Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Little Dresses for Africa 2016 Sew Along!

  In 2013 I heard about a not for profit organization called "Little Dresses for Africa".

Here is a little information about this organization from their website:

About LDfA

Little Dresses for Africa, founded in 2008 by  Rachel O’Neill is a registered  non-profit 501c3 Christian organization. Our mission is to provide relief to vulnerable children throughout the Continent of Africa and beyond.  Volunteers from all over the world join together to make little dresses out of pillow cases or other simple patterns. Some sew. Some donate. Some go to Africa, and some send others. Little Dresses for Africa sends the donated dresses through misions teams, mails them directly to verified communities and takes them personally with their short term teams.   Your donations are distributed through orphanages, churches, and schools.  Together, we can make a difference.
How We Make a Difference-
Because of the widespread AIDS pandemic, and other disease, little girls are often left to be the primary care givers of their young siblings. The road is especially tough for little girls and women. It is our hope that in delivering dresses to these young girls, that a seed will be planted in their hearts, in the name of Jesus, that they are worthy.  We plant the seeds; God sends the harvest.
It’s more than just a dress! 
Although clothing is needed, these  little dresses are so much more.  They go as little Ambassadors into the homes and villages where we are able to teach simple lessons clean water, and sanitation and to promote good  health and family skills knowledge. As relationships are formed we are able to identify other needs that can be met through your generosity.
Who Is Making the Difference?
Simply stated… you are! We believe that most people want to help others less fortunate than themselves. They just need to know how!  Lives are changed here and across the ocean as we join together to help others.  Whether you sew or not, this ministry has something for you!  You can sew independently or form a group to sew.
After reading more about the organization AND seeing all the beautiful photos of the children , I knew it was something I had to participate in. In 2013 I made my first 10 little pillowcase dresses. Then last year I decided, with 2 weeks to spare, to host a linky party with prizes to encourage people to make a few dresses and link up! This is a photo of the 10 Little Dresses I made last year!.
I am once again hosting a LDFA Linky Party for 2016. Boy shorts and Sanitary pads are also desperately needed. Did you know that the girls cannot attend school during their monthly periods because they do not have sanitary pads!!!  
 Here are patterns for :
1. Pillowcase Dresses from yardage- Please make sure fabric is good quality and not see through. This is the pattern I use. I also pre-washed my fabrics. These dresses have to last and hold up the alot of washing.Please make sure that all inside raw edges are finished. You can also do a French Seam and enclose raw edges.

2.. Pillow case Dresses from Pillow cases.
4. Boy Shorts - made from T Shirts ( or any drawstring type of shorts will work) 
      Will you sew along with me? . We will have sponsors, to be announced, with prizes for linking up. But the greatest gift is knowing that YOU made a difference in a child's life! 
 Last year, we just missed having our Dresses taken by a local Missionary group going to Haiti. SO I am moving up the date for the Sew Along this year to May 7th! The first Saturday in May. I hope to send my Dresses/ Sanitary Pads and /or Boy Shorts with a local group this year. That way I can spend more on fabric to make the Dresses. 
I will be posting more information as the time draws closer. But you can start sewing at any time! When I find out definite dates for the Missionary groups I will post that information.  Please help spread the word through your blog, facebook, twitter, instagram and with your sewing friends and groups. 
 I created a Blog Button that you can share on your blog and blog posts. Just copy the code over on the right sidebar under the photo for 2016! 

I am so excited about getting a jump start on this years Dresses. Last year I played around with the Decorative Stitches on my machine with some Aurifil thread on the bias tape. I think it looked really cute! 

Please let me know if you have any questions! I can't wait to see the parade of Little dresses and Shorts on May 7th!! ! So gather your friends and fabrics and have a great time stitching!
  I love the Little Dresses for Africas' motto: "

"We're not just sending dresses, We're sending Hope!

I want to say a special Thank You to Patty at Elm Street Quilts for including our LDFA Sew Along 2016 as part of her HUGS project! If you have a moment, be sure to stop by Elm Street Quilts and read more about HUGS! 

Thank you for stopping by everyone! I hope to see ya'll linking up those adorable dresses, pads and shorts in May! Watch this blog for more information about our sponsors and possible Missionary trips!

Happy Stitching!
Thank you for stopping by!
xo Jan


  1. I love how the simplest pattern can bring so much joy to a child. Thanks for posting. Looking forward to your sew along.

  2. Last year my church went to Guatemala and I made 75 dresses. They are returning this year and my goal is 200 dresses and shorts. Wish me luck

  3. im going on my 1st mission trip to Cuba and ive ben thinking on ways that i can use my new skills and was pondering on simple clothing i could make and take with me! i hope i can make a few to take to cuba! and do look forward to your sew along!

  4. I am putting this on my sewing list to do and hope to have something to send to you for this worthy project, Jan. Thank you for sharing ... :) Pat

  5. Timely! I just cleaned out my linen closet and have a half dozen pillowcases that don't have sheets that they belong to anymore. A couple are just boring blue, but with ribbons and rickrack... Yeah, I'm gonna whip them together for you!


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