Thursday, June 25, 2015

Chain Piecing Log Cabin Blocks and LDFA !!

 Have any of you ever chain pieced Log Cabin blocks? I've had these pretty Autumnal fabrics for a while and finally decided to make Log Cabin blocks. I started with the red on the outer two strips, then thought maybe the brown would look better. I just couldn't decide. I decided to ask friends on facebook and the majority chose the red!
So I started chain piecing 4 blocks at a time!

This is a really neat You tube video that I watched!

It is really fun sewing! Until........... the UN-SEWING begins:

Yep, because when you pick up the incorrect strip/log to sew next - you sew it onto FOUR (4) blocks incorrectly instead of just one block!
 I was very happy  when I picked up Jack ( my trusty seam ripper) that I was using Aurifil thread. See that long piece of Aurifil. I took the seam out of all four blocks and didn't wind up with a million , kazillion tiny pieces of thread on both sides of my blocks. Just on the one side.The other side came off in one , long happy piece!  So Aurifil is great for sewing and Unsewing! :)

 Do those tiny pieces of thread drive ya'll crazy like they do me?
  Once I got over that catastrophe, I decided to switch things up and work on my Little Dresses for Africa!

 If you didn't read the last post, we are having a LDFA Sew Along with some great prizes like Gift Certificates from the Fat Quarter Shop ( yep 4 of them) and Aurifil thread boxes! I love my sponsors! They are always so generous! If you haven't joined in on the LDFA Sew- Along, it's not too late! You can find all the information here!
 And for those of you that have been wondering, Missy is doing much better. We are slowly, slowly weaning her off of the seizure medications.

The medications keep her so sleepy. It will take a couple of months to get her weaned off if we don't have any problems or symptons of the seizures returning!
  Thank ya'll for stopping by! Let me know if you have ever chained pieced blocks before and any helpful hints would be much appreciated! Hope ya'll are sewing a Dress or two along with us! There is a "Sew Along " button you can grab over on my right sidebar!
Happy Stitching!
Welcome to all my new friends and followers! Happy to have ya'll plowing along with us!
xo jan


  1. this looks so great, Jan.
    I have never made a log cabin block. -- I know, don't judge :-P
    I have been kind of busy
    Anyway, your blocks are marvelous and i love the video
    Missy is a sweet girl. I hope she comes off of the meds nice and easy

  2. My first quilt was a Quilt In A Day Log Cabin. It's chain pieced, just like that. I always switch patterns to use chain piecing and longer strips, if I can. So much faster and easier. And I also love Aurifil if I make a mistake. Easy to remove, but strong when you need it. But I'm still sad when I end up wasting the tread on a mistake.

  3. good to read Missy is doing well. Great log cabin blocks, watched the video, will have to wake the brain to workout what size strips are needed

  4. I love your log cabin blocks--such pretty fabrics!


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