Saturday, January 17, 2015

Jack Frost and Valentines.....

On my way to the barn this morning I became sidetracked by a visit from Old Jack Frost and had to go back and grab my camera.  

I love frost on pine needles. I especially enjoyed this little clump of weeds sparkling and shining like fiery, iridescent opals under the early winter sun!

 I missed getting a photo of the deer. I could see their steamy breath and hear them snort as they cautiously crossed the field below the dirt road that leads out to the main road. I waited, hoping for a glimpse of them until my fingers and nose was so numb that I could no longer feel them. Then I went back to the house, warmed up and headed back out to the barn.
  I am not a huge fan of winter, but it does have it's moments. I have also been working on some blocks for Valentines! I think these would make an adorable table runner!

  I really adore the Dresden Heart which is 10" and the Plaid POTC block.  I also started making some in Pink!  It would be cute to combine the red and pink blocks together.
 They would also be cute as Fabric Valentine Cards and Mug Rugs!

  These block kits plus the pattern for the Dresden Heart are listed in my ETSY shop.
     Have you started any Valentines Day  sewing?
Happy Stitching ya'll! Stay warm!
xo jan


  1. Rosemary B here:
    Ooooh chilly frosty. Goodness we have all had our fair share of global warming, I declare!
    Here in the western part of Northern Virginia (just a mere 35 miles west of the Cesspool) it is, at present 31 degrees. Not too shabby. But the wind is bitter.
    I adore these all of these valentine themed creations. They are stunning. We love RED and LOVE. These are just so cute.
    I have not done any Valentine related activities in my office. I am just making stuff hahaha
    and hemming maternity pants for my daughter, and still taking care of my beloved parents.
    I have been able to bring my featherweight over there and piece a little one day when it was fricking freezing out, and dad was playing with his videos, and mom was just watching those amazing videos that dad made over the past 30 years. Incredible
    Happy New Year and Happy middle of January. Here we are, the days are getting longer, I am happy about that!

  2. Pretty photos! And can't wait to see your tablerunner :)

  3. On Friday morning, there was frost on my grass with a temp in the low 30s, and today I washed the car (on the front lawn to multi-use the water, of course!) in 73 degree weather. Gotta love Houston winters! Oh, and I had my own encounter with deer today, but it was a dead one with two buzzards perched on top - on the side of the main road near the house. Somehow, I think your encounter is preferable! Thanks for the gorgeous winter pics! Love to see it, but really glad I'm not there. I could not live any farther north (well, maybe Austin) and be comfortable. Kudos to everyone from Dallas northward; y'all are real troopers!

  4. The sun shining on frost in the morning is always a beautiful sight. The pinks combined with the reds ought to be gorgeous!

  5. Aaaaaah . . . love the POTC blocks in the reds!! Gonna have to travel over to the shop!! :)

  6. I love winter but considering I live in NE FL - there isn't much to winter except a short reprieve from the oppressive heat. What few freezing days we get - I am thrilled to get to wear all my handknits. Loved the photos from the farm. Cheers Mel


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