Some I take apart because I am OCD and others I might cut up and use parts of it, like for a decoration on some thing... Hard to explain, but yeah, if it is just ugly, I un sew ASAP
    I love your second block
    Plaid is cool.
    I hope all is going so great on the farm <3

  8. Oh yes - been there, done that! One of my first quilts was a flannel quilt for my DIL. I was so excited - it was going to be beautiful! Except it wasn't. I thought I had to scrap it and start over, but my husband saved the day, suggesting that I add some unifying color to the center of each block. Voila! I couldn't believe it was even the same blocks - they were transformed into a beautiful, cohesive quilt! He's a gem in more ways than one :) I am sure you will find the perfect way to remake your "flop" too, and it will be even more special because of the history behind it.

  9. Absolutely I have made flops! And I am never gracious enough to just chuck them.... I always figure I can fix them. In fact I have received flops from other people in swaps and have tried to fix them - sometimes successfully. I love your second block.


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