Friday, April 24, 2015

Patchwork of the Crosses and Farm Love Friday!

Double daffodils, lots of dandelions ( need to make some Dandelion Jelly) , very fat lizard ( wonder what she's been eating?) , Snow on the Mountain ( I love how they close up each day and reopen the next) fading tulips ( hate to see them go) , Snowball bush ( I LOVE this color before they turn white) A lone turkey in the farm drive, ( I hate hunting season) and my daffodil, dandelion inspired Patchwork of the Crosses block.
Happy Friday ya'll!
xo jan

Friday, April 17, 2015

Patchwork of the Crosses and Farm love Friday!

These last few weeks have been so busy. I had a request for a two block Patchwork of the Crosses kit using bright yellows, greens and blues. I think she liked it! The red block is my new block for this week. An old barn down the road from our place,sweetie pie calf, beautiful blossoms everywhere, my eggs I decoupaged, and a hexagon table runner I am working on! The only bad spot was a dang Copperhead snake in the drive going up to the house! ( I sneaked that snake picture right in there!)
  I have a few hexagon and Patchwork of the Crosses kits left in the ETSY shop here! I hope yall have a great weekend! Spring is here! Thank you for stopping by! Happy Sewing and Sowing!!
xo jan

Friday, April 3, 2015

Farm Love Friday 4/3/15

Whew! Where do I begin with these past few days. We decided to carry some cow/calves to the cattle Auction up in Tennessee. As usual, nothing ever goes smooth for us. We got up extra early, 5:00 am, took care of our chores and were about to load the cows/calves into the trailer when hubby decided to go check on a heifer we had up at the barn that was expecting her first calf any day! Well, you guessed it! It was of course the same day we were headed to the Auction. When he went around to check her, her water had broke. He called me ( I had just changed into clean clothes for the trip to the Auction, so I changed back into my work clothes) to let me know what was happening. The "Weigh " Sale starts at 3:00 pm. After finally helping the heifer deliver a very healthy calf, we left the house with just 2 1/2 hours until the Sale. We arrived with 30 minutes to spare! I carried my camera along and took a few photos out the window as we whizzed  along (I should really say "chugged slowly" along with a trailer full of cattle) ! So over the mountains, across the river, through one "Small town America" after another, passed by a Blue Bird, met a train, past Athens Plow (Est 1921 and my hubby has some farm implements from them), past the City park, past Mayfield's Dairy Farm ( my favorite milk and the school's all visit them each year), passed by the local library with the Barn Quilt ( gorgeous),past the First Baptist Church (beautiful) and finally arrived at the Sale Barn! Since we got there so late, that meant the cattle would sell very late. I was so happy that I carried along some sewing. We have Wild Wood Violets blooming all over the farm and in the yard. So my two Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses blocks are inspired by them! And they are available in the ETSY shop! We finally made it back home at 1:30 am! What a long, but gratifying day!
  How was your week? I hope you had time for some stitching!
Thank you all for stopping by!
And welcome to all my new friends and followers!
xo jan