Sunday, May 15, 2016

One man's trash........

    Most of you know how much I LOVE vintage sewing machines. If I happen to come across one, odds are it will follow me home. Brand, age and condition does not matter one little bit. As they say, One man's Trash is another man's treasure! Or in this case, my treasure. My milkshake pink treasure!

   But boy is she ever dirty!

    The lady I purchased her from said "Everything works 'cept she can't back up"! I guess the reverse is not working. lol!

    She has seen ALOT of stitches if the foot feed is anything to go by. The case surprisingly is in good, but filthy, condition.

     I did notice that she does not have the "Good Housekeeping" Badge, so she must have been sold through a different company. Atlas machines were built in Japan by Brother Sewing Machine Company. Whichever company sold them, put their name or Badge on the machines. Atlas Deluxe Sewing machines were built during the mid to late 1950's. The company stopped manufacturing in 1962. 

The machine on the left is my current Atlas that I use alot. 
It does have the Good Housekeeping Badge. 

I can't wait to get this girl cleaned up and ready to use.

And if I can't get her reverse working, that's no big deal. She is worth every penny of the $45.00 that I paid.

 Heck, I don't back up good either!

  Happy Sunday ya'll! Time to get dinner on the table! I hope ya'll have a great week ahead. Hay season is just starting up for us but there is rain in the forecast this week. 

I hope you get some time with needle and thread this week!
Thank you for stopping by!
xo jan


  1. I love those oldies too:) I have found them for as little as $5-$10, have cleaned them up and oiled them, etc. and sold them to beginning 4Hers for what I had into them. They are excellent for learning on (young or old.)

  2. What a gem. $45 is a steal. That will be a bright and happy treasure one day soon

  3. Oh, she will be a "twin" beauty once you get her cleaned up!! That is what I learned to sew on! My mother traded hers in years ago, but I finally got my hands on one last year for $25! Love, love, love old machines!

  4. WOW Jan - what a treasure is right! So cool and what a great color. I have toyed with trying to buy a featherweight but I don't machine sew enough to warrant the expense. Good luck with the weather and making hay! Mel


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