Friday, May 12, 2017

God's Love from A diaper Bag and Mother's Day!

  I received the best email ever today from my dear friend Pastor Bill Barker from Appalachian Regional Ministries in West Virginia. Mr. Bill was writing to share some photo's of Mom's and Grandmother's learning to sew on the sewing machines that I donated last year. The machines, fabric and supplies went to a ministry in Kentucky that serves new mothers " God's Love from a Diaper Bag".  Several of my super generous and kindhearted friends donated fabric and other sewing supplies to go along with the machines to get the group started.  

It looks like a full class! And they have really set up a nice classroom too! I love those full aprons!

God's Love from a Diaper Bag serves a huge community including new moms on a daily basis with everything from diapers to clothes, formula, blankets etc... 
Below is a list of just some of their current needs if you would like to help out:

List of current needs: 
1. Diapers and Baby items
2. New toys for Christmas this year.
3. Emergency Food.
4. Baby Clothes and Children's Clothes.
5. School Supplies.
6. Hygiene Products.
7. Janitorial Supplies.
8. Tennis shoes in all sizes.
9. Dental Supplies
10. Lice treatments

   I am really happy to see that the machines are being used to teach sewing and quilting and so excited to be a small part in that endeavor! 
Here is the link to God's Love from a Diaper bag and Appalachian Regional Ministries!
You may be familar with Appalchian Regional Ministries through your church and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering and Christmas Backpacks program.

I also wanted to tell you about a great sale that Craftsy is offering until May 14th for Mother's Day!  Any class for $19.99! I love Craftsy classes. I am a Craftsy affiliate and I only endorse products that I have used and enjoyed. One of the many things that I enjoy about a Craftsy class is that once you purchase a class you can view it as many times as you like. You can also stop, start and rewind or replay any portion that you need. The teachers in the classes are also available to help and answer questions through online emails and chats! This is a great way to learn new techniques such as English Paper Piecing, Quilting, needle turn applique and even Cake decorating! You can also gift classes! Offers end May 14th!
 Click on this link for all the details and included classes and fabric sales!

   We had Mother's Day last weekend , so this weekend I am planning on planting a few garden beds with the plants I received from my daughter! We just don't have time for a full garden any longer so I have switched to a few raised beds and that has worked great in the past. 
 Whatever your plans for the weekend, I hope you have a fantastic , fun filled Mother's Day!
 xo Jan