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Bottles, Babies and Lucy Boston

Hey yall!
Autumn is hard upon us although it seems more like mid winter especially for those of you in the Northern United States. All the hay is home and in the barn which brings a sigh of relief although we have approximately 100 less rolls than last year. So we will either be selling alot of cows or hauling more hay when we can find it at a reasonable price. Usually those with bountiful hay figure out that they have too much around January and will start selling some off. So we are fine for now. We were getting the equipment ready to start picking corn when we had a few stumbling blocks arise. The first was these two:
This brother and sister pair were born November 9th. Their mama suddenly passed away on the 11th. The vet said he thought it was a blood clot. We had just fed her and less than an hour later she was gone. And the babies just 2 days old. Early the next morning I took off to the feed and seed to buy a 50lb bag of milk replacer (formula) and a new bottle and 2 new nipples.
The bottle on the left is probaly 20 years old. I think it is a "Sealtest". 
The good news is that these two are doing great. They are so much fun. I have become their new mama. They come running as soon as they hear my voice or see me. 
Please excuse the no makeup, farm clothes and my pink fuzzy socks! These rascals are rambunctious! The little girl has the red tinted hair on the right. I was so worried the first few days especially because of the Artic blast we had and them being newborns. Their umbilical cords still haven't fell off. I tried to upload a cute video of these two but blogger would not let me. You can view it on face book  here.
  After losing their mama, we had a young heifer( 2 yrs old) get injured at the hay ring. The vet was here again today and we are pretty sure her leg is broken. We are not giving up on her yet though. We have pain medications and she is eating and drinking well. The vet didn't give us a good outlook for her though. 
  Then if that wasn't enough, we had this little girls mama prolapse 4 days after she was born:
Usually if a cow is going to prolapse, they will either do so before calving or when they calve. Not 4 days later. So the vet showed up again and we put her back together and sewed her up with a few stitches. She should be fine now. The stitches will have to come out in a couple of weeks. Her daughter is a gorgeous smoky, silver gray!
 She is half Black Angus and half Braunvieh.
   So that's the farm report this week. Other than I wanted to show yall a picture of Gracie:
Gracie has started following me to the barn from the house, especially when I go out to feed the twins. I think she has her eyes on those bottles!
  I also wanted to share about our  "I Love Lucy International Bee". We ended up with 10 members instead of 12. These are the beautiful blocks that I received from my Bee mates this past year: (with a couple of my blocks). Each member gets to chose their color and style preference. I requested florals.
I think everyone did a fantastic job! It was so much fun and I am really looking forward to round 2. We decided with the upcoming holidays to take a break and start Round 2 in January 2015. I am hoping that this down time will also give my Carpal tunnel time to get better. I am really concerned because it seems to be getting a little worse instead of better. I think that wrestling with those twin baby calves everyday is keeping it irritated. I have been having to glue bast honeycombs for my blocks for my Etsy shop,  Featherweight Quilt Company as I can't hand sew right now.  If you are interested in joining our Bee, please let me know. We would like to have at least 2 more , possibly 3 if my hand doesn't get better, members. If you are interested in joining our group, just send me an email and I will tell you more about it. My email is on the right side bar with the little mailbox and I will get back to you asap.
 Yall, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It is my favorite time of year. I love to try to give back in some way during this time, so be on the lookout for some upcoming giveaways. I had planned on having a sew along but things around the farm has kept me pretty busy lately. Maybe in the very near future we can get around to that. So in the meantime, I hope that everyone is staying warm and safe and that you are enjoying your Autumn and finding a little time to sew. 
  Happy Stitching yall! Keep your fingers crossed for me and the little ones and the other two. Hopefully all the problems are done for a while around here!
Thanks for stopping by yall!
 xo jan


  1. I love baby calves ... they have such sweet faces! All of the POTC blocks are just gorgeous!! :)

  2. All the calves are so sweet -glad to ear the twins are coming along ok. Your blocks are just amazing - love them too. Thanks for the update and Happy Thanksgiving. Hugs, Karen

  3. Jan - Your new babies are all beautiful. I am so sorry about the twins' Mom and the young heifer. I didn't notice your pink socks until you mentioned them but I did notice your new handmade beanie!! Looks great and very warm!! And your POTC blocks are wonderful!! And Gracie is saying, "Gee mom, how did you find me here in the garden, can't you see I am camoflaged??"

  4. Jan, the babies are so beautiful and you are doing great. Being an animal momma is always a difficult task, I was kitten-, falcon-, mice-, chicken and mice-momma :-)
    And I also enjoyed soooo much this lucy bee round, I am looking forward for the next round!
    Hugs from Switzerland

  5. So sorry about the difficulties on the farm. I know that's a part of farm life, but it doesn't make it any easier. The twins are lucky to have you taking good care of them. Don't forget to take care of yourself too and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Awww, such cuties! Sorry about your farm troubles. I hope the rest the year is good to you!

  7. Rosemary b here:
    Those twins are adorable. What a lot of fun for you and your helperkitty Gracieblossom
    I know it was heartbreaking to lose the mama, and have another injured and in bad shape. You
    have your hands and heart full.

    These blocks are amazing
    Stay healthy and warm!

  8. Jan, Please tell me more about the Lucy Boston Bee. I might be interested. I don't know yet. I don't want to over commit for the year for any certain period of time.
    The twins look great. Wow! What a time on the farm. We almost always had part Black Angus as the neighbor had Black Angus and we used her bulls most of the time. They were mean sons of guns but great calves. We had dairy cows and would raise a steer for beef when we needed it. My sister-in-law has a dog named Gracie. There was a single old lady in the neighbor named Gracie. She had no modern conveniences - she still had gas lights in the house. I honestly don't know if she had running water or not. She always rode the bus that ran between towns as long as it ran. My SIL's dad always looked out for her. She lived next to the parsonage and offered to provide the grape juice for communion. You guessed it - it wasn't grape juice any more. The young guys had to make a quick trip to town for grape juice. lol Thanks for the grape juice and hope your carpal tunnel is better. Prayers.

  9. While it's so much fun for me to see your baby calves I can only imagine how much work this is for you! Farming is not for sissies.... Your blocks are beautiful - it's giong to be a stunning quilt. blessings, marlene

  10. Aren't those babies the cutest things you have seen? I grew up on a farm so I know the difficulties that can arise. I am really sorry about their mother. I know they will be taken great care of by you. It will be a lot of work, but very satisfying. As Marlene said-Farming is not for sisses. Take care and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  11. Great pics and your POTC blocks are fabulous.Hope you have a speedy recovery.Warm wishes!

  12. Way too many vet visits to your farm, but your little ones are so cute. Love your POTC blocks they are lovely. Get to feeling better.

  13. So fun to see the calves. You are busy! Beautiful blocks

  14. Those calves are beautiful--growing up on a dairy farm I have fond memories of bottle feeding babies. Watch out for the head butts!

    Your Lucy pieces are looking great


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