Sunday, February 28, 2016

Two by Two......

Two by Two.

It started with this Double Rainbow late Thursday.

Then these two rascals were born on Friday.

Then these two sweethearts were born Saturday,

Then these adorable Twin Sisters were born today!

Not to mention my new Two Block Patchwork of the Crosses Easter kit!

A fun but exhausting few days! Have a great week everyone. It looks like I will definitely have my hands full for a while!
   Don't forget this coming Saturday, March 5th is our next Sew Simple Saturday! I haven't had time for a project but hope to have one ready to link up!

Also our next Patchwork of the Crosses Mystery Blocks AND our New Hexagon kits for March should be available on Friday March 4th!!!!

  Wish me luck! I think I need it this week!

 Thank you for stopping by!
Happy Stitching
xo jan


  1. Spring is in the air! What a bunch of sweeties!

  2. How adorable! You are so blessed to have this wonderful life filled with newborns.

  3. Fun to see your two by two, and they just kept coming! lol They are all so sweet!

  4. I grew up on a farm and twins were rare--three sets in a weekend you are on a roll

  5. I was wondering when you were going to post again about the beauties around the farm. WOW - so exciting to have new babies, hope the momma's and babes are doing well. They are sure beautiful.
    Love your new easter blocks. I'm doing pretty good on my hexie making from your civil war kit. Don't work too hard - Mel

  6. Your babies are beautiful and so sweet and your blocks are gorgeous!! Love those colors!!

  7. Awwww how cute, baby cows :-)
    I love your blocks too

  8. We want to put some cows on our property but I don't know where to get started. Do you think "Storey's Guide to Raising Beef Cattle" is a good book? Can you make any other suggestions.
    Enjoying your site and wishing you luck.

    Peace, love, and farming.

    1. Hi Johnny,
      I replied by email however I am not sure if you received it as you are showing as a no reply blogger -
      That is actually a pretty good book. I saw one at our Tractor Supply. Do you have a local veterinarian? You might get his advice on which cows do best in your area. I would try to buy livestock from an individual instead of a Sale or Auction barn. There are some healthy animals that come through Sale Barns but also alot of sick animals. Your local vet should know all the local farms and if there are any good animals to purchase. My husband treats his cows well and is kind to them. If you are too rough with them , then they will become mean and defensive, which will make them hard to handle.
      Good luck to you.


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