Friday, March 6, 2015

Farm Love Friday 3/6/15

" Oh,  Mr.Winter, although I love you and your cold beauty, you have outstayed your welcome!
 Your bleak skies, dreary rain and deep, mud laden paths reach out to sap all my strength. 
The cattle straggle along trying to keep their babies clean and away from your grasp.
 Take heed Sir.
Promises of Spring are all around.
She will cast you out
And You shall not prevail!"
jan manley


  1. Great post, Jan!! We missed winter (so far) here in Utah and my heart goes out to all of you who have been inundated with winter this year!! Spring is right around the corner, my friend!!

  2. I'm welcoming cooler weather and the winter time but not looking forward to the mud (etc!) that will come with it a bit later on! Love your photos :-)

  3. Well said! And the photos are lovely. Bring on Spring, please!

  4. Kind of like a Native American rain dance, but in reverse. Hope it works.


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