Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My January!

 Oh Dear Sweet January! I hate to see you go! I LOVE January! A fresh start to a New Year!  And such mild weather this year!
    Look at that sweet Dixie! She is such a sweetie pie. She has a pin in her knee from an accident when she was 9 months old, so she is a pet instead of a working dog. She used to work with her sister Dixie, but I am afraid a cow may hurt her or more likely that she would get in a fight with a coyote or her sister, so she stays up close to the barns.
    Hubby and I walked all over the farm about 3 times searching for a cow that was about to calve. I was so tired that I just sat down on the tire of a wagon , leaned back and looked up! Of course the hubby just had to say " Well she won't be up there!" .  I said " No, Smartie Pants but a Met Life Blimp is :)!"  Sometimes it pays to look up.  After I rested a few minutes, I decided to recheck around the hay rings and sure enough, there she was hiding behind a tree. Cows will go off by themselves when they are ready to calve. She wound up having the calf late that night. And I caught a beautiful sunset on my way back to the barn.
  And just today the pulpwood company was burning off some timberland that they had already harvested. The beautiful blue sky and mild temps had me digging out some more gardening books. I love my vintage gardens books. My favorite is Kitchen Gardens by Mary Mason Campbell. There are quite a few drawings and a painting of a Cottage Garden that I love.
  I haven't made any progress on teaching myself Crewel. I have had fun with the little time I have had to spend with it. I've also been winding some more of my Peruvian Wool that I am knitting into a bed runner.
  I had some coordinating fabric for the Sailboat quilt so I made a pillowcase to use to gift it in. I love to make matching pillowcases for quilts. I store my quilts and sheet sets in pillowcases. It helps keep the linen closet tidy, keeps the quilts safe and organizes the sheet sets.
 The ETSY shop has been very busy. I am so grateful for that especially since the hubby has not been able to return to work yet.  I am working on setting up a 1930's and Feedsack Block of the Month! It is really going to be fun!
 And I finally got all the holiday decorations put away except for my Cottage in the Snow. I love leaving the light on in the cottage at night, so maybe I will leave it out for a while longer. Maybe March, or April.
     And I almost forgot! Craftsy is having a one day event on Thursday February 2nd! They will have 14 Classes for only $14.00! Woohoo! I love Craftsy classes! And they also have Quilting supplies on sale!
  Goodbye January! I will miss you. Looking forward to February!
I hope all of you have had a great January! Let me know how your start to this new year has been!
Thank you all for stopping by!
Hugs and warm wishes!
xoxo jan


  1. Such a lovely lot of photos - your garden books caught my eyes immediately as did your 1930 and seedsack BOM. Your Daisy is a beautiful girl - it is nice to have 'just a pet' also!

  2. Sweet photos, Jan.
    This month flew by. You got a lot done in this month.
    Thank you for the update around the farm
    Winter will be over soon enough, and then we will all be sneezing

  3. I didn't know you were interested in crewel - too bad you are so far away - we are having a crewel expert come to our EGA meeting on Sat. to present a lecture and free "taste of " crewel workshop. I love working with anything wool and I'm a knitter also. Loved seeing all your photos. Glad you are having a good start to the year. Happy Heart month! Mel

  4. I enjoy ordering POTC from you and look forward to your 30's blocks. My daughter and I were wondering what breed Daisy is.


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