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Sew Simple Saturday Linky Party December 2015!

Hi everyone! Thank you for joining us for another Sew Simple Saturday. I have a fun and easy project this week! Braided Edge Fleece Blankets! Recently our local animal shelter asked the community for blankets to help with the dogs and cats at the local Animal Shelter and Humane Society. I LOVE , LOVE helping our community whenever I get the opportunity. During the Black Friday sale at Joann's Fabrics, no pill Fleece , normally $10.99 to 12.99 per yard, was on sale for under $3.00 a yard! SO I went a little crazy and bought 10 yards! (I had them cut each at 1 1/4" yards)  Now, I wish I had purchased more:.
  I could just hem the edges and send the blankets on their way, but I decided I wanted to make them a little extra cute. For each blanket I used a 1 1/4 yards.
  I have a few handy tips that makes this a fun and fast project!

First, choose your fleece and a coordinating thread! I ADORE using 12wt Aurifil with fleece. I chose a pretty variegated in color 4658. I also used a 100/16 needle.

Trim the selvages and cut about a 2" square off of each corner. This will eliminate some of the bulkiness when we hem the edges.

I chose a Blanket Stitch on my machine. Fold over the hem to about 2". (Same distance as the corner you cut out.) Now here's my tip: Instead of pinning the hem, I use a simple piece of cardboard the width of the hem as a guide. I just measure the turned up hem every so often with the cardboard. It helps me keep the hem even without having to measure or pin.

When you get to the corner, just fold over the hem and turn the corner. . You will have a raw edge on the 2" part that you cut out but don't worry about it now. I LOVE this Blanket Stitch using Aurifil 12wt! Look how pretty! Continue around all 4 sides.

Now you could just call it finished right here. Look how nice this edge looks!

But let's have a little more fun! Lay down the blanket and smooth down the hem. Then once again, cut out that corner. Be careful not to snip thru the seam.

Now, snip fringe all the way around the blanket approximately 1/2" wide intervals. I prefer to use my Karen Kay Buckley scissors. They have a serrated edge and grip the fleece so it doesn't slid away from the scissors. And they are very sharp and strong.

Or, and here is tip #2 - Use the top of your Shape Cutter ruler and Rotary cutter! And the slits are at 1/2" increments!  Woohoo!   Be sure the end of the cutting slit does not extend past your seam! Awesomesauce!

Be sure you have a fringe at the end and beginning of each side.

Continue around all four sides until you have Fringed the entire blanket.

Look how pretty. Now we could stop there and have a cute little blankie, but let's have some more fun and Braid those Fringed Loops!

I use a large Crochet hook, or you could just use your fingers. Start close to the end of one side an simply pull one loop through the next.

Continue up to the corner. The just grab the first fringe on the next side and keep going all the way around all four sides and back to where you started.

Then you will have one loop still on the hook. 

I just remove the hook and fold (hide)  the last loop into the next loop and hand stitch it into place with a needle and thread. 

And you are finished! 

Well, almost finished. You have to put a puppy on it to test it out!

Yep - works just fine! Now make another one! This one is for a kitty!

2 down and 6 to go! Woohoo!

Now I know I should have bought more fleece! I can't wait to deliver them. I hope I don't come home with a puppy though! 

So, I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial. I also hope you will consider donating a few blankets to your local Animal shelter.
This month the wonderful folks at Aurifil are gifting a beautiful set of 12wt  thread from the Splendor 1920's collection. This is so neat because I didn't realize this months prize was 12wt! I am so jealous of whoever wins this. My only spool of 12wt yellow variegated is getting mighty low!  

Look at these yummy colors! 

And that's not all, a second lucky participant will win a Gift Certificate form the fabulous folks at the Fat Quarter Shop!
 Shopping time! 

And, my ETSY shop , Featherweight Quilt Company, is donating a Mini Charm Christmas Hexagon Gift Kit to a third participant!! Woohoo! 

Now lets get this party started and link up your Sew Simple ideas, tips, techniques and tutorials!

Here are a few tips and guidelines!

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7. Be sure and stop by our sponsors , Aurifil  and Fat Quarter Shop, and let them know how much you appreciate their continued support and giveaways! They are the most awesome companies that truly love our community!

The Link-up will be available Saturday December 5th through 10:00 pm EST Sunday December 6th!

Please stop by and visit as many people as you can! And leave them some comment love!  Who knows what neat idea or tip you may come across!
Now,  Let's make some friends and let's PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you everyone for linking up! xo jan


  1. What a clever idea for the edges! Love this! Thanks for the linky and the great prizes. Off to visit the FQ Shop, although I just got a shipment from them, LOL!!

  2. Great tutorial and so much fun to do!

  3. Oh my goodness Jan I adore your tutorial and donation quilts. Love, love how you finish them with the Aurifil 12wt.... how ironic that I too included a tutorial that also uses Aurifil 12Wt thread -- I love working with it. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us -- and many thanks to your generous sponsors <3

  4. Beautiful idea!!!!!! Thank you for sharing. Your work is awesome

  5. THANKS again for your neat Blog! Really like your project for today! Thank You for sharing+giving as well ! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU + YOURS !

  6. Neat finish with the crocheted edges! Actually, you are right that this technique offers three options for nicely finished edges. Thank you for sharing, and for the fun linkup party!

  7. Linda - I tried to comment on your post in flickr but I couldn't get signed in. I LOVE your red and white quilt - That is really pretty! Thank you for sharing and linking up! xo

  8. How fun--I've never seen the braided edge before--very cool!

  9. What a neat finish for those edges! It looks much more complicated than it actually is. Thanks for the linky too...Heidi at Red Letter Quilts pointed me in your direction :)


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