Friday, February 27, 2015

Mrs. Frosty visits the Farm!!

 Happy Friday yall! I hope everyone has had a great week! We had a little snowstorm, well a big snow storm for us!

I didn't venture outside much until it was all over.

Then I still didn't get very far from the house. But yesterday I was ready to go outside after being cooped up indoors for 2 days. I kept hearing a racket on my back porch so I opened the door to see what was making all the noise!

I was SO surprised to find a little snow lady busily sewing a quilt!

I told her she better hurry as her derriere was starting to melt on the warm porch! She was so cute with her little sparrow friend . We moved out onto what was left of the snow so she could finish her quilt.

I really liked her wardrobe full of sewing supplies and her little Holly Hobbie sewing machine. Of course she was using Aurifil thread! And I love her mini charm of "Be Jolly" from Moda and her Moda ear Muffs! 

She looks so happy with her little snips, large needle and warm scarf! 

So, did yall have any unexpected visitors stop by for a spell?  I sure will miss her when she is gone. Maybe she will leave me her little quilt!
Happy Stitching yall! Stay Warm! 
xo jan


  1. Love it, Jan!!! It's so pretty with the snow and your snowlady is adorable - and so productive!!! Have a happy weekend!

  2. Love it! thanks for sharing your new friend.

  3. LOL! She is cute and I hope she was able to get a lot done while she was there. It sure was pretty . I was beginning to think we weren't going to get any. We got about 3 inches the first that came through, then about 3 more yesterday. I didn't like that ice storm that we had though. You can't play in ice.

  4. Oh, how cute. You really did have some cabin fever, LOL!!

  5. Well you certainly maaged to entertain yourself during your snow day, lol! So cute

  6. I always enjoy reading your blog posts...but this one really was funny. I loved the snow lady and her quilting endeavors.


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