Saturday, July 4, 2020

Building a white Rail Fence

Happy Independence Day ya'll! I hope everyone is doing alright. I personally think we need to rewind 2020. I've been laying pretty low mostly around the house and a little time at the farm. Farm life keeps moving through whatever else is happening in the world. I am so thankful EVERY day to live where and how we live! This is a long one folks, so grab a cup of tea and relax while you read.

We had lots of new calves this Spring.

These fat, lazy buggers need to get a job! 

But this little sweetie , can follow me around anytime she wants to. EEEEK!!
Isn't she precious? She is just such a doll and soooo sweet. She butted me in the leg the other day , then fell down . OMGee.. So cute! I keep catching her smelling on the Honeysuckle vines, so I named her Petal. 

Back in late Winter?? February maybe ( my days seem to be running together. Are yours?) I started and finished this Jigsaw puzzle. I love puzzles of any type and really enjoyed this one . It's 18x24 and I hope to frame it (if I ever get to go to Walmart or Hobby Lobby again)  and hang it in my sewing room. 
I believe I purchased it at Books-a-Million before the whole Pandemic thing. 

And speaking of Books-a-million. There are 3 books I would love to read. 

Have you read these? I heard they are really good.

We had terrible tornadoes come through our county back in April. This is what is left of my SIL's barn. They lost one calf and a few of their cows had some injuries but recovered just fine. They lease this property and were very lucky. 9 people lost their lives in our county. 7 died that night and 2 passed after from their injuries. It was horrible.

I started a baby blanket and ran out of yarn . The baby came a week early so I went ahead and just finished it off. It was a good stroller or car seat size. 
  I reordered the yarn but it kept getting backordered and finally they refunded my money. I assume because it wasn't considered an essential item. 
I had ordered a couple of cute outfits but only received one . I just had to add a fussy cut little hexagon flower of the 3 Little Kittens. I searched everywhere for mitten fabric for the center of the hexie but couldn't find any. I think it turned out pretty cute.  I wish the little blue jeans had come in. I wanted to add little 3/4" hexie flowers to them.

I've been mask making!

And more mask making..
 And more mask making....
 I love the drawstring type. I started with a pattern by Craft Passion. I tweaked it just a little by adding a little height to the top and a dart under the chin. they have a little sleeve across the bridge of the nose for a pipe cleaner to form fit to your nose. I use tee shirts to make the drawstrings. They are super comfortable, double layer good quality cotton. I had to wait 3 weeks to get the wrong sewing machine needles. I made it thru this last round of masks but have more needles on order. I need to get out one of my Vintage machines. They wouldn't have a problem sewing thru the thicknesses.
And a few more.... These are headed to the Observatory where my daughter is currently working.
And I would really like to make one of these for myself if I can find the fabric... so if you see any , please let me know...

And I've been enjoying the birds around the house....

It's a bird, it's a plane .... actually it's a bird watching a plane. 

And speaking of birds.....

This adorable guy found this adorable guy!

A racing pigeon! (different than the pigeons you see on rooftops and parks)Early one morning last week when hubby stepped out onto the porch headed to the farm, Preacher was waiting and had a fit wanting Hubby to follow him, so he did. Around the house and nestled against the AC unit was the pigeon. Preacher was jumping up and down for joy! Hubby brought the poor little bird inside and gave him to me. I spent the better part of the day tracking down the numbers on his band that is around his right leg. The numbers on the Band correspond to the Date of birth or age, The Pigeon Club abbreviation and the individual number for that bird. The Club was out of Chattanooga TN. Racing pigeons are like homing Pigeons only there is big bucks to be made by racing Pigeons. Some of these fellas fly over 300 miles! So the Club gave me the name and phone number of the owner of the bird. Success... I called for 2 days and finally the gentleman called me back and I met him on the third day and returned his bird. He didn't know it was missing as he hadn't counted. He owns over 100 birds. hmmm..  They turn the young birds (like this one) out daily just from home. They fly around a few hours and come back to their coop. This guy was probably chased off from the group by a falcon or small hawk (big hawks usually won't bother them) and lost his way. I think he must have seen our lights the night he landed at our house. We live way out in the woods and do not have many neighbors. There are 1000's of DNR and private acres surrounding us. Poor thing was exhausted. I could only get him to eat corn and drink water. He would not have survived in the wild as he doesn't know how to find food. He ran away and across the cage from the worm I tossed in there. lol!! So if you ever run across one, please take it in and find it's home or give it a home.  As the birds gain experience in "Homing" they take them further and further out and release them. They have competitions (Races)  releasing birds and the one that returns the soonest and travels the farthest wins. Sounds kinda mean to me. I worry about the ones that don't make it home.  

I cook a lot these days... as I guess everyone probably does. My latest favorite has been Chicken/Veggie pot pie with a salad. 

Super easy... Pillsbury pie crust, whatever cooked veggies you have on hand (or frozen or canned) , cream of chicken or mushroom soup and some cooked chicken (leftover rotisserie is great) . Salt and pepper. Toss it all together and bake. If I don't have chicken, I'll boil a couple of cubed up potatoes. Leftovers are good reheated too.

I've been really busy with the ETSY shop and the 1930's BOM. Members are starting to finish up their quilts and I have a lot of new members. My BOM program is different as you can start and stop most anytime. It's an ongoing program (in our 4th year!)which gives stitchers more time to stitch since it is hand English Paper Piecing. One of our members Maria Simone just finished hers. 

I am so proud of her beautiful finish! She chose the blue connecting fabric, border and background. Congratulations Maria on your beautiful finish! It measures 99x110!
I've also started adding other items to Featherweight Quilt Company like these fun Fat Quarter bundles .These are great for mask making too. 

Wildflowers and flowers in general just haven't done well this year with the exception of this native milkweed. They are beautiful and loving that ditch next to the pasture.

We had a cold and very wet Spring. I had a few daylilies bloom but not many. This is one of my favorites. The fragrance is lovely! And I love the long, thinner type petals.

The last few that opened were totally scorched and wilting by the time I got home from the farm.

Some of you know that my daughter is working off the mainland for the next 2-4 years on a research grant at an Observatory. I took her to the airport on January 14th. Then the pandemic really got rolling so of course she hasn't been able to come home to visit and I haven't been able to go out to see her. To help keep me distracted I've been teaching myself to Cross Stitch. I've collected charts and threads for a few years thinking one day I would get started. I love it! 
  My first little project was a chart by Blackbird designs called Hats Off to Uncle Sam. I finished the stitching but I still have to get the little beads that go into the flower centers and finish it into a pinkeep. You can actually get the little Uncle Sam hat to paint and finish from Hobby Lobby.

Next was  June Berries, also by Blackbird designs. This is in their book "A Fine Collection" which is out of print. The book has a chart for each month. I would like to stitch "August Melon" to go along with June Berries when I can find another piece of the same ground cloth. I believe it is Charles Craft Natural or Oatmeal. It came in a DMC order but I can't find it any longer on their site. Hobby Lobby also carries it but I haven't ventured into there since the pandemic started. 

Next was "Glad Tidings" also by Blackbird designs. It was really fun to stitch and I changed it up just a little.

I've completed 2 other little projects. One by The City Stitcher and one by Prairie Schooler. They are for gifts so I can't show those yet.  
 Yesterday our town had their annual Wagon Train parade. It's been a tradition since 1962. The Saddle Club hosts its now. there are 2 weeks full of rodeos, horse shows, dances, parades etc.. it will conclude with fireworks tonight ( it's raining so I'm not sure about those. You can watch the horses on you tube here:

Last night when hubby got home, after dinner he asked what I was working on. I told him ...

     "I'm building a white rail fence". 

I love this little stitch by Silver Creek Samplers. I was hoping to have it finished by today for Independence Day, but I am sloooow and haven't had much time to work on it. I'll post a picture when I finish. Maybe 2026 for the 250 anniversary of our Nation! 
 Folks, I hope this post means I have finally found my blog voice again. Thank you so much for stopping by my little corner of the world. I hope ya'll are healthy and happy.
Stay safe. Be kind. Welcome to my new followers too. 
Much love!
xoxo Jan
 (ps. wear a mask in public please)