Wednesday, January 20, 2016


It has become a popular trend every January for bloggers to choose a WORD that will give direction to their thoughts and actions for the year. Back in December 2015, I noticed that I kept thinking ahead to this New Year in great anticipation. I felt an excitement for the New Year to begin. I have all sorts of thoughts and plans for things that I would like to accomplish.

I want to EXPAND and DEVELOP my faith.
I want to CULTIVATE current friendships and BUILD new friendships.
I want to BECOME a better quilter, writer, designer, business owner and blogger.
I want to THRIVE and MULTIPLY as a member of my community.
I want to MATURE and always CULTIVATE as a wife and mother.

Expand, develop, cultivate, build, become, thrive, multiply and mature! All these thoughts keep floating around in my head and heart. All these words are synonymous with "GROW"!  And just like that, my new word found me!

  To keep me on track throughout the year, I made a little mini quilt of my new favorite word.
I used some sweet little scraps  and my favorite embroidery floss, Aurifloss from Aurifil. This collection is Pie Making Day by Brenda Ratliff. I love these yummy colors and the adorable wooden spools!!  I had a little fabric scrap with this adorable kitten. I appliqued him onto the background with Aurifil 50wt and gave him some whiskers!

    I love having a little mini quilt to remind me to NEVER stop GROWING!

 Thank you Patty of Elm Street Quilts for pushing us a little to delve deep into our hearts to find that One Word to inspire us throughout the year!

 Have you chosen a word for 2016? I would love to hear all about it!  If so, be sure to link up at Patty's One Word 2016 linky party for a chance to win some fabulous prizes. If you haven't chosen your word, you still have until the end of January to share your special word with us.

Happy Stitching dear friends! Thank you for taking time to stop by! I look forward to seeing what you create!
xo jan
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  1. That is the sweetest little kitten Jan:) Cheers to your growth in 2016!

  2. Hi Jan. What a lovely reminder and the cat is sooo sweet!Also love the word you have chosen. Hope you will look back at the end of the year and just be amazed!
    Hugs martina

  3. Lovely goals for the NY. And a really cute reminder.

  4. Great mini and I really love all the goals you've chosen for the year! Thanks for linking up.

  5. How sweet! My word for the year is Focus :)

  6. YOur word is a great one - have fun with it! Love that sweet kitty too!

  7. Great mini and I really love all the goals you've chosen for the year! Thanks for linking up.

  8. Great word for you and sweet mini to keep it in the forethought of your mind.

  9. Love the mini you made with your word of the year! =)

  10. Oh your kitty is adorable. Grow...that's a good word for sure. Enjoy your journey of growth this year.


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