Monday, March 17, 2014

The Ruffle Hop winner is.........

Well I didn't pull a number out of St Paddy's hat, but I did use Mr Random to pick us a winner of

The Windsor Lane jelly roll and Easter Ribbon . The winner is:

Number 37 is: Michele TMarch 12, 2014 at 9:13 AM
Lily and Missy are a hoot with the ruffly scarf... OMG!! Adorable!!! You must have so much fun on your farm!! Thanks for the fun post and sharing in the hop!
Congratulations Michele T! I will be emailing you for your mailing address! And Thank you to everyone for their fun and sweet comments. It is always so much fun to share happenings around the farm and  Miss Lily was so sweet to pose for those pictures for me! 
I hope everyone enjoyed National Quilting Day yesterday and had the opportunity to do a little stitching.

I did not get to sew any but I did get to knit a little:

This is Rowan-Kaffee Fassett yarn from a couple of years ago. I forget the color name. It is Mohair and silk and lighter than one of Lily's feathers! I had started this scarf awhile back when that handsome farmer hubby dude got hurt in the corn picker and I needed something mindless to keep my hands busy and my heart still.
Well, I found it smooshed down in a bag that I had carried to the hospital. I had totally forgotten about it. You can see that the skein of yarn is smooshed, but it has been knitting up beautifully. Hopefully I will have it finished pretty soon. It will be the perfect lightweight spring scarf. I love the rich and vibrant colors.

I hope everyone has a fun and sweet St. Patrick's day. My daughter is very good at finding four leafed clovers! She just looks down and picks one ! I can search until my neck hurts and never find one!
Have a great day yall! And good luck hunting for those four leafed clovers!

  xo jan

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Lorax finish!.........

Yay! My Lorax quilt has been completed, delivered,squealed over, hugged on and slept under!  YES!

I was pretty nervous about making this quilt on commission. I am not sure if I enjoy the process of sewing on commission. The result of not only being compensated for the finished quilt but the enjoyment of the little one that received it, made it so worth it!
It measures 56x78. The mom wanted it for her little girl that was being moved to her first BIG girl bed!
She said Mission Accomplished!
I used a polka dot for the backing and the the Stripe for the binding.
I love the binding! I machine stitched it to the back and then machine stitched it to the front per the customers request!
I friend of mine quilted it on her long arm machine! I LOVE her quilting. This is a pantograph. I really like how the swirls look with the "Truffala" prints on the fabrics.
I used Aurifil #2024 50 wt for the piecing and Aurifil# 2735 50 wt. for the binding. The batting is Warm n'White.
I had a little bit of the backing fabric leftover so I made a matching pillow case. I like to fold the quilt and put it inside of the pillow case for presentation. The pillow case also makes for good storage of the quilt when not being used. I shipped it that way plus wrapped it all in tissue paper and tied with a ribbon. I then put it all inside a large plastic bag just in case the box became damaged during shipping.
This quilt was so fun to make. I have made several smaller Lorax quilts in the past with just nine of the picture panels using my own pattern. So I just enlarged my pattern to utilize 16 of the panels to reach the size my customer requested.
I am glad that the recipient loves it! I had purchased my fabrics in the bright colorway from The Fat Quarter Shop! They actually have a Quilt Kit using The Lorax Fabrics in the earth tone colorway in a very cute Churn Dash pattern on clearance! Plus they have a couple of quilt patterns for The Lorax available.
   I am so happy to have a Friday finish to share even if I did finish it last week! I am linking up with the following fun and fabulous linky parties:
Have fun yall! I hope you get some sewing time this weekend! And if you haven't entered my giveaway, you my do so HERE! You have until Sunday at midnight EST to enter!
xo jan

Wednesday, March 12, 2014



Who doesn't love Ruffles?
 I LOVE Ruffles! All those little ridges...

  When Mdm Samm of Sew We Quilt said to "Think Ruffles" I did!
Mmmmmmm....Good!  So I rushed over to Amy's blog of Sew Incredibly Crazy to sign up! 
Uh-Oh! My mmmmm turned into a hmmmmmm.

I don't do those kinds of Ruffles. Well, not often anyway.
So, I headed out to the barn to think about it a bit. I do have a pink and white ruffled scarf I made:
 It's pretty. And Really pink. And Really Ruffly. I mean Lily loves it:

I just abhor a Henhouse View, 
Dah-ling I love you ,but give me Park Avenue....

But what else could I do?   Then things got really busy around here! Baby calves being born everyday. Sometimes two or three a day! ( I think we have around 27 new babies right now) Cows and chickens and dogs and cats to feed and look after. Commission quilts to make. Bee blocks to sew and Lucy Boston blocks to make!  Whew! So I still had no idea what to make. 
   Then a neighbor was telling me about a new family in the neighborhood that was really struggling and having a hard time. My neighbor was planning on doing some things for the children for Easter. I told her I would love to help and she asked me to make a basket for a little girl. So I thought about it a little while and decided I would incorporate some ruffles onto her basket.

      I love the way this basket turned out. I took a plain Dollar Store bucket ( It cost one dollar!) and dolled it up with some ruffled lace trim and made a gingham bow for the front.

 I added some lace and pearl trim on the handle.

I trimmed the ruffled lace to go under the handle area and ended the handle trim so the basket would still swing easily.

Then I started filling it up with cute little Easter goodies! I love those little TULIP lollipops! Eeeek!  I will add some chocolate eggs, marshmallow chicks (don't tell Lily) and other candy just before I send it to the family.

My sweet Lily REALLY loves this basket!
Pretending to be a bunny! She's not fooling me! 
I think its the pretty eggs!
I wonder where that egg came from? hmmmm.

She really got her feathers RUFFLED over the Golden Egg!

And Spartacus REALLY got his feathers RUFFLED over seeing Lily in her ruffly scarf! Just look at those WILD EYES!

 I sure hope this little girl will love her Easter basket! It was so much fun making it special with Ruffles!

Now I hope you have enjoyed my little Ruffled stop on the hop! I have a little gift if you would like to enter to win!

A jelly roll of Windsor Lane by Bunny Hill Designs and 9 feet of Easter Egg ribbon and 9 feet of Lavender ribbon. I just love this line of fabric! The jelly roll is in the taupe colorway! You have three chances to win! And this giftaway is open to everyone!
To enter the giftaway:
1. Just leave a comment. (1st entry)
2. Followers new and previous get a second chance , leave a comment letting me know that you are a follower. (2nd optional entry)
3. For a third chance, visit one of my followers from Bloglovin  or Google Friend Connect. Tell them I said hello! And leave a comment for that entry! (3rd optional entry)
Winners will be drawn at Random and announced in a few days!

 For more Ruffled inspiration, please hop around and visit the rest of the girls that are getting their feathers all ruffled up!
March 12th 

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March 14th

Now that I have worked up an appetite chasing Lily, I am going to go see if I can find those Ruffle potato chips!

Yikes! MISSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, she ate them, ALL!
Have fun yall! 
Thank you so very much for visiting with me! :)
xo jan

Spartacus and Lily's version of Green Acres:

Green acres is the place for me. 
     Farm livin' is the life for me. 
Land spreadin' out so far and wide 
Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside. 

New York is where I'd rather stay. 
I get allergic smelling hay. 
I just abhor a Hen House view. 
Dah-ling I love you but give me Park Avenue. 

...The chores. 
...The stores. 
...Fresh air. 
...Times Square 

You are my chick. 
Good bye, City life, 
Green Acres we are there.