Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A bit of Hope and the winners......

    Before we get to the winners, I want to say a great big Thank you to everyone that participated in our LDFA Sew-Along! We made a total of 28 Little Dresses and 1 pair of Boy Shorts! Woohoo! I know the 28 little girls and the little boy that receives these clothes will be so happy! 
     I have to be honest about something. At first I was kinda disappointed that we didn't have better participation . Especially from people that I think of as friends. I probably should not say that, but it is how I feel. HOWEVER,  that wise old farmer hubby of mine set me straight real quick! . He said "One dress is more than some of those children had two days ago! And you all made 28 dresses and a pair of shorts! That's 29 children that ya'll have helped!" You know what? He is so right!  That is 29 Children that we have helped have a little bit more dignity, a little bit more hope and maybe even given them a little boost in their self esteem!  So THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! I truly appreciate each and every item that ya'll made! 
      Little Dresses for Africa accepts clothing and monetary donations ( to get the dresses to their needed destinations)  year around! So if you haven't finished making all that you wanted to make, you still can. Or you can send what you have completed and then make some more. 
  So, now , guess what? We had 6 prizes and 6 participants (besides me)! So WOOHOOOOOOOO ! EVERYONE that participated gets a prize! Two will get Aurifil thread sets and four will get a $50.00 gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop!
 First up for the (4) Gift Certificates from the Fat Quarter Shop in no particular order (other than the way they came out of that handsome, farmer,  hubby dudes hat) is:
# 4. Five Little dresses for Africa aka Nia L.
# 6. 2 Little dresses aka Maryellen Mc.
# 1. Little Dresses aka Robyn M.
# 2. Sending Love aka Debbie B. 
For the 10 small spool collector box of Gleeful from Aurifil is:
# 3. Little Dress/Shorts aka Donna L.

And the for the Large 40wt Spool box of Arizona from Aurifil is:
#5. Lixie Dresses aka Alex Y.

 Congratulations ladies! I really appreciate your participation in the First Annual LDFA Sew Along at Sew and Sow Farm! I look forward to doing this again next year! I hope that ya'll had fun and that you all will enjoy your prizes! Debbie, Robyn, Maryellen and Nia please email me the email address that you would like to receive your Gift Certificate at and Donna and Alex I need a mailing address from both of you to send your threads. My email link is over on the right sidebar where the little mailbox is located!
 Thank you so much Aurifil and the Fat Quarter Shop for your generosity! 
Happy Stitching everybody!
xo jan



  1. I was a little disappointed in the participation level too, but as you said, we still have helped 29 kids! And I still have a few more to make, and I think some others said they were making more as well. Thanks so much for hosting this, and thanks for my awesome prize :)

  2. I would have loved to participate but due to the short notification, the quick leadtime and existing commitments on my plate I couldn't fit them in my schedule. With you planning this annually, a little heads up on the next event would be great. Congrats on 29 happy children!

  3. This was fun, and I'm so glad we've created 29 new items for the kids. That's awesome. Thanks for the gift certificate. I'm excited about getting some new stuff!

  4. Thanks for doing this. I hope to contribute in the future.

  5. Life happened!!! My good intentions are still on the cutting table, waiting to be cut!

  6. I hope to join you all next year...or I could get started as soon as my sewing room is up and running, then join you for the Sew Along! I 'll keep an eye out for the next Sew Along happening!

  7. I am so stoked that I actually won something. In the spirit of the sew along, I will use it to get more supplies to make more little dresses. Seems only fair.

    I know life has a way of making priorities we didn't plan for, but I was surprised by the low participation. I did a LOT of blog surfing for ideas - and the pattern I used was the result of that.

    There are a lot of sewists who could whip out one of these dresses (with the pillow case version or the peasant dress version in a couple of hours - tops. So there must be a way to get the word out to more people next year. I'll do my part.

    (aka nia lorre)

  8. I am so sorry that I didn't get to link up.I ended up in intensive care fighting pneumonia and just now am able to post anything. I am so happy for all the winners and more so for the children who will benefit. Maybe you can do it again in six months or so and have twice the entries. Hope you won't mind me sending you pictures of the ones I did once I get released Thanks so much,Rina

  9. I'm sure next year as word gets out, more people will join in. How wonderful to bless the children in this way. Thanks for doing that

  10. Next time I will make sure to spread the word too! I just decided to join so late this time that I didn't share since I wasn't even sure I would be able to get things made in time. Perhaps with the next one, we can all drum up a blog hop or link party across multiple sites or something.

    From now on though, I have a super good excuse for buying yards of any cute sale fabric I see! It is for charity after all :)


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