Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A bit of Hope and the winners......

    Before we get to the winners, I want to say a great big Thank you to everyone that participated in our LDFA Sew-Along! We made a total of 28 Little Dresses and 1 pair of Boy Shorts! Woohoo! I know the 28 little girls and the little boy that receives these clothes will be so happy! 
     I have to be honest about something. At first I was kinda disappointed that we didn't have better participation . Especially from people that I think of as friends. I probably should not say that, but it is how I feel. HOWEVER,  that wise old farmer hubby of mine set me straight real quick! . He said "One dress is more than some of those children had two days ago! And you all made 28 dresses and a pair of shorts! That's 29 children that ya'll have helped!" You know what? He is so right!  That is 29 Children that we have helped have a little bit more dignity, a little bit more hope and maybe even given them a little boost in their self esteem!  So THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! I truly appreciate each and every item that ya'll made! 
      Little Dresses for Africa accepts clothing and monetary donations ( to get the dresses to their needed destinations)  year around! So if you haven't finished making all that you wanted to make, you still can. Or you can send what you have completed and then make some more. 
  So, now , guess what? We had 6 prizes and 6 participants (besides me)! So WOOHOOOOOOOO ! EVERYONE that participated gets a prize! Two will get Aurifil thread sets and four will get a $50.00 gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop!
 First up for the (4) Gift Certificates from the Fat Quarter Shop in no particular order (other than the way they came out of that handsome, farmer,  hubby dudes hat) is:
# 4. Five Little dresses for Africa aka Nia L.
# 6. 2 Little dresses aka Maryellen Mc.
# 1. Little Dresses aka Robyn M.
# 2. Sending Love aka Debbie B. 
For the 10 small spool collector box of Gleeful from Aurifil is:
# 3. Little Dress/Shorts aka Donna L.

And the for the Large 40wt Spool box of Arizona from Aurifil is:
#5. Lixie Dresses aka Alex Y.

 Congratulations ladies! I really appreciate your participation in the First Annual LDFA Sew Along at Sew and Sow Farm! I look forward to doing this again next year! I hope that ya'll had fun and that you all will enjoy your prizes! Debbie, Robyn, Maryellen and Nia please email me the email address that you would like to receive your Gift Certificate at and Donna and Alex I need a mailing address from both of you to send your threads. My email link is over on the right sidebar where the little mailbox is located!
 Thank you so much Aurifil and the Fat Quarter Shop for your generosity! 
Happy Stitching everybody!
xo jan


Saturday, July 4, 2015

Little Dresses for Africa Linky Party!

 Welcome to the first Annual Little Dresses for Africa Sew Along Linky Party at Sew and Sow Farm! Each summer I like to choose a project to make for charity. In 2013, I found out about an organization that makes and collects simple little dresses to help clothe children around the world, Little Dresses for Africa! I really enjoyed making those first dresses. So this year, I decided to do it again and asked for some help from ya'll! I also asked some of my sponsors to give us a little incentive to Sew - Along! Aurifl and the Fat Quarter Shop didn't hesitate and have offered some very nice prizes! I have the BEST sponsors! They are ALWAYS so generous! I have been making some little dresses too! I am so excited ! I set a goal of 10 Little Dresses and gues what?, I reached that goal! Woohoo!
    I had to hurry outside yesterday and quickly get them on the clothesline between thunderstorms to get a photo:
I made 4 Size Small, 1 Size Medium, 2 Size Large and 3 Size Extra Large!They range from 13" long all the way to 43" long! These were so much fun and so very easy! I hope whoever receives them enjoys them! And I still have some fabric to use up! I already have them sorted, packaged and labelled, ready to ship:

So, have you been making any? It's time to link up those Dresses and Shorts!

1. You must link to a specific and current blog post or face book post. Not just to your homepage.
2. Please visit at least one person before your link and one person after your link. We want to share our sewing and be sure and leave nice comments! We all love receiving comments and encouragement on our efforts! Plus it's a nice way to make new friends!
3. Please take time to visit Aurifl and the Fat Quarter Shop and let them know how much we appreciate their great prizes!You can see the prizes here! You can tell them all about your dresses and /or shorts or just tell them hi! Tell them I said hi too! They are both fantastic and generous companies with superior products!
4. Share, share , share! Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, twitter, blogs.....I would love to make this a yearly event and the more people we have making dresses and shorts, the more children we can help!
5. Be sure to follow up and get your items in the mail! You can find packaging and mailing instructions here.
6. The link up will only remain open until 11:59 pm EST July 5, 2015!!!!!!!! You must add your link before then to be eligible to win one of the prizes! You must link to at least one completed dress or boy shorts. You can still make more after the linky !
 Thank you all so much for participating!!
 So let's get this party started! Follow the Linky below to add your photo and links! (click on the "click here to enter")

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Decorative Stitching and Little Dresses for Africa!

 One of my friends, Alex, of Lixie Makes It!, posted a photo on her blog of a couple of the Little Dresses for Africa that she is making for our Sew - Along!. She is so smart! She used Decorative Stitching in her machine to stitch around the hemline!
Swiped this photo from Alex at http://lixiemakesit.blogspot.com/2015/06/two-little-dresses-for-africa-ldfa.html

That is sooooo adorable! I love this idea. I just wished I had seen this before I finished my little Dresses!
  But wait! I have one more dress to finish! And I have a machine that makes Decorative Stitching!

   Since my last dress was already hemmed, I thought I would try it on the Bias Tape Ties!  So, I loaded up my machine with some Aurifil #2021 in 50wt and a new needle and experimented on some extra pieces of Double Fold Bias Tape.
I curved a piece to make sure I could do Decorative Stitching while going around the armholes:

It worked great! I think it adds a little extra sweetness!

 What about you? Are you sewing along with us? It is not too late! You can find all the information about the sew along here! You must have at least one dress and or shorts finished and photographed to link up this Sunday, July 5th! You will be mailing them directly to the address on the Little Dresses for Africa website, so you can finish them after the linky if you need to. You will need to link to a current blog and or facebook post to be eligible to win one of 6 prizes!
 These are sew fun and quick to make! Maybe I can find time to make a few more before Sunday!
Happy Stitching ya'll!
Have a safe and Happy 4th!
xo jan

Monday, June 29, 2015

Little Dresses!

Well I've made a good start on sewing my Little Dresses for Africa for the Sew along! Are you joining in for a chance to win one of 6 prizes? We have some stunning thread boxes from Aurifil and gift certificates from the Fat Quarter Shop! There will be 6 winners chosen at random! You still have time to sew up a little dress or two or Boy shorts! You can find all the information with the pattern links here! The linky party will be July 5th so be sure to take a photo of your dresses and /or shorts and link them up on July 5th! Happy Stitching ya'll! xo jan

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Chain Piecing Log Cabin Blocks and LDFA !!

 Have any of you ever chain pieced Log Cabin blocks? I've had these pretty Autumnal fabrics for a while and finally decided to make Log Cabin blocks. I started with the red on the outer two strips, then thought maybe the brown would look better. I just couldn't decide. I decided to ask friends on facebook and the majority chose the red!
So I started chain piecing 4 blocks at a time!

This is a really neat You tube video that I watched!

It is really fun sewing! Until........... the UN-SEWING begins:

Yep, because when you pick up the incorrect strip/log to sew next - you sew it onto FOUR (4) blocks incorrectly instead of just one block!
 I was very happy  when I picked up Jack ( my trusty seam ripper) that I was using Aurifil thread. See that long piece of Aurifil. I took the seam out of all four blocks and didn't wind up with a million , kazillion tiny pieces of thread on both sides of my blocks. Just on the one side.The other side came off in one , long happy piece!  So Aurifil is great for sewing and Unsewing! :)

 Do those tiny pieces of thread drive ya'll crazy like they do me?
  Once I got over that catastrophe, I decided to switch things up and work on my Little Dresses for Africa!

 If you didn't read the last post, we are having a LDFA Sew Along with some great prizes like Gift Certificates from the Fat Quarter Shop ( yep 4 of them) and Aurifil thread boxes! I love my sponsors! They are always so generous! If you haven't joined in on the LDFA Sew- Along, it's not too late! You can find all the information here!
 And for those of you that have been wondering, Missy is doing much better. We are slowly, slowly weaning her off of the seizure medications.

The medications keep her so sleepy. It will take a couple of months to get her weaned off if we don't have any problems or symptons of the seizures returning!
  Thank ya'll for stopping by! Let me know if you have ever chained pieced blocks before and any helpful hints would be much appreciated! Hope ya'll are sewing a Dress or two along with us! There is a "Sew Along " button you can grab over on my right sidebar!
Happy Stitching!
Welcome to all my new friends and followers! Happy to have ya'll plowing along with us!
xo jan

Saturday, June 20, 2015

It's Sew-Along time on the Farm!

Hey ya'll! Each summer I like to choose a Charity and help out however I can. The 10 little dresses above I made for Little dresses for Africa" in 2013. I chose LDFA once again this summer. If you are not familiar with this organization, you can read more about them HERE!
  Often seamstresses will get together and have a sewing party to make these simple but adorable dresses to send to little girls in need around the globe. Since I do not have any sewing buddies that live near the farm, I thought I would invite all of you to join me online for a LDFA Sew Along! And we have some great sponsors with fabulous prizes! Woohoo!
 You can use cotton pillowcases or 100% cotton yardage. Try to chose good quality fabrics that you cannot see through and fabrics that will hold up through a lot of washing! Remember the Dress you make may be the only dress that the child receiving it has to wear. It needs to last. If you are using pillowcases, you can find the pattern HERE! If you are using yardage, you can find a pattern HERE! They also need Boy shorts of all sizes!!!
  Pictured below are the fabrics, double fold bias tape and beautiful Aurifil threads that I will be working with! ( you can find a list of supplies on the pattern links).

 I would love it if ya'll could join in with me and sew a few dresses and/or shorts! To give us a little incentive, my wonderful sponsors are offering a few prizes!
   First we have  (4) Four - $50.00 gift Certificates from the Fat Quarter Shop! Four winners will each receive one $50.00 gift certificate to spend on what ever they choose at the Fat Quarter Shop! Woohoo! I love a shopping spree! Thank you Fat Quarter Shop for your generosity!

And we have (2) fabulous thread boxes from Aurifil thread! 
 One lucky winner will receive a 10 spool 50wt. Collector box of "Gleeful by Carolina Hulse. I love these yummy colors! 

And a Second lucky reader will receive a 12 Large Spools 40 wt.Collection of Arizona by April Rhodes! I love 40 wt! And these colors are gorgeous! I am seriously crushing on these beauties! 

THANK YOU Aurifil for your generosity!!

So, how do you participate and get a chance to win one of these lovely 6 prizes?

1. Grab some fabric and/or pillowcases and one of the patterns here or here! Or use your own simple pattern.
2. You can make one or more dresses or shorts or both! These are simple and fun to make! I hope to get at least 10 dresses made! You can get together with friends or even your Guild Members and have a sewing party! (mailing instructions are found with the patterns and you are responsible for the postage and mailing your dresses/shorts.)
3. Take photos of your Dresses and/or shorts. (Be sure to take photos BEFORE you mail them!)
4. Come back here on July 5th and link up with your photo. If you have a blog, please share this post on your blog and invite your friends to participate! You can grab a "2015 LDFA Sew Along" button from the sidebar with the html code and post it to your blog's sidebar and your blog post about the sew along! If you do not have a blog, you can post your dresses and or shorts to facebook and link up to the facebook post!
5. Winners will be randomly selected after the linky party.

  You can also share the 2015 Little Dresses for Africa Sew Along button above on facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram etc... I will be sharing this on face book , so please find me on face book and share! Help spread the word and let's get some Dresses and Shorts made!

Please note that only Dresses/Shorts made between today, 6/20/2015 and 7/5/2015 are eligible. Please do not link up dresses/shorts made prior to this date. International entries are welcome,  however,please remember that you will be responsible for postage and mailing your dresses/shorts to the appropriate addresses.
Please let me know if you have any questions! I can't wait to see the parade of Little dresses and Shorts on July 5th! So gather your friends and fabrics and have a great time stitching!
  I love the Little Dresses for Africas' motto: "

"We're not just sending dresses, We're sending Hope!" 

Thank ya'll for participating!
Welcome new friends and followers! We are so happy to have ya'll plowing along with us! Grab a Tractor and LDFA button from the sidebar!
Happy Stitching!
xo jan

Monday, June 15, 2015

The Winner and a Sew Along with more prizes!!

Hatties sweet smiling face!

Hi everyone! I hope ya'll enjoyed National Sewing Machine Day and had time for a little stitching! I really enjoyed hearing about all of the different sewing machines! I love my Vintage machines and try to use them all a little to help keep them going. Tami asked if Hattie is the one that I sew on when on the tractor. No, but I've thought about it! :) She is just too heavy and the tractor I usually use is not a cab tractor so I am afraid she would get damaged and/or too dirty. I have taken a toy hand crank to the hay field with me though and sat on the tail gate of the pickup truck and worked on nine patches:)!
  So thank you all for telling me about your machines New and Old! Mr Random number generator has picked a number ! The winner of the Mini Charm Pack and Spool of Aurifil thread is:
59. KarenJune 14, 2015 at 1:23 PM
I picked up a 1950's era Singer that runs very well. I haven't used it much, but it does make a very nice stitch.

Woohoo! Congratulations Karen! And thank you to everyone for participating!
 Now I also wanted to announce an upcoming mini sew along with some fantastic prizes! I know we will have at least (4) Gift Certificates and some Aurifil Thread boxes! Maybe even a fat quarter bundle or two! And the Sew Along is for a Charity! How fun this will be! So stay tuned for the announcement for the Sew Along! I will be back with all the details when I get my ducks in a row!
Thank ya'll!
Welcome to all my new friends and followers! We are so happy to have ya'll plowing along with us!
xo jan