Friday, July 31, 2015

Patchwork of the Crosses and a Sunflower

 Hi everyone! Although things have been really quite around the blog lately, I have been busy! We've been to the hay fields ( boy has it been hot!) , but mostly I've been trying to stay indoors as much as possible. I've made lots and lots of Patchwork of the Crosses blocks for the ETSY shop Featherweight Quilt Company. They have been really fun! I also put together some Halloween Hexagon kits and I have Patchwork of the Crosses Starter kits back in stock!
 I made my first attempt at an Autumn Wreath.

     I really, really dislike the center of my Sunflower even after I went back and fixed that one rogue piece on the right. I still want to use burlap but I am thinking about a smooth center. It was really fun to make and very easy! I can't wait to make a Christmas Wreath! ) Can you tell I am dreaming of cooler weather?)

 And somebody needs to tell this guy that it is NOT February and he needs to stay out of my Corn Patch!

I hope yall are staying cool and getting lots and lots of sewing done this summer!
 Thank you for stopping by!
happy Stitching!
xo jan


  1. your EPP is very pretty, have put some fabrics on the papers but not joined any together yet, find the hexes so much easier to do. Summer here too but unfortunately we are having lots of cool weather and more than enough rain would love some sunshine oh dear just heard the weather forecast more rain later toady!

  2. Fabulous Lotc designs and Halloween already? Eek lol
    Sunflower centre looks good!
    You could try a rag rug pulled thru centre maybe tho hessian is likely to split easily cut fine enough. Torn edged cotton fabric would work rag rug style.
    You could even pull out hessian threads and weave/stitch them in nobbly shapes in the centre?

  3. Not staying cool, not getting much stitching done either. But I was getting a lot of time with my sister, niece and her little ones. They just left this morning to go back to California after visiting my farm for the first time. I think I have some summer farm hands for the future! My grand-nephews were all about the chores we did every morning! They were rewarded with some fun horse back riding in the evenings when my daughter got off work. Fun times!


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