Thursday, December 24, 2015

It's finished!! Now I need a name!

Quilt Stats

Name: ???????
Fabric: Duck Dynasty Panel,DD fabric and scraps
Thread: Aurifil 4173
Batting: Warm and Natural
Size 83"x 85" 

Woohoo! I am so glad I was able to finish this quilt for the hubby before Christmas. Just in the Nick of time! I personally think that is where Old St Nick gets his name! And this was no small task since I only started it on December 21st! And since I totally made up the design as I went along. And it turned out wayyyy bigger than I had planned!

The fussy cut tumblers were really fun. I especially like the "Late and Dirty" one .It describes my hubby to a tee since he is usually coming from the Barn or hay fields!

I don't know if those Duck boys noticed, but there are some pretty colorful geese flying overhead! I don't use Cheddar fabrics enough. I really like the color it adds!

A very sweet friend, Chris, (actually she is an Angel), quilted it for me. I chose a Maple Leaf pantograph. I really love how it turned out!

I am not crazy in love with the backing but it was what I had on hand that wasn't pink or floral . It is flannel, which I love. So it will be warm and toasty in the truck!

I used Aurifil 4173, which was a perfect match . Overall I guess the quilt makes me Happy, Happy Happy! (especially that I finished in time for Christmas)

Now I need to choose a name. I didn't have time to make the label before I took it to Chris for quilting so I will just hand stitch the label to the back.  I was thinking maybe " Low Tech Livin' " or "Low Tech Life in a High Tech World". What do you think? Any Duck Dynasty fans out there? Any name suggestions? 

Merry Christmas dear friends! I am so grateful to have ya'll in my life. One of my New Year resolutions is to spend more time blogging! I hope each and everyone of you have a wonderful Holiday season filled with love,good health, friendship and joy! 

Merry Christmas ya'll!
xo jan
and Riley


  1. I have no idea what Duck Dynasty is other than a tv show, but given the name and the flying geese you added, how about "Duck, Duck, Goose"?

  2. My first thought for a name was Happy, Happy, Happy because that's something that the Phil says. Then I saw you mention it later in your blog. LOL

  3. LOL Perhaps Riley is actually thinking about licking some dishes, and dreaming about tiny hopping creatures.
    I love the quilt.
    I think it is completely amazing. I am busy baking and I am taking the time to comment lolol because this turned out so cool.
    I like Happy Happy Happy for the name like janarama
    Merry Christmas have lots of joy and fun

  4. "Men of the Cloth" is what I first thought when I saw it! Merry Christmas! Beautiful job!

  5. Merry Christmas about "Duck Quack" and hope that your family are blessed this holiday season with all your dreams....

  6. Happy
    I don't know the show but you are happy to have made it and happy how it turned out and your husband will be happy when he gets it and happy when he uses it to keep warm
    Happy .....well as many happys as you want one will be faster to write !

  7. Oh My, what a wonderful quilt. I am totally amazed that you got it finished.
    Your husband should so appreciate it. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Wishes for a great 2016.

  8. Awesome gift and quilt - well done on the mammoth effort getting it done. No idea of a name though...!

  9. Has that poor sewing sewing machine cool down yet? Great job. I can't believe it done either. It would take me that long to figure the dimensions. Have a Merry Christmas, not much left of it though. Have a safe and Happy New Year.

  10. I've been meaning to tell you how much I like your banner. So bright and cheery and just the right amount of country. Now just how did you get Riley to keep the sweet Christmas collar on? It would be in shreds at my house.


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