Saturday, August 22, 2015

"Sweet Salt Air", Goldenrod and Lucy Boston

  All summer I have longed to go to the beach just to get a breath of some sweet, salt air! We haven't taken a vacation from the farm in years. 65 +/- cows pretty much keeps us close to the house. So no wonder I was drawn to this book:

 Have you read any of Barbara Delinsky's books? This is my first but definitely will not be my last. I love to find new-to-me authors that I connect with their writing style from page one.  I think the characters and the location in which this book is based is what drew me to it. Not to mention the cover and title! Charlotte is a freelance travel writer, Nicole is a food blogger. They grew up best of friends spending their summers on an island off the coast of Maine, Quinnepeague. The story takes place years later when Charlotte returns to Quinnepeague to help Nicole write a cookbook ( which involves lots of herbs) . But they both hold secrets from the past, and little do they know, these are secrets that will change their lives forever. Then enters Leo Cole. A native of Quinnepeague with secrets of his own and a heart needing mended. If you like these type novels,( I call them "Easy Reads") then I highly recommend "Sweet Salt Air"!  Also, I recently became an Amazon affiliate and you can click on the book photo above to go to Amazon or the link on the right sidebar. ( Thank you for going through my link) If you do read it, I'd love to hear what you think.

   Although it has been an extremely hot summer for us and a very wet August,we have managed to spend some time in the hay fields!

 I was not expecting to see Goldenrod already starting to bloom:

I think the bumblebees are loving it though!

  And these are a couple of my latest Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses! ( You can find kits in my Etsy shop here.

Simple fabric but I think they made really pretty blocks. I am thinking about using them with my Bavaria fabric and Redwork blocks that I blogged about here!
 I found this vintage trim last year at an attic sale in an old coffee can. I later purchased these fabrics to go with it:

Then decided I would embroider some Dutch girls in Red work to go with the fabric and trim:

 I still have a few Dutch girls to finish, but I think all these need to come together into a quilt. For myself :)!
 I may make a few more Lucy Boston blocks using some of the Bavaria fabrics. These are not normally my colors but I really like how the Lucy Boston blocks turned out. Now if I could just improve on my embroidery. How can I have patience for English Paper Piecing and not have patience for embroidery? I guess I need to pull this project back out and finish it up. I really want to use this Vintage trim too!

We managed to get all the hay hauled home and put into the barn except for the last 8 rolls. It started raining before we got it home. Guess there will be some happy cows come morning!
Happy Stitching yall!
Thank you so much for stopping by and a HUGE WELCOME to all my new friends and followers!
Let me know if you have read any good books recently!


  1. Hi Jan, that is going to be one bright quilt! I just finished Violets of March by Sarah Jio, a new author for me. Review on my blog, I really liked it. I think I have read some Barbara Delinsky before, cannot remember the name of the novel, this new one looks interesting! Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. I love this combination of colors. These will all go together is a beautiful quilt. Your embroidery looks great, don't see what the problem is. Just dividing your time between all the fun things to work on. I have added embroidery back into my quilting time. It is so nice.

  3. Love your latest blocks! The colors are gorgeous. Do you have enough trim to use it as a border around a quilt made of these blocks?

  4. I am a huge fan of Barbara Delinsky. My favourite one is Shades of Grace. Every book I have read by her has been so good. I buy any book I see of hers at yard sales etc. I love your Bavarian fabrics. Would love to get some of those.


    1. I purchased the fabrics last year at Anna Lena's website. I think that is Karen Snyders. I will have to look for Shades of Grace. Thank you for the recommendation. xo jan

  5. I don't do a lot of reading. Happy cows indeed! Enjoy the last of summer

  6. I love your Lucy Boston blocks--such fun colors and clever fussy cutting!

  7. We had hay bales not hay rolls, yet seeing hay brings back fond memories of childhood on the farm. I thought I might also live there, but God had other plans for me. I love the Lucy Boston blocks. I have my paper pieces and acrylic template - they are still in a box - not even out of individual packages. Each time I see your blocks, I'm inspired mentally. I wish I could find patterns for the Dutch girls. My maternal grandfather was primarily Dutch. That would be a nice way to honor him. After my grandmother died when I was 19, he and I became very close. He went back to work for a company where I went to college - 75 miles from home. He'd wait until I was out of class on Friday and take us home for the weekend. Then on Sunday afternoon, we went back so he could go to work and I could go to classes. Spending all that time in the car with him was a good way to bond. After my grandmother had a stroke, my mom tried to find things to interest her. She got her some pillow cases to embroider and that was way beyond her ability then.

  8. beautiful lucy boston blocks and so wonderfully coordinated with your redwork and fabrics....


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