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Patchwork of the Crosses 2020 Feedsack & 1930's Block of the Month Sign ups!

We are currently FULL. We may have openings beginning with January 2021. Please watch this post and email me directly if you would like to be put on the waiting list. Thank you! Jan

WOOHOO!! We have a few openings (beginning with August 2020) in our 1930's & Feedsack Patchwork of the Crosses BOM as several members are finishing up their quilts! Information and sign ups below! 
Maria Simone just picked up her quilt from the longarm quilter! Isn't it gorgeous? Way to go Maria! 

Maria Simone's Patchwork of the Crosses 99x110

I am super excited to announce Sign-ups for our exclusive
 2020 Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses 1930's and Feedsack Reproduction prints Blocks of the Month Club exclusively from Featherweight Quilt Company! So excited to be starting our 4th year for the BOM club!!! 

  Once subscribed you will be automatically enrolled in our club program.

What you will receive:

 Each month you will be sent a package that will include adorable and fun fabrics to create THREE Patchwork of the Crosses quilt blocks! Some blocks will be fussy cut!  You will also receive a Paper Pieces 100 piece package of 1" Honeycomb cardstock templates!! Plus FREE shipping! Woohoo!! You will have 28 honeycomb papers remaining each month to use for the background honeycombs. Patchwork of the Crosses can be made any size simply by adding blocks and connectors!!  It will be up to you to keep up with how many block kits you have and to determine how large you want to make your quilt. The original quilt has 56 blocks and measures 88x99 finished. (We will also offer additional kits if you would like to make your quilt bigger or you can just opt to stay in the program longer!). 

Quilt pictured was made by Nancy Davies.

 Fabrics will be focused on 1930's and Feedsack Reproduction prints along with coordinated dots, stripes and solids. You will need to purchase 9-11 yards of background fabric( if you are making the 56 block quilt 88x90)  and 3-4 yards of connecting and cornerstone fabric of your choice separately. I recommend you purchase plenty of background and connecting/cornerstone fabric in case you decide to make a larger quilt. Each month there will be at least one additional fabric remaining from your block fabrics that can be used for the centers of the cornerstones for a fun and scrappy look.

Made by Marcia de Aguiar

 We also have a facebook group for SUBSCRIBERS ONLY where we  show and discuss layout and occasional fussy cutting options so I encourage you to join the facebook group.  ( BOM subscribers only) I will not be showing block layout every month, however occasionally there will be opportunities to fussy cut and I will share these along with other tips and techniques within the facebook group. I highly encourage you to join the facebook group so that you do not miss out!

Made by Ann Carter-Carrington

Block of the Month Skill Level:                                                        
 You do need to have a basic knowledge of English Paper Piecing. 
 I do recommend using the 1" Honeycomb Acrylic for cutting your shapes and for occasional fussy cutting. Supplies that you will need are in my ETSY shop here:
 I also recommend a good quality thread.My favorite thread for English Paper Piecing is Aurifil 50 weight. I also recommend Foxglove Cottage Straws or Sharps Needles. I use sizes 10 or 11. If you are not familiar with these needles, I have Sample packs and vials in mETSY shop along with Acrylics and threads. I also have the 1" Square cardstock templates and acrylics along with edge finishing pieces. I am happy to combine your orders from the ETSY shop with the BOM subscription. Just place your order thru Etsy before the first of the month. 

Made by Maria Simone

Currently the 2020 Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses 1930's and Feedsack Reproduction prints Block of the Month Club is open to US residents only. The costs of the Club is $26.95 per month.  This price INCLUDES shipping. I do not keep your credit card information on file.  Each month you will receive a Paypal invoice by the 5th of each month ( usually on the 1st)  for $26.95 USD. You may remit payment from your Paypal account or by credit/debit cards thru paypal. Your BOM Club kit will ship within 1-2 business days after receiving cleared payment. (Please note that e-checks take longer to clear and may delay shipment. I do recommend setting up a Paypal account.) I cannot stress enough how important it is to have the correct email and mailing addresses in Paypal! You are responsible for any change of address. And you must notify me of any Paypal email address changes.

                            I love Liz's pink connectors and cornerstones!

 Signup forms are below. ( If you are having problems with the signup form, please try it from another computer and then contact me).  Be sure to use the correct email and mailing address of where you would like your 2020 Patchwork of the Crosses 1930's Feedsack Reproduction Prints BOM Club package to be sent. Please fill out ALL lines of the form. IMPORTANT!! >>You will be sent a confirmation email that you must validate before your registration is complete so please check your email after signing up!  There are only a select number of memberships available and the signup form will be removed when all the spaces are filled.  

Basic EPP knowledge is helpful. I do have a FREE tutorial on my blog if you would like to review it.

I am so excited to share this fun and exciting Block of the Month with you! English paper piecing is so fun and relaxing too! Patchwork of the crosses is a fantastic quilt to English Paper Piece . There are no fabric tails when basting so it goes together very easily! 

I hope that you will join us on this fun journey recreating this beautiful quilt! Spaces are limited so sign up today! There is no Reservation FEE!  Please let me know if you have any questions. Stay safe and be well!
xo jan

e sure to join our facebook group here: AFTER you have signed up! You will only be approved after you have signed up. 
I am on facebook daily and it is the quickest way to reach me. 

Currently FULL. Check back January 2021.

Sign up here: THEN check your email for the Confirmation email! Remember, you are not enrolled until you click on the confirmation email LINK!
Come join in the fun today! 

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope everyone has had a wonderful year so far! 

 I started the Spring off with an eye injury. It was a puncture in the cornea at the edge of the pupil.  I still haven't got back to hand sewing but I did pick up a crochet hook again and have been working on projects all year. Yarn is much easier to see than 50 wt thread!

 Spring brought alot of beautiful babies to our woods and the farm! She has twin fawns but the other one had already stepped into the woods.

Summer really brought some super hot temperatures here in North Georgia. Poor pup is melted! 

Summer also brought me a tick bite and Rocky Mountain Spotted fever and a reaction to the antibiotic for it.  I am still dealing with the effects of that and I didn't get to spend much time outside this year. Please if you get a tick bite, even if it looks fine and no rash, still go to the doctor and get tested. I was bit on a Wednesday and I was in full fledge RMSF by that Friday at 2:00 pm. I had to spend most of the summer indoors enjoying my house plants, crocheting, watching birds and very busy with my Etsy shop and my 1930's Block of the Month program and trying to heal. 

 Summer Tanager!

I did make it to the hay field a few times with the hubby just to drive the truck around and I still managed to wind up with a small fractured rib. I've never had a fracture before. They only hurt when you laugh, sneeze or cough lol! It is getting much better though. 

This was our Courthouse on Veterans Day. I love our town.

Autumn has brought me back to Crochet and work in the ETSY shop.  I am still having issues with a tinsy tiny spot of scar tissue in my eye that makes it really difficult to hand sew.....

  Or do Crewel work.
 I gave up on this piece. Maybe I'll visit it next year and finish it before Christmas 2020.

Riley, Preacher and Missy have been my constant companions this year. Sometimes I go days without seeing another person other than hubby. 

I have been getting alot of fun kits ready for Black Friday for the Etsy shop. And our 1930's Block of the Month is going really well.

Even though this has been a challenging year health wise, I have so very,very much to be thankful for! 

“My predominant feeling is one of gratitude. I have loved and been loved. I have been given much and I have given something in return. Above all, I have been a sentient being, a thinking animal, on this beautiful planet, and that in itself has been an enormous privilege and adventure.” - Oliver Sacks

I hope all of you have had a wonderful year so far! I've missed connecting with my blog friends! Happy Thanksgiving! 
Much love!