Saturday, February 11, 2017

Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses Tutorial

  Patchwork of the Crosses by Lucy Boston is easy to make and so much fun to English Paper Piece. Lucy made her original quilt by the English Paper Piecing method and today I would like to share a tutorial on how to make these fun and intriguing little blocks! 

1. Gather your supplies . ( I have kits and supplies available in my ETSY shop)  .
2. Thread: My favorite thread to use when English Paper Piecing is Aurifil 50wt. 
    Colors shown are    1100,2000 &2888. 
3. Needle : I love Foxglove Cottage Straws 10 or 11's. ( I also love using a Ring Pincushion)
4. Scissors
5. Applique pin. Applique pins are short so your thread will not get tangled on the pin.
6. 1" Honeycomb Acrylic and templates. I use Paper Pieces acrylic and cardstock templates exclusively. Also available in my ETSY shop.
7. Basting thread or Glue Pen. You can either glue baste or thread baste. I prefer Fons & Porter.
8.  Lead pencil or pen for tracing your shapes.
9. Fabric for your block. I have all types of coordinated fabric kits available in the shop also.

1. Look over the strip of fussy cut fabric. You will need four for the center.                                                                                                    

2. Lay the acrylic across each corner and trace. Cutting the honeycombs in this manner will give you 8 of the white and 8 of the dark pink. 

3. You will need 4 of the Roses.


After you have all the honeycombs basted you can start assembling the block as follows:
 With right sides together:

   And here is your finished Patchwork of the Crosses block! Wasn't that fun? I leave my paper templates in my blocks until they are joined onto the connecting blocks. ( You can remove the center 8 if you want to reuse them, but leave the outside papers in place).

 I have Starter Kits and supplies available in my ETSY shop. I can also substitute this block for any of the blocks currently available in my ETSY Shop if you prefer different fabrics. I would LOVE to help you get started on your Patchwork of the Crosses journey! 

  We are currently offering Mystery Patchwork of the Crosses kits in the shop! These kits provide the fabric and the cardstock templates to make a beautiful fussy cut Patchwork of the Crosses block. The Mystery kits are so fun because you get all the color and scale coordinated fabrics you need to make a block, but you get to decide where you want to fussy cut and the layout arrangement. 
You do not have to sign up for the Mystery Kits. This is an ongoing offer, so you can start, stop and start at anytime with no set number of blocks to purchase.

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1930's and Feedsack Reproduction Prints Patchwork of the Crosses! This will be so much fun. Be sure to watch Facebook for my announcement for when these kits are available! 
    I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you so much for stopping by! I can't wait to see what you create!
Happy Stitching!
xo jan

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