Sunday, December 17, 2017

Quilt Keepsake Ornament tutorial

Happy Holidays everyone! I would like to share with you a fun, quick and easy ornament to make for youself or a friend. Last Christmas I gifted one of my very best friends a Quilt Book so we could pick out a quilt and make it together! We both love Civil War Reproduction prints. I chose History Repeated by Betsy Chutchian and Carol Staehle.

There are so many gorgeous quilts in this book. We finally decided that we both wanted to make the
Carolina Lily quilt (top left corner of book and begins on page 63). Debbie lives in South Carolina so this was a fun choice. We then decided as we made our own blocks that we would make two of each and swap!
 As we worked the blocks , we realized that we would have a 2 1/2" Half square triangle leftover from every block we made. I set those aside not sure what I wanted to make with them.

 I decided that this year I would take those scraps and make an ornament for Debbie's tree. I have seen alot of those Clear Ball ornaments that people have been putting their quilt scraps and slivers into. I love Debbie dearly and loved our project so I thought it would be fun to put Hearts into her ornament!
 So let's get started.
1. I used Steam a Seam 2 . It is double stick fusible web. I wanted my hearts to have fabric on both sides.

2. Peel the backing paper off one of the sheets and layout your Half Square triangles. It is a little sticky so they will stick to the paper.

 3. Choose a backing fabric. ( I chose Red for my hearts) Cut your backing fabric a little larger than your sheet of HST's.

4. Peel the backing off the back of the sheet of half square triangles. Center the HST's sheet over the backing fabric WRONG sides together and press according to manufacturers directions.

5. Cut apart each row and then each square.

6. Fold the HST's on the seam line. You will get a two sided design and because they are folded they will stand up and not just lay flat in the bottom of your ornament

7.  Cut out Heart shapes!

8. You can get a Large Heart from one end and a small heart from the other. And since they are opposites, you will get opposite designs!  I tried to use my pinking shears but they were too dull.

9.  Remove the top of your ornament and start adding your Hearts! I used a 3 1/2" Clear Ornament from Hobby Lobby.

10.  Replace your Ornament top, add a ribbon for hanging and a Project tag!

Now it is ready for gifting and enjoying. It is really fun to shake up and see the different Hearts made of our favorite fabrics from our project together! Debbie received her ornament yesterday and loves it! 
Did you have a favorite project this year? I have another ornament I am planning on making from a hand piecing project! 
I hope you enjoyed this fun and easy tutorial!
Happy Holidays dear friends! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas planned for you and yours !
xo Jan


  1. I agree.....easy and so cute. You got me to thinking.
    By the way what month is the "Dress for Africa going to be this year?
    You and your have a blessed Christmas this year.

  2. What a fun and unique ornament - and a great way to remember this special project!! Thanks for such a detailed post on how you made the hearts!


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