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Sew Simple Saturday 1.2.16

Happy New Year everyone and Welcome to our first Sew Simple Saturday of this exiting new year.!
If you are not familar with Sew Simple Saturdays, you can read more about it here!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Holiday season. I certainly did, it was just too short! I did manage to put together a little project that is so simple, so easy , very useful and lots of fun!
  Ewe will just not believe how simple this little project is and it only takes about 2 hours to complete! Start to finish! Woohoo!
 I had some adorable fabric that I have been waiting for the right fabric and project to come along to compliment it. This is by Timeless Treasures Pattern# FUN-C9182:

I found these other prints at The Intrepid Thread! Julie is such a sweetheart and got these sent straight out to me DURING the holidays! If you have a chance , drop by The Intrepid Thread and say hi to Julie! Be sure and tell her I said Hello!

So let's get started and I will show you in just a few steps how to make an adorable Knitting Needle Case Roll-up!

You will need:
 2 Fat quarters, one for the front and one for the back.
 1 muslin fat quarter or you could use interfacing.
 8 1/2" x 22 fabric strip for the pocket
 1 button and 1 piece of elastic
 Aurifil 12wt and Aurfil 40 or 50 wt.
 1 piece of batting slightly larger than your fat quarter

First , make a quilt sandwich with your outer fabric fat quarter, batting and muslin or interfacing. Then quilt as desired. I quilted mine with Aurifil 12 wt Black using long stitches. I wanted the thread to look like the yarn that the Ewes are using :)!

Then hem one long edge of your pocket fabric and line it up across the bottom of your inner fabric:Pin or baste your pocket to the inner fabric.

Measure and sew your pockets. I used Two of my favorite needles to measure the approx width of each pocket:

Also add a few large pockets for Stitch Markers , stitch counters etc.. Tip - I keep my Stitch markers on safety pins by size and in a little baggie.  I also added a long elastic to tie to my small scissors that I like to use:

Once you have all your pockets made, layer the pocket and inner lining with the outer quilt sandwich RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER . Mark with a pin or go ahead an insert your ties or elastic half way up one side depending on which direction you want to roll up your case.  (You can add your button before or after if you don't mind sewing all the way through your sandwich.)I decided that I wanted to use a Loop and Button for closing my Roll Up. You could also use ribbon ties. Measure halfway  down the right side of and insert a pin or mark with chalk where you want your ties or loop.

After you have it all sandwiched together, right sides together, trim and square up,  then insert your ribbon or elastic where your mark or pin is,  and sew all the way around the entire rollup  leaving a 5" opening on the bottom. Slightly trim the corners and turn your rollup right side out. Make sure you get the edges and corners all the way out, then press and topstitch all the way around. I fold in the Opening that we left at the bottom, and topstitch it closed! Or you can whip stitch it closed.

Then load it up with your favorite Knitting tools. I added my button after I had it loaded with what I wanted in it so I would know exactly how far over to go, in this case it was 8 inches.

I LOVE it already! All loaded up with my FAVORITE needles and tools!

Woohoo! Wasn't that sew simple? I just LOVE the EWE fabrics. I think they were perfect for this fun and simple project!
  So let's get this party started and see what Sew Simple tip , technique or tutorial you have to share with us! Our fabulous sponsors have some wonderful prizes for three lucky winners:

First Aurifil Thread is offering this BEAUTIFUL collection of 50 wt thread!

The Fat Quarter shop is once again offering a Gift Certificate!

And I am offering a kit to make your very own Knitting Needle Roll up! Ewe are going to LOVE this fabric!

Woohoo! So you have a chance to win one of three prizes!!

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Please stop by and visit as many people as you can! And leave them some comment love!  Who knows what neat idea or tip you may come across!
Now,  Let's make some friends and let's PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. great giveaway, thanks

    1. Thank you! Did you enter the first link up above? Withe the hand quilting tip? If so, it is linked to my blog instead of yours. You can reenter if you would like. Thank you! xo jan

  2. Lovely needle case. I've been wNting to make my daughter in law one so may have to come back for this when I have time. Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you Carla! Happy New Year to you too! xo

  3. Love the look of the 12 weight Aurifil thread. I have never tried it but now I want to, it is sooo cute with that fabric. I can't figure out how to enter, I am not that computer savvy but I hope you get lots of entries. I love your Blog. Happy New year.

    1. Hi Susan - At the bottom of the page Click where it say you are next - Click here to enter and it will take you to a link up tool where you just put you link to your blog or facebook post. Hope that helps! Thank you for stopping by! xo jan

  4. Jan-- thank you for the sweet tutorial! My Granddaughter Emily will LOVE this little case -- maybe I can whip it up for Valentines Day !! It's sew sweet <3

    1. Thank you Karen - It was really easy and fun. Thank you for linking up your Chevron Shuffle! It is awesome! xo jan

  5. Thnx for the chance to win! Linked up! Happy New Year too!

  6. Happy New Year Jan! Love your needle roll & it looks like it could be easily adapted for pencils! (I have never learned to knit haha)

  7. Great idea for knitting needles!

  8. This fabric is sooooo cute.
    I love the little lambies knitting
    This is a great tutorial. Thank you so much for sharing.
    My mom and I really loved the cows in your previous post
    Happy New year dear friend

  9. Those fabrics are adorable! Thanks for hosting the party!

  10. Cute little roll-up, could be used for crochet hooks as well. Finally, I get to join the party.

  11. I love the needle case. Too cute. That fabric makes me smile.

  12. What a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing! Happy new year from Greece!

  13. Made one very similar to this years ago out of some left over kimono fabric.....I wish I had had your instructions then...would have saved me a lot of time and frustration!!!


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