Thursday, January 2, 2014

Yeehaw Yall! It's 2014....

Well yall it is ALREADY January 2, 2014 and I am just now getting the chance to tell yall a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! So where were yall when we slammed the barn door on 2013 and hitched up the team and rode into 2014? Celebrating with friends and family? Snuggled on the sofa watching the wonderful and exciting chaos happening around the world? Or leading a glamorous life like me?

Sitting at the Stockyard selling calves!
 Yall the exhuberant cheering of the crowds at Times Square in NYC on New Years Eve was a mere whisper compared to the ding of bawling these calves were making being away from their homes for the first time! Couple that with the ramblings of the Auctioneer made me very glad that I remembered to bring my Ipod!  But all was not lost, I also brought along some handsewing.....
Yessssireee! Sitting through approxiamately 1100 cows/calves being auctioned takes quite awhile. But look at all my honeycombs I was able to cut out and piece.
So, I just wanted to pop in real quick and tell yall Happy New Year! I have so many mixed feelings for the last year it is really hard to put into words. I would like to say, that I started this blog back in February not really knowing what to expect and not really knowing WHY. I had been reading alot of very popular blogs for awhile and I know that I wanted a place to share my sewing and farm life. At first I thought I must not be doing something right or maybe I was boring everyone to tears. I was so worried about my blog becoming POPULAR!(which is very out of character for me) But somewhere along the way, things started changing. I really started enjoying the act of sharing a little bit of my life with yall and forgot about whether or not I (Sew and Sow Farm) was becoming popular.  But mostly, I fell in love with all of yall. Your lives and your stories. Your creative processes and your failures. This community welcomed me with open arms. Chickens and all! So I would love to say THANK YOU! Thank you to every one that has ever read a single post of mine, Thank you for all your kind words and the TIME that you gave me to me and Thank You to every one of you for sharing the bits and bobs of your life. I look forward to seeing what yall are up to this year and I hope you will find something to enjoy around here!
xo jan