Friday, October 12, 2018


 Oh I couldn't agree more! October is my favorite month of the year! 
  The wildflowers and butterflies have been beautiful this year! 

And I get to bring in my houseplants to enjoy this winter! 
I love to use some of my vintage Milk Glass to display them. 

I am not sure the name of this plant. It was actually in a small dish garden at the beginning of the summer and I transplanted it to this pot. It has tripled in size and is now blooming the cutest little pink star blooms! Does anyone know the name of this plant? Someone on facebook suggested a Sopadilla. 

And my Avocado I started from a pit really grew this summer on the porch! 
I have several more plants to bring in before it gets too cold for them. It was 46 degrees last night! 

 And I have been very busy in the ETSY shop with Autumn themed  Patchwork of the Crosses kits! These are really pretty in a table runner or for mug rugs! Almost sold out though.

We've been really busy with hay the latter part of the summer but we almost have the hay barn full! Yeehaw!!  There will be some very happy cows this winter.! 

We've had alot of calves this year but I've too busy to roam the pasture and take pictures. This fella was born with a bad leg. The Vet wanted to put him down but hubby said he would take care of him and see how he did. He spent hours each day taking care of him. He would let the calf get his morning milk and then turn mama out to graze, then doctor the calf 3 times a day, then turn mama back in so she could feed her baby and spend the night in the barn with him. Now he is doing great. Spoiled rotten and getting around fine! Hubby named him Lucky. If he were a girl , I'd name him Grace. 

Missy is doing well. She has made every step I made.

And the sunsets have been beautiful this year! Ones like this make you feel like a speck! 

I haven't done anything to get ready for Autumn or Halloween around the house. I saw this on facebook and laughed myself silly. Doesn't take much some days :)! 

I am off to see if I can find a pumpkin! I want a really big one!
Happy Fall Ya'll!!
 Thank you for stopping by!
I hope you are having a beautiful day wherever you are! 
xo Jan
PS!!! Google has had alot of issues. I can't tell if anyone is commenting or not. I think I have that fixed so if someone could leave me a comment I can check that out. Hugs! xo


  1. Hi Jan! I love all of your houseplants. I too have been bringing them in slowly but surely. I have one that stays in all year, a spider plant. I saved it from the nursey where I used to work, and it has paid me back tenfold!
    I planted one pumpkin plant this year for my grandson. Not knowing what or how, we got a massive plant and five, maybe more big pumpkins. Next yer I will plan better, it kind of took over half of my garden!

    1. Thanks Claudia - I love houseplants too! I used to have lots but have slowly lost most of them. I look forward to having them around this winter! We didn't get a good garden this year. Just planted a few tomatoes, peppers and squash. I didn't plant any pumpkins since they will mix with squash. lol! Pumpkins are really fun to grow! Happy Fall! and Thank you for stopping by! - I didn't not get the email so I could respond by email so I hope you see this. xo

  2. I love your avocado tree I grew one from the pit and we are now eating avocados from it, it is how ever a huge tree as high as our one story house and it took 20-25 years to get avocados but you don't need an other tree to get avocados.
    I think you will need to try to limit the size of your tree or move it to California as it can't take much frost.
    My husband gave away our first crop of 5 avocados I was so upset with him I had grown that tree taken care of it and watched and waited and never got a taste of its first fruit
    I was so mad I told him I'd cut the tree down if I didn't get the avocados the next year

    1. Colleen I think I would have skinned him for that too! I remember seeing an avocado orchard in California. The trees were fairly short - I think they had been pruned early - they were very bushy but on a trunk. Like small apple trees. I guess they kept them cut back for harvesting . I am going to cut the top out of mine in the spring and see if it will bush out. Maybe one day I will have a LARGE greenhouse! lol. Neat to know they will make fruit! Hope you are doing well. Happy Fall! xo

  3. Happy October Jan, it is getting very pretty here in Northern Virginia, Loudoun County. Last night it was cold!! 45ยบ but we have the heat on now and the kitties have found their spots.

    Your EPP is very very pretty and I adore all of the photos from your happy home

    1. Thank you so much Rosemary! We have had a couple of cool nights but last night it was 50degrees. Another week will prob be the end of the hot weather here. It was beautiful today! Have fun with those kitties! Happy Fall! xoxo

  4. I look forward to your every post, especially the ones with pictures of the animals. Lucky is soooo lucky to be born on your farm.

    1. Thank you AnnMarie! We are so lucky to get to live like we do. Alot of hard work but so worth it! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. Yours is the only one that I received in my email so that I can respond. I am not sure why the others did not show up in my email. Blogger is having some issues I think.
      Happy Fall! xoxoxoxo

  5. so nice to see a photo of Lucky and that your DH really saved his life. He is so beautiful - that is such a lovely breed. Always hoping to do a little EPP but never seem to have time to get beyond my typical needlework I gravitate to. One can hope ......... We had our first night in the 50's last night in many many months. I just hope fall is here for good. I'm so tired of record highs every day. Take care Mel


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