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Aurifil Mini of the Month! January 2015

Hi everyone!
    I am super excited to share this post.  This year Aurifil is offering a FREE Mini Quilt of the Month pattern instead of the usual BOM. And they have an awesome lineup of Designers to share their talents with us! You can read more about this year's Designers here.
   January 2015 Designer is Gudrun Erla of GE Quilt Designs! And this is her Mini Quilt "Flurry" for January 2015!
"Flurry" by Gudrun Erla

Sooooo adorable right? I love that Gudrun used red and white in honor of her Scandinavian roots. It looks just like a giant snowflake! It finishes at 15" too! So cute!
   Well after seeing this, I had to jump on the Aurifil Mini of the Month Bandwagon too! But what will I do with 12 Mini quilts? I think they will make terrific gifts to have on hand for gifting! I plan on making them using different fabrics each month. That way I will have an assortment of styles of Mini Quilts ready for gifting to all my friends and family.
  So, here is my January 2015 Aurifil Mini:

 Who says you can't have a Leopard Print Snowflake?
The Leopard print is from Anna Maria Horner and I used Kona cotton for the black background. I love, love how this turned out. And I have a recipient in mind for it already.  This block is definitely a lot easier than it looks. I usually have a hard time sewing anything under 2 inches. I decided to use a Fons and Porter glue stick instead of pins to hold those little 1 1/2" squares. I simply applied a T shape with the glue pen in the corner staying away from the sewing line. After the little squares were sewn on, I just snipped the corners with the dab of glue off, leaving a 1/4 seam allowance. It worked great! I may have to try this in other areas where I need pins.

  This little mini "Flurry" was so much fun to piece! I can't wait to get it quilted and finished up. I am still trying to decide whether to use Black binding or the Leopard print. Which would you choose?

 It is not too late to join in the fun. You can find the patterns each month on Auribuzz! Or you can sign up to receive their newsletter here!
Happy Stitching yall!
xo jan


  1. I love that leopard print! Thanks for posting about these mini-quilt patterns.

  2. Very cute, both Gudrun's and yours!!

  3. Great job! Neat sewing and I love the fabric you chose

  4. Ohhh so cute! I recently bought and used AMH for the first time and amazed at it :) As for binding hmm black? Else the leopard binding might detract from the main snowflake

  5. It looks great. I always think of binding as an extra, narrow border, so I'd use the leopard print.

  6. Hi Jan. Just read a great tutorial on spray basting a quilt from Jasmine at Quilt Kisses. Thought of you:
    and your barn quilt. Love your mini. I've seen a few floating around the 'net, might have to get involved for (another) project. See? This is how UFOs happen!!!


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