Sunday, November 2, 2014

Books and a Beanie...

Hey yall! I hope everyone is staying nice and warm. We have had below freezing temps and snow on the mountain! I took this photo the first day of November from a friends hay field. When the hubby told me we were going to start hauling 70 or so rolls of hay home, I was very happy to know that I would be the one driving the truck, where it was nice and warm!

I carried some yarn and a crochet hook with me since I have been struggling with carpal tunnel again with my right wrist/hand. I can crochet and knit, but it really hurts to hold a needle and hand sew!

I love this yarn. It is a very warm acrylic blend. Since I lost my hat last year to a fresh cow patty, I don't like to use good yarn for wearing around the farm, just in case a cow patty claims another one. I really think that my color choices whether I am sewing or crocheting is highly influenced by my surroundings. However, the color name of this yarn is "Teddy Brights"! ha!

 Missy was very intent on supervising my progress! Or maybe she was counting stitches :)!

At least for a little while......

Then I think the warm sun shining into the cab while the wind was howling outside was just too much! I lost her quick! Sleeping on the job. Snoring too!

About the time hubby had the load ready to take home, I was making good progress on my beanie.

  And on a totally unrelated note, I wanted to show y'all this old home that we pass by on our comings and goings.

Isn't it gorgeous? Look at those triangular windows up top! It seems like I should know the history behind this house, but I can't recall it. I will definitely have to look it up.
    When we returned for the 2nd load, I decided to give my hand a rest and finish up a book that I was reading.

. This is "The Funeral Parlor Quilt" by Ann Hazelwood. It is the third novel in the Colebridge Community Series. The first and second books in the series are "The Basement Quilt" and "The Potting Shed Quilt". Now I want to say that I have mixed feelings on exactly how much I want to say here about these books. I am not an experienced book reviewer but I would give all three of these 4 stars. If you go to Amazon and look at the reviews there, you will find everything from 5 stars to 1 star!.The series begins with introducing you to the local florist, Anne Brown, in the small town of Colebridge and her extended family that gather to finish a quilt. There are some very repetitive phrases used throughout the books, especially the first novel, that are mildly annoying. I do not like to analyze why an author uses certain phrases, repetitive or not. Maybe that phrase holds certain memories for the author and she is just wanting to share. I certainly did not let simple over usage of a phrase or incorrect grammar deter me from enjoying what I think is a very well written set of events that brings you into the fold of the community within Colebridge.After all, The Basement Quilt is Ann Hazelwood's first novel!
  Now the books are set up as a SERIES! Someone actually wrote in a review that the books "left you hanging". I did not feel like either of the first two books ended badly.They could be stand alone books.  However, the third book, The Funeral Parlor Quilt, does leave you hanging. And at a crucial point! This, I did not like. It is like one of those movies where something happens right at the end and you don't know the outcome. It kinda leaves you aggravated, for lack of a better word.
  I also want to mention that the series has some "Supernatural" events going on that some reviewed as making the books unbelievable. Ya know, I am one of those people that kinda believe in "Live and let live". Once again this is an issue that did not deter me from enjoying this series. I think the author did a very good job in making the reader feel the attachment that "Anne Brown" feels to the supernatural powers within the books.
  Now all that being said, I have enjoyed reading each of these novels and I have already ordered the fourth in the series, The Jane Austen Quilt Club and the fifth The Ghostly Quilts on Main! From the first book to the third, I often found myself searching for my book. Whenever a book makes me feel like I know the characters personally and I can't wait to see what they are up to next, then I count it as a good book. It's been a while since I carried a book (s) around with me everywhere I went, but I have with this series. I just hope Amazon hurries and gets the next two to me quick! I need to know what happened!

After I finished my book, I finished my Beanie!

Ain't that color gorgeous!

 Yeehaw! for a warm noggin!
And no wise cracks about my gray  silver hair!
Time to head home!
Y'all, thanks so much for stopping by! I know my blog has been rather quiet lately but it really does hurt to type much. Hopefully my wrist/hand will improve soon.
Happy stitching and reading dear friends! 
xo jan
PS. I forgot to mention, these books are published by American Quilters Society and each book has a link for a quilt block pattern! Free! You Can't beat free :)!


  1. Oh, my,,,thanks so much for the great book I want to go order the whole series. And the beanie is adorable-!!! Hope your wrist feels better soon!

  2. Interesting post Jan. Sorry to hear about your carpel tunnel but great that you can still do some craft and read! The yarn you used matched the hay perfectly!! Gorgeous. Good to see you snatching the moments to crochet. Sounds like I will have to look out for these books.

  3. good to see the hay is in before the snow arrives. Carpel muscle is a problem, I have a problem with my right hand not wrist, big lumps under the ring and small finger but they will do nothing until the fingers are really bent, my sister lives in Australia and has had hers operated on and have a brother whose is much worse than mine, sorry I have prattled! The beanie will keep you nice and warm and your four legged friend looks to be loving his warmer

  4. Your beanie looks great on your LOVELY hair! I earned every darn gray/silver hair I have...and I bet you have too ;) LOL. Glad you got your hay in.

  5. Love the beanie and your hair is is actually silver and gold. Ha! Have a great week.

  6. My daughter had carpal tunnel surgery on both wrists --- probably 14-15 years ago and has had absolutely no trouble since then. She's not a quilter/stitcher, but I do believe that if I ever develop carpal tunnel, I will certainly consider the surgery. ;-)

    I know Ann Hazelwood! Ok, not personally ... she used to own a quilt shop in a town about 45 minutes away. I used to shop more frequently at the sister shop that sold counted cross stitch because I didn't quilt as much (I was working full time and just didn't have the time to devote to quilting), but I always stopped in the quilt shop while there. She came and spoke to our quilt guild in September, but alas, we were in Hilton Head at the time. I'm definitely going to have to order her books. Thanks for your review.

  7. Hi Jan. So sorry to read your hand is hurting. Your beanie is lovely. I think if my hat fell into a cow patty (or had a cow patty land on it) that would be the end of that hat for me too. There would be no attempting to save it. My Dad would try to save it. (Daughter shakes head in disbelief and clucks under her breath...) I have lots of "silver" hair and I just turned 40. A woman in a shop this summer referred to my five year old daughter as my granddaughter and that still smarts when I think about it. I must have the silver hair from being an army wife... we have a lot to worry about. ;) Take care!

  8. Rosemary B here
    I love the photos you share. What a beautiful view. That house looks like The George Marshall House in Leesburg Va
    I think Missie is a doll!
    I hope you can get your carpel tunnel fixed up. Do you have a good hand surgeon?
    Sometimes a shot of cortisone works for temporary
    I have Dupuytrens contracture in my right hand. It is just starting. Isn't getting decrepit fun?
    Your hair is gorgeous!

    1. Oh thank you for the reviews of these books
      Poor writing irks me, but I can get through it if the story is good

  9. I bought Jodie Barrows first fiction book (it's based on her family, but still fiction) when she spoke at our guild. I can't even finish it. Apparently, she doesn't know what an adverb is. I got so disgusted with the lack of their use and the need for them that I just put the book away. I don't know if she has published any more in the series or not. As far as I'm concerned that was wasted money. A friend was going to borrow it and I told her it wasn't worth her time and she said to forget about looking for it. So, I did. I bought one of her quilt books since I already had her square in a square tool - somewhere. Obviously, I haven't made anything out of the book yet. There are some beautiful quilts in the book. I don't regret buying the quilting book. I'm sorry that it hurts to type. Your beanie is adorable and no comments about the hair. I have the same issue. I'm just thankful I have hair. Eleven and half years ago, I was balder than any man at my daughter's wedding. I was going through chemo and wanted to just wear a scarf and hat for her wedding. Nope, she wanted me to wear a wig. So, I bought a wig. I looked great in the wig. I just hated the thing on my head. I gave it to a lady who had brain surgery (she never even thanked me for it! - I don't think she even knows who gave it to her.) I was glad to get rid of it. I just had a breast mass removed a week and a half ago and there was no sign of cancer. So, I am happy, happy dancing. It was from the same breast - very close to where I had my breast cancer tumor. I'll be praying for your wrist. I hope no cow patties claim this beanie. When I was in college, the local vet came for annual castration time when I was home one weekend. Of course, it was raining. I went one way and the calf dodged and I lost my footing and I went down in the manure. I had hair to my waist. The young vet just laughed and laughed. When we got done, I got in the back of the truck (at my grandparents) and went home and went to the cellar and hosed off in the laundry tubs. My clothes went right in the washer and I went upstairs right to the bathtub (we had no shower).

  10. Love the shades in your hair frankly, it looks really pretty! and the yarn matches it perfectly - as well as the hay lol
    I have had both hands operated on, simple day surgeries, fast and straight foward little ops that completely cleared my carpel tunnel problems and pain. I recommend it, dont leave it too long to get it sorted or you can further damage the areas by leaving it.
    The most painful thing - in a way - is when they elevate your arm and tornique it first off and that lasts for a minute or so thats all, your imagination can make far more of it, than there is!.
    They chat away to you, taking your mind off it and your wrist and forearm are strapped up for 10 days, after which the stitches come out. A doddle honestly.
    I stitch, knit and sew by hand when before I couldnt hold a phone, hold the steering wheel or a book up for long, without pins n needles and the pain would wake me during the night.
    Like the idea of the books but will see if I can find one to browse through and see if I could tolerate the style of writing I think before I buy lol

  11. I love all your pictures and your stories. I am so sorry that your pain is keeping you from doing certain things. I am praying that improves quickly. Love your choice in yarn, colors are beautiful. Didn't know you are a reader, I wish I enjoyed it, I can't sit still long enough to read a sentence!

  12. Ah Girlfriend -- I'm sorry you're having trouble with your sewing hand. Gosh that stinks. I'm sending some positive energy your way and I hope that gets fixed up soon. We love to see your beautiful hand work. Love the beanie -- so cute and the little pooch -- so sweet. Thanks for the shout-outs lately and for your vote. You're always good to me. Hugs, Karen

  13. What a fun day out gathering hay!! Your beanie is darling and your puppy even cuter!! And smart - I would probably have been napping in the warm sun too!! Hope that wrist gets better!! Lots of love!! :-))

  14. I found your blog through "Count it all Joy". I really like the hat you made. It looks really warm. Thanks for the book info. I had never heard of this author. They are now on my "to read" list.


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