Sunday, April 22, 2018

Happy Earth Day 2018 and Slow Stitching Sunday!

 Happy Earth Day everyone!!
   Yesterday was such a beautiful day! The oaks trees and sky were so vibrant! I think Spring is really actually here!

 A small group of Tree Swallows showed up at the house. We have Gourds up at the farm but not at the house. It was a scramble to try to get some put up at the house before they left.

Swallows are not scared of people and will usually settle in close to your home or barn. This little guy kept flying very close to me.

This one decided to check out one of the bluebird houses but he quickly left when he discovered 4 bluebird eggs in the house.

Today it is raining after that gorgeous bright blue sky yesterday. A small limb broke off of the snowball bush when hubby cut grass, so I brought it in to enjoy on this rainy day!

  I had planned to plant some trees for Earth Day but they have not arrived yet. They will get planted once they get here.
   This afternoon I went back to working on my Buttermilk Basin FREE Block of the Month. With the ETSY shop  I work most days, but took a break today to have some fun sewing for myself :)! ! This is my first adventure into wool applique. I have so much to learn about that. Have you ever done Wool applique? What did you like or dislike about it? I made a HUGE mistake on this first block and used iron on fusible so now I am really having a hard time getting my needle thru. It keeps gumming up. I am tempted to toss it and remake the block. 

This is the 3rd block that I just started. I used small dabs of Applique glue . So far no problems. 

Sorry for the blurry rainy day photo! 

All in all it has been a beautiful and peaceful Earth Day! I hope you are having a wonderful day wherever you are!
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xo Jan


  1. My grandfather had several purple martin houses around their property that he'd built himself :)

    I've not worked with wool applique but I love to see it and yours looks very nice :)

    In my applique with cloth, I stopped using glue as it was hard to needle through...went back to old-fashioned pins :)

  2. Beautiful feathered friends to share Earth Day with....I have not tried wool applique before...your blocks look great.

  3. Happy Earth Day to you; it looks like you had a glorious day. I've never tried wool applique but I always love to see other people's work, and your blocks are look great, even if that first one is hard to sew.

  4. Mini La passion is awesome. I am fighting with my red and white hexies, the saga continues

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  5. What beautiful spring photos and a delightful array of the Purple Martins - they look like swallows?! Your wool applique looks lovely.. I haven't done much but I did do one using fusible ... I don't remember the gumming so maybe it depends on what sort of fusible you are using? The glue dots sound like a good idea. I've also seen one designer who staples the applique pieces on!

  6. your wool applique is looking good. I remember using something iron on too. I don't remember it giving a lot of trouble but I was being guided by someone with a lot of experience. Hope spring has come to the farm - we need to see a happy cow update??? any new babies? Mel


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